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“Goldie” is my nic name. DeWitt Vercher III is my birth name and “Vercher” is my real life “Slave” name. Some of you might say “okay here we go with that slave stuff”. Well let me break it down to you.

My Great Grandfather is Charlie Vercher born and raised in Mississippi around 1895. He was a slave and was born from slave parents. No exact date on his birth date cause back then the birth certificates were kept in the local black churches and unfortunately the church that hosted his birth certificate was bomb and burnt down. I was fortunate to have met and spent some time with my Great Grandfather cause he lived all the way until 1981. I was about 9 years old when he passed away.

My Grandfather was DeWitt Vercher Sr. born in 1925 in Mississippi contaminated by Slavery, the KKK, Hate & murder towards Black people. My Grandpa in his early 20’s of age migrated to Watts, California in the late 1940’s and started to open Gas stations, Liquor stores, Business and residential property through out his life. He was known by black folks as we would say a “Rich Nigga”. He passed away at his home in 1992 in Riverside, CA. My Grandfather was my hero my role model. He taught me a lot and I miss him tremendously.

My Dad was Dewitt Vercher Jr. born in 1951 in Compton, CA. My dad relocated to Riverside, CA to live near his dad and in 198O opening a Hotel, Restaurant, and Night club at the age of 27 years old and unfortunately passed away later that year in Riverside, CA at home. I was 8 years old when he passed away. He was a amazing incredible man!

As for me, my name is DeWitt Vercher III and I been Self Employed since I was 24 years old owning different businesses and still in business growing and expanding. My Grandfather and Father relocated to Riverside, CA making it the last city they called home, and I too now live in Riverside, CA. My son is DeWitt Vercher IV, he’s in his mid 20’s and the rest is confidential.

I wanted to show you the “Vercher” migration from Mississippi to California.

So now I must pull back the layer to expose this migrated Slave name. The French claimed the area of Mississippi during Robert Cavelier de La Salle’s famous voyage down the Mississippi River in 1682. The French inslaved Africans through out Mississippi during the Slave trade.

As you can see for yourself the word and name “Vercher” is without a doubt a French word/name. The Slave masters would give their name to the last name of their slaves to show ownership over their slaves.

I am truly blown away that this horrible cycle has not been terminated! Now that I am a grown man with knowledge, educated, and seeking the truth, I find this absolutely horrible that this distribution of the Slave name trade is still active and passed on. I’ve always been proud of my Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Father, and ultimately proud of our last name Vercher, but truthfully in all reality it’s NOT our original last name! It’s the carried on name of the French Slave Master that claimed people & territory in Mississippi starting in 1682.

This slave minded traditional passing of Plantation Slave names needs to stop! If I had known what I know now, I would NOT have named my son’s last name to be “Vercher”. I would have given him a traditional African last name or a beautiful African word that meant something powerful. So when people saw his name, they saw and felt the bloodline of Africa and not the bloodline of Slavery.

Could you imagine if Africans had inslaved the Chinese people and the Chinese people over the past 500+ years continued to pass on the Black African Slave names as their last names instead of replacing those names with Chinese names & words. How weak of a people would they look 500+ years later after Slavery was over that they were still naming their Chinese babies names such as “Wang Zulu” in stead of their traditional cultural name of “Wang Lee”. That Chinese man named Wang Zulu would be carrying his family Slave Name for generations letting everyone know his original family bloodline was lost in the slave trade and they have accepted the tradition all the way up to 2019 from 500+ years ago. Do you understand what I’m saying now? It’s absolutely horrible the Slave Name is still passed on. This needs to stop!

I stopped using Vercher many years ago. I was able to still build a strong powerful well respected name that stretches through out the United States of America and the United Kingdom as Goldie DeWitt. I never rode the coat tail of my Grandfather’s legacy but I know his spirit, teachings, and influence is deeply rooted with my success. My Grandfather knew his last name came from the French Slave masters from Mississippi and this is part of the reason he sat me down the year before he passed away explaining to my why he wanted me to marry a Black woman to keep the name Vercher black for what he struggled to build it into and how he didn’t want it to get washed away by me marrying a White woman and if I had a kid with her and then my son had a kid by a white woman and the name Vercher goes back to White. It was deep what he was explaining to me but I couldn’t promise him if I was even gonna marry any woman cause at that time, I was just smashing chicks and getting married wasn’t in my thoughts, but I had the opportunity to see how deep his thoughts were in the legacy he was building and wanted to protect. I fully loved and respected my Grandfather but unfortunately my Grandfather wasn’t Woke enough to know what he was actually asking me to do would be something I would ultimately do the opposite of in regards to our last name when I would later “Wake Up” in life. I’m almost 47 years old, way too old to have a kid and I don’t want one at all, but If I were to have a child I would not pass on the slave name “Vercher”. I would give my child a beautiful African such as “Adebowale” which means “return of the crown”. I know my Grandfather is standing by my side right now as I write this and I know he’s very proud of me, I can feel it.

I hope this opens your mind and helps you realize what more you need to do for yourself and your family. CHANGE IS PAST DUE and WE got a lot of catching up to do. I do not want you thinking it’s too late. That’s what this racist Government wants you to think. “Oh well we be doing it this long, why stop now”. Hell no, that’s exactly how they want you to think and feel, cause that’s the exact mind set of a weak slave! You stronger than that but they don’t want you to know, so I’m here to tell you and they don’t want that either.

My TRUTH is powerful and I was sent as a messenger to grab those who trust me, love me, and want to live stronger.

My slave name is Vercher and I am disconnecting myself from it. My son doesn’t have any kids yet, but I hope to speak with him and wake him up before that day comes. I would be pleased to see him endorse the termination of carrying on a Slave Name.

Thank you very much for reading,

Brother DeWitt

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