Warning!! Attention!!

10417643_924554794294032_399931199431432142_nIf you ever somewhere and you meet someone or chatting with someone and they NAME DROP my name in any such way please don’t bite it. Do not let your guard down just because they claim they know me at any type level. If YOU know me directly, and the situation needs any type of verification, I suggest you call me right there on the spot to advise me and I will let you know what’s up.

I know a lot of people but I don’t fuck with a lot of people. The people I really fuck with are not the type of people who would name drop my name cause we operate on a different system. So please be careful and watch out for those people that name drop in such a way they doing it to use as credibility chips. If that person say they know me, we buddies, etc, I’d like for you to pretend you haven’t spoke to me in a long time, and ask that person to call me from their phone so you could say HI. Now you just sit back and watch that mutherfucker FUMBLE!

Just a reality check heads up. Don’t get comfortable with nothing or nobody!


Goldie DeWitt

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