Mark my word on this.

In the near future Organizations, Motorcycle Clubs, Groups, Gangs, and Political Movement Groups will go completely underground. They will not wear any identifiable markings, clothing, patches, colors, uniform or tattoos. There will be no photos, no social media, no websites to view them or find them. It will resort back to what it originally was supposed to be and remain, a Private Secret Society. This time the change will come from THE PEOPLE knowing they need to stay out of sight from the Government. The United States of America Government is aggressively working on new laws and preparing to fund many Private Government Funded Sectors aimed at destroying MANY private organizations regardless if their not registered as a Terrorist Group or not.


For as comfortable as all the above mentioned Groups above can easily post pics, videos, and etc., the day is soon coming where that will all be a big NO NO. And YES technically it should be like that right now but people got lazy and started bending the rules, which was a big NO NO. Trust me, I’m ready to start right now.

So, do yourself a favor and start to prepare yourself the best way you can. You might think I’m blowing smoke up your ass but those who keep a eye on society are sitting there saying “Goldie is right”.


Life was never meant to be THIS WAY. At the end of the day we are still animals that must use or natural instincts to prey when we look for something. You will never see a Lion in the jungle using a GPS to find a Buffalo! If so, you would then see the Buffalo saying to other Buffalo’s WE NEED TO START LIVING OFF THE GRID!

Never take me as a joke, cause at the end, you will be the one being laughed at!

Much love and respect,


One thought on “Mark my word on this.”

  1. Don’t agree with all of your views respectively disagree strongly but respectively. However in hopes that exsperience – if whole heartily searching, the confusing unanswerable at times breathtakingly beautiful, dinamicks of the human conditions. I hope with some of your frustrations with homosexuality racial pride and what it means to be a man and to whom it apllys. Love and acceptance to all, without personal opinon or emotion or judgement -2all – I think to learn believe and understand that ultimately to be loved, accepted, respected, and to hopefully be the best that u can in all the garbage and confusion out-in the world somehow make it out happy, honest, without regret. Is fundamentally the basic human desire. I hope u can find it in your life to know and TrueLy love people outside of what you are just comfortable with and understand your not that different fundamentally. it is judgement ridicule arrogance opinions that causes statick friction and divisiveness between people who you really have no compassion or empathize or frankly take the time to even know or understand. I do know that if it came out of love for another on just a human level none of it would quite frankly even honor paragraphs of type.
    Not to question ur beliefs, just hope to In lighten……One question I have.
    What makes you think gay black men have a responsibility as black me to represent there race if the form and fashion you deam acceptable. Ask yourself have you ever stood for gay right. Marched in a parade while they were asking for just HUMAN RIGHT just on A human level. Ask yourself gays are the last out of every race color and creed to receive human rights. According to law…..think about the 500 years of slavery and how long after it took for brothers and sisters to have the right to use the restroom in a public space. How we are only 50 short years from roe v brown and the board of education. Gay people have been in the background from jump!,,,,,,.fighting
    …..and for themselves as gay humans silently and enduring ridicule abandament abuse death in silent And the same just being black But empressivly enough Black men have Marched on Washington fight and died in war, wrote preformed beautiful music rap rnb soul inspired art fashion poetry television and film. All while being black so what really do u think that you as a black gentalman feel u need more from gay black men as a community. Cuz frankly sir with all due respect the community just got out of an agreed SLAVERY themself. Although u don’t understand a brother in a dress it is gay culture and I think they are just finding it hard to represent themself respectively as a new gay public community, IN A SOCIETY THAT THE MAJORITY STIIL CALLS FAGS AND FRANKLY SEE THEM AS SINNERS WHO REGARDLESS 2class citizens and lastly abomination who are going to hell. While you stand in your self proclaimed LiGht. Please ask yourself besides just saying you don’t care WHAT THEY DO How much actually Do u care? AND HOW YOU REALLY SHOULD. And what have u done about it besides condem. Because I don’t even know you and I do know sir a whole lot of gay people black have sacrificed endored threw the century’s so u can feel proud as a black man to feel proud . A lot of black gay men have suffered threw the years so u can voice your opinions loudly without retribution. And THATS ONE – FACT- sir FACT WE CAN hopefully agree on. Have u ever not called them faggot. kind of the equivalent of the word NIGGER to them. I think black gay men represented and represent themselves and YOU SIR just fine. Threw LOVE IS HOW YOUR FREEDOMS CAME INTO EXSITANCE. gay people don’t owe the BLACK community anything cuz We never LEFT THE STRUGGLE FOR EQUALITY you just never found us Equal DO YOU REPRESENT the black community. While your standing in the light. Disrespecting the same people who help put u there. Maybe u should ask what is your contribution and gratitude.
    There’s no anger in this just the hope for a sliver of light that may inspire understanding and true healing and change.

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