Spread Love Not Hate

The next White person that post or repost anything negative about a Black or Mexican I’m gonna unfriend you. Not because I don’t like you. I’m doing it because I’ve been seeing a pattern in your post that’s making me start to feel a certain way about you. Some of you I never met in person and really don’t know you, and some of you I’ve met in person but really don’t know you, but because of Facebook it’s allowing me to see your inner thoughts and it’s just too funky for me to ignore.

Of course it’s your Facebook profile and you can post what you want to, and I have the right to step away when I’m ready. So I’m just giving you a heads up so you will know why I unfriended you when you realize I unfriended you. This will only have effect on our Facebook friendship, but if you wanna act funny style if I see you in person, that’s on you.

So, to all my amazing White Facebook friends Male & Female you have now been officially PUT ON NOTICE.

I said this is the most professional kindest way possible. If you take offense to this please do us both a favor and unfriend yourself right now. If you White and this doesn’t have any effect on you then let’s continue to Rock N Roll baby!

Spread love not hate. 
Spread good news not bad.

These are my own words,

Goldie DeWitt

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