RIP Brother


None of your speculations and assumptions will make a difference or bring him back.

When a Black man is active IN THE STREETS, CONNECTED TO GANG LIFE and ACTIVE WITH EMPOWERING & STRENGTHENING Black people he has 10 times more enemies than the average man.

Do we have a wicked, untrustworthy, corrupt, racist, Government aimed at destroying the Black man, his family and legacy in the USA, yes we do.

Was he connected to Gang life? Yes
Was he doing things for his community? Yes
Was he aiming to wake Black people up? Yes
Was he a positive influence to some? Yes
Was he successful in his career? Yes
Was he working on something that threatened the United States of America Government? Yes
Did he have enemies? Yes

So with all that being laid out in front of you I just want you to see how ignorant it is of you to say you know how, and why he was murdered. It’s not your job to pass on propaganda. Yes I said propaganda cause little do you know what negative message you are sending out that helps this RACIST Government in their mission to destroy the black man today and his future. For those of you to say he was murdered because he was working on something that was gonna expose the Government, stop it. For those of you saying he was murdered because he was a gang member, or cause he didn’t leave the hood, or something else foul, you just need to stop. All that viral negative propaganda is allowing those that hate blacks the luxury of sitting back and smiling. They smiling cause WE spreading fear amongst ourselves. We telling black people “see this is what happens when you try to do right, they kill you”. So it keeps the weak in fear and the mind set of a slave to stay a field nigga. NO, this is not what we gonna do! WE gonna come together stronger as a people and continue to WAKE EACH OTHER UP! We can’t bring him back, and we can’t revenge his death without destroying ourselves in the process. But what we can do is reach out and continue to educate and motivate those that need to be redirected onto the path of righteousness before the next man is infected by the devil.

I never mentioned his name because I don’t like to name drop, but at the same time I wanted to show you how everything you read above is something that’s happened over and over for many years and these same words, and this entire article can apply to many successful black men. Ultimately it’s more a cycle of self destruction and WE can do something about it, but WE have to learn to love ourselves first. Don’t allow viral propaganda against the black man to contaminate your thoughts against Black people. Believe it or not, every Black man is your brother no matter what color you are. So pay Respect forward and show that Black man love cause you just might be the person to wake him up and save his life.

Yes it’s so unfortunate a awesome black man was murdered who was trying to make a difference within his community and within his personal journey. You don’t think that makes me look at myself? Yes it does. Will his death scare me, stop me, change me? NO IT WILL NOT!! I will say his death will strengthen me, encourage me, and enlighten me in more ways than I have time to explain right now.

I will say this in closing and this is a fact. “If you’re a Black man and you’re recognized as someone who is successful and you have the influence to make Black people do better, you are a threat to this Government”.

Thank you very much for reading,

Brother DeWitt

3 thoughts on “RIP Brother”

  1. Your so right… Being a mother of a son (My only son) who was murdered because he played professional BBALL over seas and they decided to rob and kill him made me upset to hear of this young man dying over nothing when all he wanted to do was build his community up.

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