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I see bitches jumping around through Facebook snapping pics of themselves claiming to be so independent running to this event, that event, pictures with this person, that person, then all of a sudden this chick is flossing saying how great it is to be in love with the man of her dreams and how perfect life is and how beautiful the roses smell.

You looking at this whacked bitch and this dusty ass dude and you just laugh. You laugh because you already know this dizzy hoe just don’t get it.

She snapping pics of her new love boo which is really some tired ass throwback broke fool everybody know ain’t shit. She just so desperate to have a man, she trying to cupcake with anybody who will take her in. Then all of a sudden she off Facebook for a week or 2 then she resurfaces with all this spiritual stuff about how good God is, and how She’s the only person she loves, and how men can’t be trusted, love is a joke, blah blah blah. So, once again you sit back and you laugh at that at hoe. Why? Because you already know this dizzy hoe just don’t get it!

*Are reading this thinking I’m talking about you? I am.
*Are you reading this thinking you know a chick that fits this description?
*Are you wanting to Share this with someone?

YOU KNOW DAM WELL I’M RIGHT ABOUT THIS WRITE UP!!!! And below it gets real serious!

Ladies keep you dam dating/love life off of Facebook. If yo shit is fucked up keep it to yourself, cause nobody on here can’t do shit for you but look at you like a fool and dudes are looking at you as the next chick he will smash & dash on.

Ladies if your relationship is good you need to keep that off of Facebook. You don’t need to be advertising to all these other stank hoes how good your situation is cause them bitches will be pushing up on your dude at any chance they get. So keep you personal life OFF FACEBOOK.

You very welcome,

Goldie DeWitt

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