They all connected


The man in the top photo is the racist terrorist guy in New That murdered all the Muslims in the Mosque. Look at the hand sign he’s throwing up.

Now look at the photo of the cops in the image below and look at the hand sign they throwing up. These cops and that guy are obviously committed to the same racist terrorist organization!

DO NOT IGNORE THIS. You best know this same type of racist activity is happening right here in California and through out the United States of America with racist organizations that are populated with cops, law enforcement, attorneys, Judges, and those in positions we supposed to trust.

DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN to keep yourself out of trouble and away from any police activity. Watch yourself and your surroundings. These mutherfuckers are all connected!

It’s a very dangerous world we live in and you gotta wake the fuck up and realize everything you see happening on tv is getting closer and closer to where you live, travel, and work. Nobody is exempt!

BELIEVE IT OR NOT; “Man kind is at war right now with the Devil and Satan is coming to destroy everything and everyone it can”!

WAKE UP!!! We are at war. You best believe there is more coming so stay alert.

Goldie DeWitt

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