Fuck Black History Month


No Black man should ever celebrate or rejoice this RACIST SLAP IN THE FACE BULLSHIT they call Black History Month.

The TRUTH is the Black man is the Original man and the greatest contributor to the building of man kind. It’s sad that such a wicked demon comes through Africa stealing people from it’s original homeland to enslave Africans, treat them as animals, hang them, kill them, rape them, and rob them of their original history!

So this racist United States of America government got the nerves to give a month of African-American Black History. It began as a way for remembering important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! As you can see it’s actually a month of celebration for that wicked demon to celebrate what they call “African diaspora” which is a term particularly to refer to the descendants of the West and Central Africans who were enslaved and shipped to the Americas via the Atlantic slave trade between the 16th and 19th centuries, with their largest populations shipped to the United States of America.

So as you can see this wicked Government embraces and loves what they did with the enslaving of Africans so much that they honored a fucking month to it. The fact is no matter how you look at black history Month, your research will reveal Slavery, slavery, slavery! That’s is original true meaning of this Government of the USA honoring Black History Month. It NEVER had anything to do with Marcus Garvy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Fredrick Douglas, and many more!

African American Black History Month is a racist joke that needs to be impeached! Black people got the right to celebrate ALL YEAR ROUND for being beautiful, loving, people and not be honored 1 month a year for being Slaves through the African Slave trade.

If you reading this and you are dating someone black you know dam well you love and appreciate that person year round and not just in February! Think about it…. If you cheated on your spouse in the Month of April, and you wanted to celebrate every April that you cheated on your Spouse but you will never do it again how stupid of a celebration would that be. Your spouse would be stupid to celebrate such a horrific time in their life and be faced with having to be reminded of it every year! Maybe it’s you being so proud of what you did, that you want to remember how awesome it was and how proud you were of your actions and you want to forever celebrate and honor your actions. If your spouse celebrated that month you’d laugh at that fool and never eespect your Spouse no matter how your spouse wanted to dress it up.

In closing I’m just trying to wake you up. Im speaking to all colors and races of people cause we all got black friends and loved ones. WE must be educated on the TRUTH!

I wrote this today while not during African Slave History Month in hopes to get your isolated attention.

These are all my own true words.

Pass the word.

Goldie DeWitt

They all connected


The man in the top photo is the racist terrorist guy in New That murdered all the Muslims in the Mosque. Look at the hand sign he’s throwing up.

Now look at the photo of the cops in the image below and look at the hand sign they throwing up. These cops and that guy are obviously committed to the same racist terrorist organization!

DO NOT IGNORE THIS. You best know this same type of racist activity is happening right here in California and through out the United States of America with racist organizations that are populated with cops, law enforcement, attorneys, Judges, and those in positions we supposed to trust.

DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN to keep yourself out of trouble and away from any police activity. Watch yourself and your surroundings. These mutherfuckers are all connected!

It’s a very dangerous world we live in and you gotta wake the fuck up and realize everything you see happening on tv is getting closer and closer to where you live, travel, and work. Nobody is exempt!

BELIEVE IT OR NOT; “Man kind is at war right now with the Devil and Satan is coming to destroy everything and everyone it can”!

WAKE UP!!! We are at war. You best believe there is more coming so stay alert.

Goldie DeWitt

Egypt is in Africa

Still to this day modern technology can’t figure out how the Africans built the ancient Pyramids in Egypt. There is absolutely no machine that can lift the weight or build a pyramid today identical to a ancient pyramid.

You best know when the no good stupid dumb man came to Africa to steal Africans, they knew they were stealing the smartest, strongest man they had ever laid eyes on. Slavery was started in the year 1555. They had no idea Africans would survive over 400 years of slavery and still to this very day! This is why you best know the American Constitution was not written for the African man in America. Laws were written to destroy the African and it’s ancestors in America.

This is why our horrible Western Educational system doesn’t touch on Africa and “who’s really who” or THE TRUTH! This wicked government has so much dirt to hide. This is not the HOME OF THE FREE! This is the home of the enslaved, lied to, and betrayed!

Do your research and seek the truth if you don’t wanna die in yo sleep.

Most of you reading this had no idea Egypt is located in Africa. It’s not your fault, due to this horrible scandalous educational system here in the USA. So now that you do know I hope this stimulates your appitite to want to learn more. This goes out to all colors of people. It’s your duty to know! God gave you eyes to see, so use them to seek the truth and bare witness with your own eyes!


Goldie DeWitt

Muammar Gaddafi


I’d like to share my research with you and I hope this touches you the way it touched me.  These are all my own words.

I’m sure you’ve heard the name Muammar Gaddafi, but do you really know who he is and what he did and just how fucked up it was for the United Stated of America to kill him.  (Please continue to read you will be amazed at what you learn from me today).

Muammar Gaddafi, went to the Royal Military Academy of Benghazi.  He took Rule & Presidency of Libya at the age of 18 years old and ruled for the next 42 years until his death.  Gaddafi did a lot of good for his people and his country but it’s not shown in the International Press because of their Foreign Policies and the Countries Human Rights Violations.  During Muammar Gaddafi’s 42 years of Presidency the Nation’s main natural resource was Oil.  During his rule Oil in Libya was 15 Cents/Liter.  Today it’s 42 Cents/Liter in the United States. 

Okay let me jump right to some facts about the United States of America and Muammar Gaddafi of Libya.  In 2011 the United States of America Gross Federal Debt was $16 Trillion Dollars.  Libya was at $0.  Let me say it again that Libya had ZERO debt!!  I know you starting to see this picture a lot clearer now.  

When Muammar Gaddafi was murdered by the United States of America his Net Worth was Estimated to be $200 Billion dollars.  

