War with the Devil

We must Wake up & Clean up.
I say Wake Up first because we must be enlightened first to then understand and accept the reason for Clean up.

Some of you fools might say “naw, I can’t do that, I can’t shave my beard/mustache and have absolutely no facial hair”. Well I say to you, how stupid you sound and how dead of a life you live. You’d rather die young with a beard/mustache than live to be over 100 years old clean shaven representing yourself as the Black God you were born to be. It’s sad that the devil has contaminated your mind to think looks is more important than life.

To be a soldier you must submit. You must acknowledge there is work to be done and accept the duties of how it needs to be done. I’m not speaking of a Soldier in the US Armed Forces, I’m speaking of the recruitment of Allah’s calling into the biggest and the only Black Army on this planet Earth. The NOI.

BLACK PEOPLE, we are at war. WE are being attacked from every direction and now is not the time to be sleep walking. To die before you woke up, you never lived. To wake up during life and submit to Allah is when life begins. This is when you actually feel the awakening of new life within your spirit and you know it’s real.

BLACK PEOPLE you must STOP showing and promoting the destruction of our own people. STOP endorsing things that the Devil is using to kill Black people, and start endorsing things that build Black people.

STOP showing yourself on social media flashing guns and weapons.
STOP showing yourself using drugs.
STOP showing yourself fighting.
STOP showing yourself do crimes.
STOP showing yourself being destructive to your own people.

So, now I’m not gonna tell you what to START doing cause the first step in getting Black people to STOP doing what’s needed in a huge task in It’s self. To STOP doing so much negative is just as big as Black people starting to do things that are Positive.

Please understand, why I’m addressing BLACK PEOPLE. It’s simply because everything starts within first. I had to wake up first. ME, yes it started with me. Then after me, it spreads out to my people, the BLACK PEOPLE. This is where my work will be concentrated at because we as BLACK PEOPLE are in need of the most help and the only people that can help us is our own people. The Devil knows this and this is why he trys to divide us and turn us against each other. My real friends that love me and Support me from all colors will read this and be proud of seeing me stand strong as I walk this path of righteousness. The weak, the sleep, the dead will find someone of equal if they feel their spirit is too far into the darkness, but little do they know I was sent to them or they were sent to me for a reason. Don’t ignore Allah’s calling, there’s a good chance he’s reaching out to you via me.

I love myself, and I love Black people. I say this because being raised in this Racist Country under this Racist USA Government, we as Black people are taught to hate our own black skin and not trust our own black people. We are taught white is Positive and Black is Negative. We are taught to put our trust in a white person and not a black person. This is all bullshit! This is the Racist brainwashing system of the most Racist Country on planet Earth! Black people are beautiful, honest, loving, caring, smart, strong, forgiving, people that come from a land that host the Original man, the Asiatic Black man, the maker, the owner, the cream of the planet Earth!

WE as Black people have been ruled and enslaved by the wicked devil for 6,000 years and that time has come to a end!! This is why you see the wicked man scrambling to do any and everything he can to destroy the Black man. This is why WE as Black men must prepare ourselves and strengthen our minds, souls, and spirits to not allow the wicked Devil to brech our minds and use our body’s to kill other black men and destroy our families and future Gods. We must not allow any open windows that the Devil can slip into. We must be strong enough to hold it down for ourselves while we help our brother at the same time.

The Devil is swinging hard with everything he got and if you don’t wake up, he gonna kill you in your sleep!

WAKE UP…. I’m shaking you, get yo ass up!!

Brother DeWitt

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