Life Has Fully Changed

What up folks. It’s 10:15pm right now and I just wanted to slide you a few words.

You know life has fully changed right? You know nothing is how it used to be anymore, especially for everyone over 40 years old. The life we seeing & living today is totally different from the life we experienced while growing up.

Todays life is much more dangerous. Much more unpredictable. Black people killing black people. White people killing everybody. Terrorist killing anybody. Killing has become part of this American culture. That’s all bad.

Friendships aren’t the same.
Kids aren’t the same.
Relationships aren’t the same.

Absolutely everything about life has changed. People do things for a totally different reasons now.

Respect is done.
Trust is done.
Loyalty is done.
Promises are done.
Secrets are done.
Dedication is done.
Honor is done.
Pride is done.

A kid today will not grow up and have anyone to claim as his child hood friend he grew up with his whole life. People not staying together anymore and people relocating.

It’s really sad to see that in all actuality it seriously only feels like the world is coming to a end. People are leaving the house with hopes on killing someone and other people are leaving the house in hopes of coming back home to their family.

Nobody seems to be on the same page. Nobody seems to want to work together. Nobody seems to have interest in helping each other succeed.

If you got young kids you are raising I wish you the best. If you got teenagers you raising I wish you the best. I know it’s hard and it’s getting harder every single day.

If you financially struggling I pray for you and I hope God continues to bless you with the strength to stay strong until it’s your turn again. The key is to not give up.

If you in a fucked up relationship and you feel you’ve done everything you can to make it work but it’s just over, I pray for you too. I pray for both of you. Relationships are very hard right now. Lot’s of contamination out there. No need to name it, but hey I pray for you and your health.

These are all my true words coming straight from me as I sit here at my computer just thinking about how unbalanced and unpredictable this life is.

Everyone please be EXTRA careful throughout this Holiday season. People get real scandalous during November & December coming into Christmas. Robberies, Break-ins, Home invasions, Snatch & Grabs, and all sorts of shit. Please don’t take not 1 second for granted of allowing someone in your blind spot. Stay ready, stay protected!

Tighten up. Get serious. Trust less. Get stable. Stay protected at every level. Don’t waste money. Stay away from any place, any event, that is unsafe.

The time now is 10:32pm and I hope the 17 minutes it took me to invest in you with my words adds many more years to your life.

Thanks for reading.

Much love & respect,


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