Treat Her Like A Chair

What the fuck does that mean? It’s just some shit I made up that makes sense to me and if I lay this out right, then it just might make sense to you too.

Men are very visual & territorial. They meet a new woman and they immediately want to know everything about her past which unfortunately has the potential to set the foundation on how he’s going to treat her, trust her, or even respect her.

A female needs to understand that your business is your business. You never need to feel obligated to tell a man absolutely nothing about your sexual or intimate past. If he knows something, so be it, but it’s not your duty to confirm anything. If he has interest in you, let it be from the moment he met you, forward.

It’s a proven fact that if you tell him absolutely anything about yourself, he will throw it in your face, and it will contaminate the future with you two. The words that you tattoo in his head about your past sex life & situations will then become a visual layout that he has created and it’s going to be nothing like the truth you tried to share.

So, as a man you must “TREAT HER LIKE A CHAIR”. This is something I came up with on my own. I told myself it’s really amazing how we can walk into a restaurant and just sit down in a chair right after someone else has gotten up or sit down in a chair not knowing who the last person was that sat there, or not knowing if anything ever happened in that chair while someone was sitting in it.

Would you sit in a chair if you knew someone shit their pants while sitting in that chair just hours before you were about to sit in it? Would you sit in the same chair that a person sat in who has full blown Aids? Would you sit in a chair that a person was sitting in that raped 4 little 5 year old kids? Would you sit in the same chair that a homeless man sits on everyday?

No matter what the resume is on those chairs, they still serve their purpose each and every time someone needs their services. That chair stand tall and ready for what it’s designed to do each time someone needs it. That chair has no care to who sat in it last, and has no signs of being damaged from the last persons use.

Could you imagine how much a restaurant’s business would be effected if each chair you walked up to had it’s resume written on the back of the chair. The chair would mention any and all bad situations that ever happened in that chair. You think people would read the chairs resume looking for the cleanest, strongest, healthiest, best looking chair in the restaurant? I think so. But little do they know, all the chairs in that restaurant regardless of their resume are stable, solid, healthy, and ready to support what ever weight they have to.

You see a chair, go have a seat. Try asking it who was the last person who sat there and see what answer you get?

You see a nice looking woman, step to her with conversation. Let her past be something that got her to where she stands at that moment… RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!

Treat her like a chair and don’t give a fuck who was the last person she had contact with.

Hope you understood my way of laying this out.

Goldie DeWitt

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