Attention Females

Eat light. Eat right. The only way to get your body tight.

Goldie DeWitt has some FREE advice for you!

LADIES: IF you drink beer and you got a beer gut, you need to STOP! Find a new drink. A beer gut ain’t lady like. Unless you a Butch, and like I said, IT ain’t lady LIKE.

LADIES:Stop thinking that daily cup of Starbucks ain’t putting some pounds on you. It is!

LADIES: Stop thinking yo man is ok with your weight gain cause he ain’t said nothing. He ain’t said nothing cause he knows it’s a waste of time and you just gonna do what you gonna do. So it’s easier for him to just appreciate the body of a woman who cares about her body, let that be in a magazine, tv, or someone walking down the street.

LADIES: If you over 35 and you NOT naturally FIT and gifted with a fast metabolism, you better STOP eating so fucked up and get yo ass to the gym. The weight you put on after 40 will stick to you like glue and continue to grow and grow.

 LADIES: If a dude got with you and you was A LOT smaller when y’all met, don’t think he doesn’t remember. Yes his visual attraction for you has changed. He didn’t sign up for what you let yourself grow to be. Don’t take the coward way out and be upset with him for not being sexually stimulated by you. You need to be upset with yourself for giving up and letting yourself go and you need to get yourself back right!

LADIES: Stop eating like a fucking man! That shit is disgusting.

LADIES: I see you in the parking lot of the fast food restaurants sitting in your car alone eating before you go home, then eating again. Cut that shit out! I see you.

LADIES: Everything I’m telling you is to strengthen and motivate you for a better you. There is no gain in this for me. This has every gain in it for you as a woman, for you in your relationship, for the happiness you been missing in yourself. I’m telling you everything your fake 2 faced hater as friend won’t tell you. I’m telling you everything your man don’t want to bother telling you.

LADIES get yo shit together. Your worst enemy is not that pretty big booty bitch walking in front of yo man, it’s that chick you look at in the mirror every morning! That’s the bitch you need to check!! 


One thought on “Attention Females”

  1. Ok u may be right on some things but if your health needs u to eat and all the fake face make Ass Hole is worried about is himself I say Fuck. Him and yes I will get it together because I do want to live healthier band heAlthy but with that being said what ever I do for me is for me not for a man to want me when he wants I can love myself with the help of the Lord and I say with that being stated I’m moving on ok taking self fuck the rest oops yes I said it smile because I’m smiling nowbwithbdeep full pocket💋

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