Confidential Times of My Life

“I wish I could share with you some of my most private CONFIDENTIAL times of my life filled with the most exciting moments a man could ever experience but unfortunately those moments will never be seen or spoken on”. A portion of my life has been shared with the public via social media and this gives people the impression they know me, but unfortunately the REAL life in my skin is someone most people can’t handle, someone most people would never understand, someone most people would not want their significant other around, but ultimately someone most people wish they had the courage to be! So I find myself living this double, triple life of giving folks just enough to keep them entertained on what they assumed they would get from me, but secretly I keep ME to myself for myself. Ultimately I enjoy people but I don’t trust em. I know people lie, cheat, and steal, but I tend to give them a chance to take part in being blessed with the opportunity to take part in a friendship with someone who needs nothing from them. It never works out. Most people looking for someone to provide for them with no etiquette of giving back. So eventually they get put on blast and they bounce. I never do anything for anyone that I can’t afford to do, which puts me in a position of not taking a loss but learning a lesson. I don’t put nothing past nobody. I’ve had friends lie to me, brothers lie to me, chicks lie to me, but I still give each new person a full swing at showing me what they made of without me holding anything against them from my own personal experiences. Life is unbalanced and it will be like this until the end of time. Nothing is good for long and nothing is bad for long. You gotta take the good with the bad. You gotta hop right back up after you get knocked down. Money comes money goes, lovers come lovers go, and through it all you must learn and move on. My life will be spoken on in the most wild way by many people from so many different friendships that may have lasted 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, 1 year, 5, years, 10 years, 20+ years! Everyone will have different stories to share and most will stay CONFIDENTIAL. My life will be something that will forever be immortalized in history DeWitt Vercher III aka Trae aka Dewey aka Goldie the man that created 1DOWN back in 1996.

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  1. Yo, Glad We spoke yesterday! These short essays are exactly what I was lookin for! I think this describes exactly what I was trying to say! You have laid out my impression of you in writing! There are many characteristics to everyone, but I like the way you say you give everyone the courtesy and respect to Fuck it for themselves!

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