R.I.P. LaJuan

Today I get dressed this morning of July 21, 2017 to lay my best friend ever to rest. We were like twins in High School. He was the brother I never had, that really became my real life brother. We were like peanut butter and jelly! We were closer than Buttcheeks!

I bumped into him the first week of High school in the 9th grade and he walked home with me and I asked my mom if he could stay the night, and he ended up staying the night for 4 years until we graduated in the 12th grade!

This is the first time someone has passed-away that was really really close to me growing up. I always said, if they ever made a movie about me, he would be the person the Director would need to get in touch with to get some funny real life stories from someone that really knows me from the root. Well, Looks like a lot of good times in the past will simply stay good memories just between those they were shared with.

His name is Fernando LaJuan McKinley. He spoke no spanish and his mom & dad are Black. He went by La Juan. But he had a few nic names: Juan Low, Moby, Six Pack, Six, Sup.

We lived a fun life growing up. We both played 4 years of High school football, we walked to school together, we walked home from school together, we was both nominated for Home Coming Court but of course I got the Crown to be nominated King, but when I won, WE WON!! We both felt the joy and so did the entire Court cause the entire court was all my close friends! When I say close friends I mean it in a real special way of true friendship. Not this bullshit thats out there today. I’m still SOLID with each person I had a friendship with in High School if I was to see them in the streets. I had a “posse” in High School and I named us “J.L.P.” Just Loc Posse. It was our click.

Thank you La Juan for providing me with a brother and best friend throughout high school. We had the best of times. We experienced the real life Porkys High!!

I will forever miss you.

“Watch over me bro”.

Goldie DeWitt

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