Black History moment

Ethiopian soldiers used lions, bees, wasps, and elephants in wars against colonizers. Ethiopia has never been colonized. They trained these creatures to fight their enemies.

By: Brother DeWitt

There are 54 countries in AFRICA. Out of those 54 countries 52 of them have been colonized. The only 2 countries that were not colonized were Ethiopia and Liberia.

Colonization is the act of setting up a colony away from one’s place of origin. With humans, colonization is sometimes seen as a negative act because it tends to involve an invading culture establishing political control over an indigenous population (the people living there before the arrival of the settlers).

By 1900 much of Africa had been colonized by seven European powers—Britain, France, Germany, Belgium,Spain, Portugal, and Italy. After the conquest of African decentralized and centralized states, the European powers set about establishing colonial state systems.

According to the map, the two European countries that held most control of Africa were the British and the French.

By 1913 about 97% of Africa had been colonized. That’s absolutely horrible!!

Colonialism has impacted the political and economic conditions of the contemporaryAfrica. … Economic wise, African resources are extensively exploited by colonizers, thereby rendering Africa economically weak and looser in its interaction with the global economy.


Brother DeWitt

Attention White People

ATTENTION WHITE PEOPLE on my friends list. I got a inbox msg from a White guy I know. I’d like to share with you his Inbox msg he sent to me. I wanna share it with you because maybe he speaking for some of you or most of you or none of you. Ultimately I wanna get your honest opinion on his Inbox msg to me? Read it twice. Don’t try to make sense of what he might be saying, I want you to read it for what it says.

Then after you read what he wrote to me, I want you to read what I wrote to him in response. Give me your honest opinion. I have not heard back from him after I sent him my response.

I’d also like to hear from EVERYONE OF ALL COLORS as well.

**Out of respect I am keeping the person identity confidential.

I see the shift towards anti racist ideals. Does this mean you’re not going to be bashing whites anymore? I noticed you took a lot of that anti Caucasian posts off your page. Myself being a combat vet, I have no love for Islam or the government. the only colors that actually mean anything to me are the colors I wear on my back. Gotta be honest with you Goldie a lot of that talk against whites had me hating black folks without realizing i was hating at first. Hope you can see past what someone might be born as and put that effort towards uniting people against real injustice. You have the ability to influence a lot of your people, I hope you use that righteously.

Thank you very much for reaching out. The only way you gonna know whats what is by asking, so I commend you for stepping up. I’m sure you have read my writings but what’s most important is that you truly understand what I am saying and what I’m saying is facts & truth. You say am I done with bashing Whites? The answer is NO I will never be done bashing White Supremacist. That’s who I was bringing attention to. Hear me say this and let me say this loud and clear so you know you heard it from me. All Whites are not White Supremacist. I do not not at all Whites as White Supremacist. Not all Whites are racist. Not all Whites hate Black people. So when you hear me speak on injustice aimed at Black people from this Racist Government you hear me follow it up by the acknowledgement that it’s governed by a White Supremacist Government. As for my post, and you being under the impression that I have changed my views because you don’t see the post on my Facebook, that’s simply because I don’t allow post to stay on my Facebook “forever”. I post stuff and I leave it for a few days then I remove it. Just to keep my archive small & tight, BUT everything I write is backed up on my personal website to the public for everyone to see that I control at Being that you are a combat vet you have been exposed to stuff that most people will never see. I am a Black Muslim. We are not the Arabic Muslim and we have nothing to do with their Government at all. So your personal feeling on you having no love as no effect on me. You expressing your HATE for Black people is your own decision. I’d say it was there before you read or misread anything you read from my articles. I welcome you to bring to the table anything you’d like for me to address or clear up for you. Do you know I one of the reasons I join to be a follower to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was because I needed to love myself more as a black man & I know I needed to love, embrace, and trust black people more. I know i needed this. Do you know God sent you to me because he knows you need to love and embrace black people more & better than you have. He sent you to me. I wrote what i wrote to get your attention and it worked. God works in his own way. You followed his lead and you did right. I have nothing against you. Yes we have lots in common. You know I am a good man. I know you are a good man. I got love for the righteous man regardless of his skin color. I have nothing against you. I have everything against racist people. Much love & respect, GOLDIE.

Thank you,
Brother DeWitt

So what!

Yes the Brother at Disneyland lost his shit. He fucked up. He knows it. We all know when we’ve crossed that line of NO RETURN. Yes he crossed it, and knew he had to commit to his foul actions by catching a Case and getting some heavy Charges cause ultimately he knew he needed to be punished for his actions. He knew he fucked up. He lost his temper but he was ready to submit to law enforcement cause he knew he was wrong but he wanted to make sure he did enough to be punished for his actions cause I feel he was fully aware of his wrongful abuse.

