Shut It Down

Goldie’s Life Advice:
*Do not record yourself doing anything incriminating.
*Do not allow someone else to record you doing anything incriminating.

We are now living in a epidemic where people are snitching on others in the most malicious way for personal gain as well as to destroy another person.

*People have no loyalty.
*People have no respect.
*People don’t hold a promise anymore.

The bond of taking something to the grave is no longer part of this lifestyle. So shut it all down today.

My name is Goldie DeWitt and if you see me somewhere out and about, anywhere please don’t take a photo or video of me. A hand shake and a hug is fine, but keep that fucking camera phone in yo pocket or pointed in the opposite direction of me. Do not ever post a picture of me. You not doing me any favors by posting a pic or video of me without my consent. I don’t give a fuck how other people living, Im putting it out there to respect my privacy. People thinking being exposed is the new lifestyle, well I’m telling you it’s not and actually it’s an invasion of privacy!

Hear me loud and clear, it’s time you WAKE THE FUCK UP!

Goldie DeWitt

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