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“You fucked up the moment you thought a certain someone would never do you a certain way!”
At some point in everyone’s life you will have your dance with heartache and pain. Unfortunately this will come from a Dear friend, a Relative, Lover, Coworker, Husband or Wife. It’s nothing personal, but it sure will feel like it and ultimately it will feel like the end of the world, but please believe me life goes on and you will make it through it.
As the saying goes “nobody is perfect”. We can not fool ourselves thinking that we will never be hurt by someone but we can’t live our lives being so defensive trying to avoid being hurt by someone. So at some point you let your guard down and you let someone in. This may have worked out for you or it may have been the wrong decision. The outcome of this was chosen before you made your decision.
We are living lives that are ours to breath but the paths we take was already chosen for us. This is why we find ourselves at some point physically doing something different than what we thought of doing. And unfortunately when that happens it could be you or someone else doing something devastating that you thought would never happen!
Yes, you can hate someone and you can hate yourself, but the difference is you can forgive someone else but you can’t forgive yourself. Time truly heals everything, but when you harm someone else that pain lives in you forever. Trust me I know, I’ve danced to both songs.
No matter what you go through, no matter how how bad your situation looks, you must not contribute to make it worse than what it is, just cause you think it’s the end of the world. In most cases little do you know it’s actually the beginning of something much greater, much better, bringing you happiness and freedom. You just have to do your part and stand strong and get there by accepting the mistakes that come with life and the lessons we learn from them that enable use to grow stronger and move on. The key is the ability to move on. To move on is the key ingredient to life cause life is pro-active. Life needs lessons from today to fertilize tomorrow.
I woke up with all this on my mind and I hope I laid it out in such a way you were able to get something from it.
Thank you very much for reading. I pray that you are strong enough to get through all the challenges in your path. You got the strength, you just don’t know how strong you really are!!
Much love and respect,

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