Blacks & Hispanics

The United States of America Prison Inmate system is aggressively hiring Blacks & Hispanics.

You need no experience to apply cause little do you know the Government has been training you since you were a child with the filth you watch on TV, with a horrible public school system and most of all with the Government seeing to it that you have a criminal record before you turn 18. This is all the grooming and training the USA Government throws in to ensure you will be well qualified for the job they have waiting for you as a Prisoner in the USA prison slave system.

Black men make up the largest race of people in the USA prison system with Hispanics being the 2nd. I wish people would simply get their heads out of their ass and wake the fuck up and realize WE the Black & Brown need to unite and come together and stop allowing the ignorance of the prison system to influence what the Black man & Hispanic man’s relationship should be like on the streets.

Blacks & Hispanics need to help each other and do exactly what this USA Government never wants to see us do and that’s for us to come together! They know how powerful that would be and it’s something this government is not prepared to handle. The USA prison system depends on Blacks and Hispanics staying at war to keep it’s modernized slave system in business and always hiring new inmates! Cut that shit out, we better than that and smarter than that. We just need to be reconditioned with the truth.

Blacks and Hispanics need to come together and boycott the USA Prison system! Blacks and Hispanics really have so much in common than we do in differences. We both like chicken, low riders, big booty chicks, Raiders, Lakers, Dodgers, rap, r & b, motorcycles, concerts, dressing up nice and so much more. Just that alone is enough to start a conversation to create a friendship and help each other with resources to stay out of jail and possibly get out of jail.

Wake up people. Blacks and Hispanics are not natural born enemies! Don’t fall for that shit. That’s only what this RACIST USA Government wants to make you think but it’s not true. I have a whole lot of beautiful awesome Hispanic friends and I’m sure they feel the same about me.

So open your eyes and wake up. Tell this USA Government Prison system they can take their prison inmate number they got waiting for you and shove it up their ass cause you not qualified for it.

BLACKS AND HISPANICS STOP THE BULLSHIT. We not enemies. Your racist ass macheesmo Grandpa or Dad ain’t controlling your actions anymore. It’s now up to you to make the right decisions on how you gonna live your own life and who will be your friend. It’s your choice if you decide to have a MIXED kid that will look absolutely beautiful and allow your heart to love who ever it wants to regardless of color.

The USA Government will do everything to keep Blacks & Hispanics in Prison to keep them out of Political positions and making their way to the White House. Yes count my word the long standing name “The White House” will soon be changed and painted cause we all know that shit has it’s racist traits of why it was named the White House. FUCK THAT! Well, now you know where they don’t want us, so now you know where we need to go!

HERE’S SOME FACTS FOR YOU to help you further understand why this Government is at a panic state:
The reproduction rate of Blacks & Hispanics is high and increasing rapidly. While little did you know the reproduction rate of the Caucasian race was at ZERO percent back in the 80’s. Meaning for every Caucasian born, a old person died. Governmental predictions state that by 2035 the USA will be majority Dark in color vs being white in color of what it used to be.

So let this wake you up to help explain why this racist Government is doing everything it can during this “4th quarter of the game” during their racist rule to put as many Blacks & Hispanics in jail and break up Black & Hispanic families cause they know SHIT IS COMING TO END!!!!!!!!

These are my own words.

WAKE UP PEOPLE! The truth is powerful.

Thanks for reading please share,

Goldie DeWitt

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