Egypt is in Africa

Still to this day modern technology can’t figure out how the Africans built the ancient Pyramids in Egypt. There is absolutely no machine that can lift the weight or build a pyramid today identical to a ancient pyramid.

You best know when the no good stupid dumb man came to Africa to steal Africans, they knew they were stealing the smartest, strongest man they had ever laid eyes on. Slavery was started in the year 1555. They had no idea Africans would survive over 400 years of slavery and still to this very day! This is why you best know the American Constitution was not written for the African man in America. Laws were written to destroy the African and it’s ancestors in America.

This is why our horrible Western Educational system doesn’t touch on Africa and “who’s really who” or THE TRUTH! This wicked government has so much dirt to hide. This is not the HOME OF THE FREE! This is the home of the enslaved, lied to, and betrayed!

Do your research and seek the truth if you don’t wanna die in yo sleep.

Most of you reading this had no idea Egypt is located in Africa. It’s not your fault, due to this horrible scandalous educational system here in the USA. So now that you do know I hope this stimulates your appitite to want to learn more. This goes out to all colors of people. It’s your duty to know! God gave you eyes to see, so use them to seek the truth and bare witness with your own eyes!


Goldie DeWitt

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