So with that being said I am again very disappointed in people’s instincts thinking it’s their duty to report such a horrible situation by passing it on and forwarding it all over their Facebook and social media. PEOPLE wanna get the likes. PEOPLE wanna see the trash talk. PEOPLE wanna make other people believe Black people are animals, abusive, savages and that why it’s justifiable to shoot them even if they’re unarmed. This is not true. None of it is true.

Everyone who saw that video footage of the guy and the people fighting at Disneyland should have watched it, if that’s what you chose to do and then left it alone and never took it as your duty to repost it. It’s trash. It’s negative. It’s nothing you should pick up and offer it to anyone else.

Yes that man will catch multiple Felony charges. He might have already been on Parole so he knew at that second once he fucked up, he was immediately going back to prison. So what, that’s his business. We are in no position to judge anyone. You reading this right now, you know dam well you living a crooked, lying, cheating life and you just do your best to stay low while pointing the attention of other people’s downfalls to keep attention away from YOURSELF.

If you posted that footage of the Disneyland fight, please go back and delete it. It’s trash. It’s embarrassing to me as a Black man. You know WE trying to clean ourselves up. You know we want to fix our own image. You know we trying to love and respect ourselves more. So why would you want to promote negative propaganda that adds in infecting our image. You know reposting that isn’t healthy for the image of black men and women. You really wanna make EVERYONE think black men run around doing what’s in that video making people fear black men? Please don’t.

I wanna visit Disneyland or some other amusement park and I don’t want to get shot by someone because they saw that video on your social media page thinking that’s how you handle a black man or woman.


Please stop. Please stop accidentally killing us.

Thank you,

Brother DeWitt

please speak up in comments below. Fuck a LIKE let’s communicate! TALK stop dumbing down your brain with a LIKE click. Speak up!

Rare Breed Picnic 2019

Happy Sunday Funday!!
Yesterday was the BBQ for Rare Breed. The Mongols MC & 1DOWN MC attended the BBQ and I just wanna say it was a very historic event. I saw many people I haven’t seen in a long time! It was good to shake hands and embrace People I know and some people I finally got to meet for the first time. I also saw some people from a distance that knew it was best to keep their distance. I’m a straight shooter and I will tell it like it is.

I wanna send my love to the hosting club of the event Rare Breed MC and its members for the warm welcome and hospitality they showed to the Mongols and 1DOWN MC.

I know it’s been years since many have seen me step foot on THE SET, but as you know it’s nothing but love and respect when ever I chose to show up.

I know I’m spirituality connected to The Set and still to this day my name and 1DOWN MC holds a strong positive influence on The Set. I have nothing but love for clubs that operate within the proper structure of the true MC lifestyle. If I ever choose to attend someone’s event, it’s because I’m making a statement and part of that statement is I’m there to support the event and the hosting club. We show up with Respect and we leave with Respect. If you know anything about me or my club you should know this has been our same program for years.

To the beautiful Black women that were at the picnic I just wanna say it’s good to see you ladies out supporting Rare Breed MC and the other clubs but I need you ladies to CARE ABOUT YOURSELF and your image a lot more. 90% of you ladies are over weight, obese, super fat and you simply not taking care of yourself. I want you to know you gotta do better than that. You are a beautiful black woman and gotta represent yourself as that. You gotta change your food intake and start working out. If you don’t have time to workout, all you have to do is change your food intake and I promise you will start to lose weight. Buy this book called EAT TO LIVE. Cut out sugar, soda, and eat only twice a day. You ladies got a full year until Rare Breed MC 2020 picnic next year to show up and be anywhere from 50 to 100 pounds lighter. None of you should show up fatter than what you are today. Stop thinking a slutty outfit is hiding your fatness, it’s not. It might get you the dick, but it won’t seal the deal for a relationship. But if dick hoping is what you show up for, then I’m still demanding you tighten up and take better care of your health and body! As a black woman you really need to show what natural beauty you have that many have to buy. Do not take this as me dogging on you, this is me caring about you and OUR Image as black people.

People ain’t herd me speak like this in a long time but facts is, it’s been a long time since I attended a Set event. But because of my righteous path as a Upright Black man, I made sure I spoke to my beautiful black females with encouraging Respect rather than a wicked tongue.

Much love and respect to everyone.

Brother DeWitt

The flower

As I was walking back to my car from having lunch I saw some flowers glowing in the sun. It was something calling me over to them and the closer I got the more of a connection I started to feel with the flowers so I reached out and snapped a pic. At that very moment I realized it wasn’t just the beauty in the flower, it was the beauty in my freedom. The freedom to just be able to touch a flower, and smell a flower. I say this because these are some of the simple things we take for granted. I remember this guy who was doing double life in prison say he forgot what it’s like to hear a bird chirp, or what a flower feels & smells like. Crazy to think 1 mistake can disable you from enjoying all the natural pleasures of life.

I name this picture FREEDOM.

Brother DeWitt

Wake up & repeat

Every day I want you to be careful.

I want you to stay away from toxic people and harmful situations.

Do not put yourself in a situation were your response to something will result in the police being called on you. If something has the potential to get funky, I’m advising you to shut up and leave.

