Thinking out loud

Just chillen’ at the shop and I figured I felt like writing but not sure what to write about so I figured I’d just start typing and see where it goes.

*Relationships: It’s a struggle.
*Females: Have no positive role models.
*Men: Are becoming soft.
*Money: People act broke but they got money to blow on bullshit.
*Friends: More like people you know.
*Having a kid: These days, now is the wrong time for that.
*Getting married: If you not getting married because of Church/Religious reasons, don’t do it.
*Sex: Use a condom.
*Black people: Males & Females need to get to the gym.
*Mexican people: Black people have nothing against you, we *ALL from the hood.
*White people: It’s still not okay to use the word “Nigga”.
*Asian people: Don’t allow this American hip-hop culture to influence you.
*Middle-Eastern People: I dated a Middle-Eastern chick for about 10 years.
*Flat booty white chicks: You look so 1990.
*Flat booty black chicks: You getting blown the fuck out by these big booty Mexican chicks.
*Big booty white chicks: Where the fuck did this come from.
*Female feet: Make sure you showing your feet cause you get pedicures. Cracked heels are nothing to show off.
*Men: Need to get to the gym.
*Bad Attitude: Will ultimately land you in jail or 6 feet deep.
*Bad breath: I can’t stand those conversations.
*Nasty teeth: I look in everyone’s mouth and it’s a shame!
*Fat people: You cool, but you need to check your eating habits.
*Skinny people: Seem like they always mad.
*Fighting: Leads to shooting.

Okay well that’s enough for now of my random thoughts.

“Which 1 do you agree with the most?”


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