Fuck Yo Butter!

So…. I’m at Panera Bread and this old man comes and sits to the left of me. I respect his age and his journey through life but he kinda got under my skin.

He asked me to move my stuff from the table that sat in the middle of the 2 chairs, and of course I said no problem. I then proceeded to be kind enough to ask him if he’d like me to move the table because I saw that he was getting ready to relocate the table in front of his chair. He then gets cocky offended and looks at me and says “why would you offer to move the table? Do you think I’m incapable of moving the table?” I said no I don’t think you are incapable of moving the table I simply offered to be kind. He says your kindness will kill me. I just looked at him and didn’t say anything and he positioned the table in front of himself and sat down.

Well, just moments after he’s sitting there putting butter on his toast and I saw him drop his butter. Then he was looking for it. Well, normally I would have simply reached over grabbed that butter off the floor and given it to that person, but in this case, FUCK THAT! Let him find his own butter and get it cause I’m not trying to get another ear full of back talk from a old cat that looked at me like he’d spit on me if this was the 1940’s.

I guess you’d have to have been in my shoes to feel that shit. But even the people sitting near looked at me with a facial expression of “wow, that old guy is on one.”

His name is Robert aka Bob. I over heard it.

Well, cheers to Bob you old mean dude 🙂 At 45 Im assuming I have his age, but I promise if I live that long, I won’t come at nobody offering assistance to me in such a rude way.

Goldie DeWitt

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