Get It

If you can GET IT and it makes you happy, then GET IT.  Fuck what anyone thinks or has to say.  Your life is yours and you run it.  Nobody has the right to control or limit your happiness.  You only got 1 life to live, 1 chance to do everything you ever dreamed of, so stop living your life for someone else that has failed at theirs.  I’m seeing more and more people in relationships living life so miserable because their significant other has no life, gave up on life, and most of all just mentally and emotionally FUCKED UP!  I’m telling you straight to your face, FUCK THAT WEAK ASS MUTHERFUCKER and get back to being that fun outgoing person you used to be the person you know you are from the heart.  I say this and I say it loud with pride, I DON’T, WON’T, WILL NOT, AND HAVE NOT CHANGED WHO I AM OR HOW I GET DOWN FOR NO MAN OR NO WOMAN.  I will never change who I am to accommodate no one.  I am me, I’m happy with me and I accept who I am.  Only fools allow someone to come into their lives and change them and unfortunately when that person dumps they ass, they sitting there stuck looking in the mirror at someone they don’t recognize.  I can always look myself in the mirror and respect myself and Recognize myself regardless of the relationship or situation cause I know it was me that made the decision to do what I did and I’m willing to live with that.  Stop being a weak ass bitch!  That goes to males and females.  I’m seeing more weak bitch ass dudes today than I’ve ever seen in my whole life.  Today’s dudes are more spineless than I could ever imagine.  Ask a dude something and I bet you that mutherfucker can’t give you a solid answer right there on the spot!

Opps… I started to get off topic.  My bad.

In closing I’m bringing it to your attention that life is short and you need to change lanes and start doing any and everything to make yourself happy and not give a fuck what anyone things about it.  If someone is unhappy at seeing you do something that makes you happy, FUCK THAT PUTO!!!

I’m telling you if you can GET IT, you better go GOT IT!!

Best wishes,


Pic was taken yesterday while getting some tattoo work done by my tattoo artist Drew.  Yeah I was in deep thought.

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