Black People Wake Up

Black entertainers are NOT leaders. Stop being fooled by the trickaration of this crooked Government racist system. Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Bill Cosby, Monique, 50 Cent, are not leaders these are entertainers paid to entertain you with their natural talent to make you smile and laugh. You might follow them as a fan cause you admire their talent to make you laugh but don’t get fooled by this puppet that is controlled by the government. This puppet is controlled within limits of what they can and can’t say and swayed on what to say! The system has used many familiar faces to fool the Black man by enticing him to dance to music and lyrics encouraged by a wicked hand. Wake up!

A Black Leader is not a entertainer. A Black leader is not chained by the Government. A Black leader has a mission, he is a movement, and injects mind strength not laughter. A Black leader is Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, James Baldwin, Harriet Tubman.


Don’t get it twisted. Know the difference between a Entertainer and Leader. Find yourself a Leader and then you will find the light that leads you out the darkness.

If you fear seeing me encourage the Black man, then you need to question where do you stand? I aim to be a leader and a strong black man that provides knowledge and wisdom to the next man that seeks the same or needs guidance. I have not a racist bone in my body and my blood flows with love for those that love me back.

TODAY YOU MUST WAKE UP cause staying sleep is the for weak. I lay these words on you to shape you and strengthen your mind to reach out beyond the words I’ve fertilized your soul with and embrace the growth.

To all my Mexican brothers that love me, I love you too. To all my White Brothers that love me, I love you too. To all colors that love me, I love you too.

I love all God’s children but I am very careful of all men I meet. I have learned there is a difference in a man who’s Friendly let that being a Black man, White man, Mexican man, or other. “Being friendly and being a friend are two different things”. A Fox acts friendly towards the Lamb, and usually the Fox is the one that ends up with the Lamb chop on his plate. The Wolf doesn’t act friendly, and therefore the Wolf has more difficulty getting the Lamb chop on his plate. “I say that because it’s usually the friendly person you trusted that bamboozled you.


Goldie DeWitt

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