Hold up…

13710008_1043901019026075_7272644349201512182_nIt’s Summer time and it’s gonna pass us all by if we don’t grab it and embrace it. Unfortunately with all the horrible situations that’s plague us daily with hate, racism, violence, war, and politics. We are not really feeling Summer the way we should be.
So I’m here to say STOP!!!! Stop jamming your mind up with so much outside shit. Stop allowing so much of what’s going on in the outside world have such contamination on your inside world.
LIFE is actually beautiful. Humans are the cancer to Earth. The photo I posted is earth in its purest form of natural beauty. Something we now take for granted.
Just STEP AWAY. Step away from all that is distracting you from being able to appreciate life. Start to surround yourself with positive energy and positive people. Even if you are that negative person, it’s time for you to make a change. Your damage and abuse is slowly killing you and all that you love and that loves you.
Life is way more simple than you think. I’m saying just STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES.
Best wishes to you and your future,

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