It’s no joke!

Lots of people in relationships are barely holding on. Many people want to be in a relationship but most people are not cut out to be in one. Some people say they’d rather be unhappy with someone than be alone, and others say they’d rather be alone than with someone and be unhappy.

For anyone thinking of getting married you have absolutely no idea what the fuck you getting yourself into. You really think you can freeze that moment of love to last 10-20-30 years long? I say that cause that’s what it’s gonna take to survive a divorce. Marriage will not save your relationship and it will not make your relationship. Marriage is something that tends to complicate a friendship. So, why get married? Cause you in Love? You can love someone without being married. Why get married? Financial reasons? Taxes? Citizenship? Lonely?

Being married in today’s world is a challenge. It’s absolutely the hardest obstacle in every married person’s day. Male or Female it’s difficult and there is no simple answer to fix it.

Fact is, the most exciting part of a relationship is the beginning, the courtship, the honeymoon stage. This is when it’s fun, sexual, and getting to know each other. Unfortunately once you get married, things take a dramatic change and things that once was, will never be again. So you tend to feel like you were bamboozled, fooled, and tricked!

No this has nothing to do with me, I’m just writing about you and life.

Okay I’m gonna stop here…. Thanks for reading, Goldie DeWitt 🙏

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