Brother DeWitt

This is me as I stand today. I took this photo just now to share with you where I stand today 2 months before I turn 47 years old.

I share this photo with you all so you can use it as a reflection on yourself, your kids, and most of all, me. I make it a point to see myself from the outside to give me a idea of how I’m representing myself as a man. I aim to always represent myself as a strong, intelligent, well groomed, positive black man that people can respect and enjoy having the privilege of meeting. I meet a lot of people but it don’t mean we’re friends.

I’m going on 50 years old and I’m actively Processing right now. I’m in transition to becoming even a stronger, smarter, cleaner, healthier, black man than will be a messenger and a leader!

Why do I say Black man, cause I’m honestly proud to be black in this day of age. Do you realize when I was a kid in the early 70’s the TV made black kids wish they were White. So today I stand proud not allowing the Government in it’s mainstream poisoning to have effected me in such a way. I’m blessed I never wanted to leave my black life, I never wanted to leave my male body, I’m blessed I never wanted to give up on life.

I know I was born with great powers and these great powers came thousands of years ago through a bloodline that flows through my body and spirit. I know those great powers actually come from powerful God’s that blessed me as the God I stand today. You think a God is supposed to look like the characters drawn up in the fake books written by this racist Government! Nope, you looking at a real life Black God and his name is Brother DeWitt. My resume backs itself and proves itself that everything I’ve done and accomplished has been beyond the abilities of the average man. Me being a Black God might be hard for many of you to hear or accept and that’s only because the truth is something that’s been kept from you, but if I told you I was a Thug, you wouldn’t challenge that at all. Why? Cause you’ve been programmed by racist propaganda from this racist United States of America government that’s always hated the black man for absolutely no reason outside of our God blessed abilities.

This is not just about me. I aim to shake the tree of life and knock off the weak leaves and hopefully fertilize new life into those that know it’s time to wake up and to those that need to be woken up.

I am a Alpha Man that will only endorse the upbringing of a Alpha Male. If you read that correctly you saw being a Alpha Male has no color. We all God’s children, and believe it or not you are my brother cause you came from the original man, the black man the first man, so I say it again, you are my brother. Black, Latino, Caucasian, Asian, or what ever race you are, I’m telling you we all come the same bone! The only reason you don’t feel special is because you were taught not to love yourself. I’m telling you you must love self before you can love anyone else. (Don’t believe me, look it up, I challenge you to prove me wrong)

Thank you very much for reading. The strength is in you, you just don’t know how strong you are cause the government is making you weak with all that poisoning they feeding you. So you must find yourself a strong, healthy, intelligent, original black man that’s not infected by this toxic racist Government and ask him to be your work out partner. If you ever looking for that man, his name is Brother DeWitt a real life Black God.

Thank you very much for reading and wish you the same awakening that touched me.

Brother DeWitt

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