Watch your back and keep your eyes wide open everywhere you go. Do not focus on only men being a threat. Females are commiting crimes and setting people up in the worst way now a days.

Do not think just cause you have a gun you gotta use it on any situation. Facts is, if you got a gun the last thing you wanna do is ever use it. Don’t think for a second it’s easy to prove a justifiable shooting. The moment you pull the trigger you have just committed a crime and you gonna have to prove what you did was justifiable if you didn’t already get yourself killed. Yeah yeah in your home someone breaking in is a different story, but shooting that person in the back is all bad. Trust me the movies will get yo ass locked up or killed! Real life is way different.

Today people are mad at the system more than you think they mad at you. They mad at not having gas money. Not being able to make what they used to make. Not happy with work. Not happy with there domestic relationships. This is putting people in the mind set of walking around like a ticking time bomb! So be sure to give people their space. You not the only one walking around today thinking “I wish a MUTHAFUCKA would”! I’d say maybe 8 out of 10 people walk around feeling like that and maybe 4 out of 10 actually illegally carry a gun, so chose your battles wisely cause chances are, you just might be the one who not walking around with “1 in the chamber”.

Wake up, groom yourself, handle your daily responsibilities and get yo ass back home safe. Wake up and repeat.

Much love and respect,

Brother DeWitt

Your DNA test

For each and every one of you of every race and color that have taken any type of Ancestry DNA test and you were shocked to see you had even 1% African in you and you were surprised, don’t be. It’s just the truth slapping you in the face showing you in print where your original blood line originated from. I also wanna address those of you that took the Ancestry DNA test and discovered you had even 1% African in you and have decided to deny the truth and lie to people not admitting your African bloodline. You can lie all you want but the truth is something you now know and it will be with you and your blood line forever.

For those of you that took the test and you saw you had even 1% African in you and you have carried such a evil, wicked, hateful lifestyle towards black people here is something I want you to think about… Let’s say if this DNA test was available back during the beginning of Slavery, do you think those wicked, evil, hateful Slave Masters would have given you a pass cause you were only 1% African or do you think they would have thrown you on the ship with the rest of the African Slaves? You know as well as I do, they would have thrown you with the rest of the black African Slaves regardless of how White or light skinned your skin was.

So let’s wake up people! AFRICA, Africans, and being of African blood is not the enemy. The enemy is the Evil, wicked, hateful, devil that is the Skunk of the Planet Earth!!

The reteaching is in full effect and God sent me to you cause he knows I got a special way of saying something so you can understand it and he knows I’m certified to speak the truth cause I’m representing God.

Brother DeWitt
Black God

Attention Ladies


Please read this and understand I’m simply trying to help you, cause you seem to NOT have your priorities in order.

  1. If you got a flat ass and you talking about wanting to get Ass Injections but you don’t take care of your feet and your feet look cracked and dry enough to start a fire, you don’t have your priorities in order.
  2. If you already got a big phat juicy booty and your feet tore the fuck up with dry, crusty heels with huge cracks in your heels with stained black dried-in grime, you don’t have your priorities in order.

You need to understand that when a man looks at you from the back, he’s looking at everything you have to offer “from the back” and when he looks at you he’s looking from the bottom to the top. If starting from the bottom he sees that you have on open heel sandals and some crusty hard busted heels, it’s a super turn off! It makes you look dirty, nasty, cheap, broke, unkept, and ratchet. You also need to understand that when a man likes ass, he most likely enjoy a woman’s feet and when he’s hitting it doggy style he might reach down to rub on your feet and at that very moment you will either fill confident or you will feel embarrassed! He on the other hand will either get more turned on or extremely turned off.

So ladies in closing, stop ignoring yourself cause nothing you do makes up for something you not doing. It takes a lot of grooming to be a woman and a real man will appreciate you for recognizing those efforts. I know I do.

Ladies I’m just pointing this out cause I’m seeing more and more females not tend to their bodies and not taking care of themselves.

There is absolutely no reason for a woman to have on a low cut shirt with big tits and tarter through out her teeth! A woman should never have bad breath. A woman should always look soft and eatable. A woman should never look “hard”, she should always look Soft, always. Even when a woman is mad, you should simply see a beautiful soft woman who is upset.

I respect women and I’ve experienced some of my best friendships and greatest times with women, and I’ve learned a lot from women, so I’m just reaching back to extend a helping hand cause I’m seeing a lot of females falling back and unfortunately females really don’t have a positive roll model and most of them are in abusive controlling relationships where there significant other would rather them look busted out of their own insecurities and jealousy.

Well, it’s been a while since I wrote like this but it’s just to show I’m still me but now I’m even getting stronger every day as a strong woke black man.

Ladies and gentlemen don’t be ashamed to respond below. This is not a bashing. It’s a awareness to having a full balance in your life. Don’t ever get offended when someone is trying to encourage you to do better and look your best.

Much love and respect,

Brother DeWitt