No more Earrings


I’ve had my little tiny earrings in my ears since 1991. That’s 28 years and I’ve NEVER taken them off, NEVER.

Today I woke up and when I was grooming myself in the mirror, for the first time in my life I looked at myself and said “I’m gonna remove my earrings permanently”. I know this would have never crossed my mind if it wasn’t for the path of righteousness I’m on and the modifications I know I must make in how I represent myself as a solid alpha male, a soldier, and a Black God. I feel confident in presenting myself with the most masculinity of the man that I know I am and removing such feminine jewelry as earrings. So this morning when I looked at myself for the first time ever in my life those little tiny earrings stood out in a negative way taking away from the natural features of my God gifted beauty. I was blessed by God with a beautiful face and I need nothing getting in the way of God’s work such as make-up or ear rings which are tools used by females anyway. Even though my ear rings were so small I’d say they were barely noticeable but where I stand today, they stand out like a sore thumb and they clash with the image I aim to represent as I move forward in my Process. I have just removed my ear rings forever and I must say it feels good!

(also it never dawned on me that it’s so outdated like late 80’s early 90’s when I got them pierced). I don’t recall seeing men today with earrings and with all this gay stuff growing it’s not the time to be expressing any feminine features in any type way unless you looking for attention from the same sex and that’s not me.

The change in me to be a better man, a stronger man, and a fearless leader will be heard, felt, and seen. For some of you I will be the first Black God you ever met.

So, goodbye to my 2 buddies the longest and best relationship I ever had with anything for 28 years! I will give them away to someone who will appreciate them and cherish them, cause they will be hear long after my time here on Earth.

Don’t be scared to WAKE UP! All those close to me will be positively infected with my love.

This is still 1DOWN MC to the fullest and 6996 ALL DAY!!!! My path to be a better man a stronger man will make me a better Leader and a better brother to those I share my lifestyle with.

Brother DeWitt

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