No Love For The Weak!

ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE!! Most of you read stuff like this and see it as entertainment, but real mutherfuckers see it as truth in surviving in this wicked back stabbing world we live in today.

I wake up each day knowing today could be my last day. So it sets me in my proper state of mind to navigate through my day not trusting nobody and keeping a close eye on everybody. I know I gotta hit these streets showing strength and being able to back it up in the event I’m tested.

We living in a real life world of THE BIG EAT THE LITTLE. The little is equal to the weak. Being weak is nothing beneficial to a man in no type way. A man must be strong and represent strength and power 24/7.

At some point you will be tested and what comes from that will be glued to your resume that builds the reputation of the person you stand as today. Be smart and make that move your best move!

I say this with paying RESPECT to those that live by it:

Goldie DeWitt

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