Your Relationship

STOP saying you wish things would be how they used to be. *Those days are over!
STOP saying your spouse ain’t the same. *Neither are you and everything in life has changed!
STOP thinking if you got with someone else your life would be better. *If you a lazy piece of shit now, that’s exactly what you gonna be in your next relationship. 
STOP thinking you the only person with issues in your relationship. *EVERY marriage over 10 years old is FUCKED UP!
STOP thinking counseling will fix your relationship. *No other person in this world can fix your shit but yourself. Never peel back a scab if you not ready to see blood!
STOP thinking you need to be evil as a sign of revenge. *Little do you know, you just looking for attention. Just pack yo shit and leave if you sick of the bullshit as you always say.
STOP thinking yo low key hater ass friend got good advice for you. *They been jealous of you for years and would love to see you fail and lose it all and living less than they are.

So many people in relationships need to STOP doing so much contamination thinking and START doing some HEALTHY thinking. If not, the problem is you and it’s always been you.


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