Labron James & Lakers

If you like the Lakers but you don’t like Labron James you better not ever cheer for him when he scores. You better sit your hater, fake ass down and stick to that shit you was talking about being a Laker fan and not a Labron James fan!

So best believe I’m watching you 2 face Labron James hater fuckers and I’m gonna sit there and laugh at yo fake ass when I see you swinging from his nutts as if you never said anything bad about him.

So shut yo sorry ass up and stop thinking your opinion matters. You just a sucka sitting on the couch bumping yo gums about a man making millions and you got ZERO commas in your bank account!!

This is coming from Goldie DeWitt, a man who don’t watch sports and don’t give a shit about the Lakers or Labron James but I do keep a ear to the streets.

Goldie DeWitt