Fuck you Billy Porter

I call it like it see it. Fuck this F@G shit! Shit gotta stop. Black men need to WAKE UP! 


Billy Porter you a fucking bitch and a disgrace to Black men. 

Goldie DeWitt


Leticia wrote: I say you do you and let others do them… Who cares what they do or how they choose to dress. Is it affecting you or your life? That is his choice… Now you can unfriend me because I don’t agree with you, but not everyone is going feel the same about this topic. I could care less what anyone wears or what their sexual preference is…. I’m still living my life!

Goldie DeWitt responded: This ain’t got shit to do with you. You ain’t Black & you not a Male. You so simple minded to ask “is it affecting me or my life”? It’s not about me, it’s about the future of the Black man and the core of the Black man to be seen and respected as a man. Little do you know his choice as a black man has a ripple effect on all black men. It’s not by choice it’s by design of this racist Government and it’s ignorant people such as yourself. Of course I will unfriend you. You got me fucked up. I’m not one of the many weak, soft, faggot, bitch made mutherfuckers you so comfortable with snapping your wicked tongue at. If you say you could care less, than do just that and shut the fuck up and mind yo business! I on the other hand do give a fuck and will say something cause this is something that has a direct reflection on me and Black men. Don’t ever think just because you lived a life talking disrespectful to some weak spineless half a man f@g, that you can do it to everyone. It’s so unfortunate that some females get lost in transition thinking their looks and pussy is the weakness to all men. Not me. In my personal experiences I’ve meet some stupid ass lame ass bitches that dressed themselves up pretty and had wacked pussy and dumb as a rock! Hello!! So who are you, just some chick that floated through my Facebook some time ago. Were you friendly to me? Yes. Are you my friend? No. This is where people fuck themselves not understanding the difference. Just cause someone is Friendly, doesn’t mean they can be your friend. Someone will be friendly cause they need something from you. So to see you are to weak to un-friend this Facebook connection proves to me that you were only Friendly with me to invade my privacy to feed from my knowledge until you was hit with something that made you squill. You part of today’s problem. You are weak. You are a troll. You are the toxic waste that this country needs to be disinfected of. You will never have a successful relationship. You will never raise a strong, proud, alpha man who will strengthen other young men to grow up and be strong men. Your weakness and ignorance comes before you from a family bloodline of ignorance, weakness, neglect and abuse. 

So let me tell you I am a man that was cut from a different fabric than the dresses the faggots you normally deal with. 

Yo momma did a horrible job raising you. She neglected teaching you in life there are some places that is NOT a woman’s place. This conversation was not your place. You felt comfortable with opening your mouth cause this has been something you’ve done throughout your life cause you’ve aimed your tongue with no care. Well, you made a mistake this time. 

Since you were too weak, as weak as the spineless man to wear a dress, I will unfriend you. As he needed a stage for attention to misrepresent black men, you needed this stage to misrepresent females. Females with no class. 


Goldie DeWitt

My above msg also goes out to any weak minded bitch that wanna endorse any kind of f@ggot fuckery that’s affecting the Black man. This ain’t about gay bashing. This is about a culture of people that the government is poisoning with overdosing them with anything they can. People need to wake up.

Leticia responded: pure ignorance. (then she unfriended me on facebook.)

Goldie DeWitt responded: AS YOU CAN SEE!!! Knowledge is strength. You wanna run up on a mutherfucka wearing full body armor protected by the spirits of Alpha Black men and all you got is some Lip Gloss? Bitch please. I AM THE 1. Cast yo ass back to the darkness, cause in THE LIGHT is where I stand!

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