A WIN is a WIN but…

In my opinion it’s a shame that all these years Spike Lee has put out some amazing Black movies and never got the recognition and acknowledgement he deserves but after he releases a movie addressing a situation of the KKK being infiltrated by a Black man he suddenly wins a Oscar. The reputation of the Oscars being racist towards Black entertainers is nothing to question. I guess Spike Lee finally got their attention with a Title that mad THEM FOLKS say “oh shit, he finally made something about us, let me check this shit out”!

I assume these movies listed below didn’t grab the attention of those who have a strong influence over the Oscars.

Here are just a few of Spike Lee’s amazing movies I strongly suggest you look up and watch.

School Daze 1988
Do the Right thing 1989
Malcom X 1992
Jungle Fever 1991
Oldboy 2013
25th Hour 2002
Mo Better Blues 1990
Clockers 1995
Brooklyn 1004
4 Little Girls 1997
Get on The Bus 1996
Love & Basketball 2000
A Huey P. Newton Story 2001
Rodney King 2017 
New Jersey Drive 1995

WAKE UP and pull back the layers!

Goldie DeWitt

P.S. This is only to educate those in the dark that Spike Lee is a talented man that has done way more than just the movie he was recognized for this Oscar win.

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