Nigga Shit!!

So today this “brotha” calls my shop:
“Hey Goldie what up bro, remember me it’s XXXXXX. I came into your shop a little over a year ago and bought a Levi Jacket & some 501 Levis.”

“yes i remember you”.

“Right on Goldie well, I was calling to see if you got that same Levi Jacket in a 2XL”?

“yes I got it in a 2XL”.

“Okay right on Goldie the XL I got from you got a lil small for me so I wanted to see if I could exchange it for that 2XL, it’s pretty much still brand new”!

“the one you bought over a year ago and wore it has gotten small and you want to simply swap it for a Bigger, New jacket for your Used one”?

“Fasho Goldie that 2XL should fit”.

“Well, unfortunately after checking stock all I got is Large size Jackets left. I have no more sizes”.

“Oh okay”.

**GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT! Nigga this ain’t Costco or Nordstrom. This a hood store Owned by a nigga from The Hood!


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