Gangs Down, Unity Up

Ending the war between the Bloods & Crips is a great START but it’s NOT the solution.

I say this because it needs to be said. I don’t want YOU thinking that because you seeing this viral push of people sharing photos, short video clips, and so forth of the LA Gangs embracing each other in the attempt to end the Gang violence that’s everything will be fixed for Black people. This is absolutely not true at all.

Black Gangs, Bloods, Crips, and gang violence is not the only problem for Black people. You gotta pull back the layers and realize what actually formed and shaped these organizations to come into existence. Black people have been treated wrong and unjust for hundreds of years by the most wicked man on the planet earth and that same man has been in control on the United States Government since day one. That wicked man has made it a point to keep his boot on the neck of the black man not ever giving him enough air to breath, grow, and be offered equal opportunity on the same land the Black man built from free slave labor the wicked man forced on the black man. The black man was looked at as a dog, a animal, and was recognized in the United States of America Constitution as only 3/5th of a human and not equal to the White man.

I will only say this in short that the Black Panther Party original purpose was to patrol African American neighbourhoods to protect residents from acts of police brutality. The Black Panther Party was a positive organization the educated black people on using their rights as a human and to not fear the White man. During this time the racist contamination of the US Government was at a all time high so J. Edgar Hoover & the FBI made it a point to destroy & neutralize the entire Black Panther Party by any means necessary and labeled the Black Panther Party as a Terrorist Organization. See Black people stand up for themselves was something this racist Government was not gonna tolerate. The FBI murdered & incarcerated many and all of the top ranking Founders & Leaders of the Black Panther Party & it soon dissolved. I mention the Black Panthers because from this organization came the influence of the Bloods & Crips both in unity of Black people building inner strength through out the black communities because it was hard for blacks to get jobs and live a equal life amongst the Whites. Unfortunately again the Government hated this and made it a point to infect these organizations with drugs and guns thus putting black people in a position to turn against each other.

I say all this because WE are at that crossroad again right now! This same racist Government is sitting back saying holy fuck! This internet, social media is way too powerful and it’s giving these Black people too much power to reach out and get more support than this wicked government could ever imagine. So my message to you and everyone is you better get ready & stay ready! This wicked ass government is not gonna allow this to happen so easy. They gonna push back, and when they do A LOT OF PEOPLE GONNA DIE, GET HURT, GO TO JAIL, & GO DOWN HARD!! I say this but don’t let it scare you. This is what they want. They only know how to treat us like slaves and slaves is what WE are not anymore and we absolutely never were! It’s what they wanted us to be and we stood strong through out the 400 years of beating and murders and we still here and they know their time has come to a end!

Do not feel you did your part by sharing a link or a image or a video. You need to step outside of the internet into the real world and WAKE UP and take action. Do something that will make a real life difference.

Get involved with something positive! If you looking for a positive Black leader & Black Organization that will make you into a better black man or woman, GET AT ME RIGHT NOW!

I am proud to be who I am, and where I stand today on the path of righteousness and I’m here as a messenger to show you the way and walk with you.

Ending the war between the Bloods & the Crips is just part of what WE need to do for ourselves as Black people. We got so much more to tackle! And yes THEY all waiting to see us fail, but we NOT, as long as WE know what to look out for. We have to stay pure and look out for each other and not allow them to infiltrate us or infect us as they have done for years, and this is why they gonna feel like they can do it again, but this time we watching cause we got soldiers standing on guard on post with our heads on a swivel.

Watch your post & stay woke!

Brother DeWitt

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