Goldie’s Advice to Females

I’m not dogging on you, I’m just giving you a heads up check list. Do not reply with no comments about men. This is me being kind to help you from head to toe in being that ultimate woman!

So here it is.

Wear dirty sneakers.
Burp in public.
Wear open toe shoes if your feet are fucked up.
Ask a hoe for advice on your relationship.
Tell your girlfriend how good your man fucks you.
Have dirty finger nails.
Have bad breath.
Have smelly feet.
Promote themselves on social media as dick hungry.
Fuck a random dude or friend without a condom.
Fight a woman over a dude.
Wear a pair of panties or bra with a hole in it.
Lie about your age.
Have a kid by someone they just met, don’t know!
File child support on a guy that told you he don’t want a kid.
Wear big underwear with yoga pants.
Wear a short shirt is you have a fat gut.
Hold your hand over your stomach in a photo.
Act like a man.
Think you can whoop a man’s ass.
Go to jail over some dick.
Fuck your boss.
Scratch your pussy in public.
Run to the store looking like shit.
Wear high heels that are to small to the club.
Take a shit at a night club or restaurant.
Dress like a hoe and get pissed cause men look.
Wear a bra if you got small titties.
Cover your camel toe.
Be ashamed of your phat juicy pussy lips.
Suck a man’s balls hard.
Look through your man’s personal property.
Wear loose pants.
Think your man accepts you getting fat & lazy.
Think just cause your man fucks a woman he will leave you.
Feel intimidated by another woman.
Encourage your man to get into a bar fight over you.
Hit her man and call the police if he hits her back.
Drive drunk.
Smoke cigarettes.
Wear big giant panties.
Wear too much make-up.
Have a dirty ass car.
Have dirty smelling clothes or bra.
Be fucking 2 homies in the same circle on the low.
Think people ain’t watchin yo hoe ass!

Much love and respect,


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