Public Schools a Joke

If you have your kid or kids in the USA public school system you need to really give that some thought. The Public school system is full of lies and the public school system is endorsing and promoting homosexuality.

I would advise you to really think about a Private School or home schooling based on your kids Respect and relationship with you. The Public School teaching curriculum is absolutely horrible.

Most of these Public School teachers hate their jobs, hate these disrespectful ass kids, and don’t give two shits if they pass or Fail. Most of all the people that I know that are Teachers do not live a so called Square life. Most all the Teachers I know Male & Female smoke weed, get drunk, party, do drugs, and live a reckless life just like most people. I say this because you would expect a Teacher to be held to a higher standard but hell to the no! They some of the most stress out people you will ever meet; and these are the people you send your kids off too. Why do you think you see so many kids fist fighting with teachers now a days? Cause the kids can read a weak adult and that weak adult ain’t mature enough to handle that slick ass kid that over heard personal stuff that’s floating around about that Teacher. The kid can be immature and disrespectful but the teacher is supposed to stand professional, but it’s not working out that way.

YOU QUESTION WHY YOUR KID IS SO FUCKED UP? Take yo kid out the Public School System before the public school system continues to brainwash your kid with thinking it’s ok to end up in prison or die young.

I’m no homophobic. I’m not gay bashing. I’m just bringing attention to some parents that unfortunately are too busy with their own lives and wasn’t aware of what’s going on in the public school system.


Thank you very much for reading,

Goldie DeWitt

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