Okay let me now tell you some facts about Muammar Gaddafi and what he did for his people & his Country.  

**Every Libyan under the rule of Muammar Gaddafi received free housing. Free housing, NO rent! NO mortgage for life!

**If a Libyan wanted to be a Farmer he got free farming equipment, tractors, everything free, including free land for farming. 

**When they got married in Libya every newly married couple in Libya would receive $5,000 from the Government to give them a good start in life. 

**Muammar Gaddafi made sure his Libyan people got free education. 

**In Libya Muammar Gaddafi made sure his people got free Health Care.  If you wanted to have a operation that the Libyan Doctors couldn’t handle, the Government would pay for you to go anywhere on the planet to get your operation!

**Every Libyan every month would received money from the Government based on Libyan Oil sells!

**Muammar Gaddafi owned and controlled the Libyan National Bank. 

This man Muammar Gaddafi is the man that the United States of America labeled a wicked demon, a mad dog in the desert and they ultimately went to Libya to murder him, destroy his family, and disable a Nation from being strong.

As you can see from the maps chart showing the African Commodities Africa is flourishing with natural resources!  You can now see for yourself the true reason why the United States of America wanted to murder Muammar Gaddafi and end his rule of him protecting his Nations Oil and taking care of his people.  The United States of America was wrong for what they did to Muammar Gaddafi and Libya.  The greed the United States of America has to conquer and take control of any developing nation will never benefit the United States with the facts showing the truth with our USA debt in 2011 being $16 Trillion Dollars and today 2019 our USA debt is at $22.7 Trillion Dollars!

Don’t believe the negative Fake News Propaganda they feed you. They want you to believe that Africa is broke and dusty when actually it’s fully of natural resources and it’s beautiful. They figure if they paint a negative ugly image on it you will ignore it and have no interest to that Country and what’s going on with it. Don’t fall for it!

Wake up people! Don’t Die before you wake up!

Thanks for reading,

Goldie DeWitt

Here’s a map of Africa so you can learn names of Countries and where they located in Africa.

©1DOWN 2019 March

They killing us

THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT IS KILLING YOU and you too blind to see it cause you keep your attention focused on the bullshit propaganda they feed you daily on how WE the people should destroy each other instead of focusing on how our own government is aiming to destroy us all for their own financial gain.

You tell me what’s more important? R Kelly, Bill Cosby, Takashi 69, etc OR The United States of America having the United Kingdom tell them “We don’t want your dirty meat”! THE MEAT OR GOVERNMENT FEEDS US! The meat we eat, the nutrition we depend on.

You wanna know why Americans are so sick and dying so much from so many international infections? It’s our own government injecting us with poison to fill their pockets!

WE must be way more careful with the food we eat and where we eat it from. Just cause you buy it and it’s packaged nice, don’t mean it’s healthy and good for you. That’s part of the selling process to entice you!

Did you know the United States of America consumes 85% of the world’s prescription drugs world wide! Yes, USA is the world’s biggest drug dealer and Americans are the tweakers, base heads, drug addicts!

I hope this gives you a little more understanding why other countries hate the United States of America and look at Americans and fucking dummies!

Oh but some of you say we got the most sophisticated military armed forces! FOOL, every dope dealer should be heavily strapped with some killers on they team! Who you think the USA learned how to operate the drug game from? Pablo Escobar, El Chapo, and many more! The United States of America DEA was created because of those guys! Did you know that $650 billion of your tax dollars go-to the military! This is why it’s important for the USA to stay at war with their foot in the mud to justify that waste of money that’s being improperly used! I’m not defending Trump at all, but this is why Trump is mad cause he can’t get $6 billion dollars for his wall. He knows that only if you people knew what he knew you’d be mad as fuck at the Government! I say it again, I was not defending Trump, just educating you on something you wasn’t aware of and that’s what’s going on with YOUR TAX DOLLARS!


Sad to realize the fact that you are more valuable to your own country being sick, half dead, broke, unemployed, and dependent on their toxic pharmaceutical drugs vs being healthy, smart, and financially stable and most of all, WOKE!

I say it again in my closing.


Goldie DeWitt

Shut It Down

Goldie’s Life Advice:
*Do not record yourself doing anything incriminating.
*Do not allow someone else to record you doing anything incriminating.

We are now living in a epidemic where people are snitching on others in the most malicious way for personal gain as well as to destroy another person.

*People have no loyalty.
*People have no respect.
*People don’t hold a promise anymore.

The bond of taking something to the grave is no longer part of this lifestyle. So shut it all down today.

My name is Goldie DeWitt and if you see me somewhere out and about, anywhere please don’t take a photo or video of me. A hand shake and a hug is fine, but keep that fucking camera phone in yo pocket or pointed in the opposite direction of me. Do not ever post a picture of me. You not doing me any favors by posting a pic or video of me without my consent. I don’t give a fuck how other people living, Im putting it out there to respect my privacy. People thinking being exposed is the new lifestyle, well I’m telling you it’s not and actually it’s an invasion of privacy!

Hear me loud and clear, it’s time you WAKE THE FUCK UP!

Goldie DeWitt

Fuck you Billy Porter

I call it like it see it. Fuck this F@G shit! Shit gotta stop. Black men need to WAKE UP! 


Billy Porter you a fucking bitch and a disgrace to Black men. 

Goldie DeWitt


Leticia wrote: I say you do you and let others do them… Who cares what they do or how they choose to dress. Is it affecting you or your life? That is his choice… Now you can unfriend me because I don’t agree with you, but not everyone is going feel the same about this topic. I could care less what anyone wears or what their sexual preference is…. I’m still living my life!

Goldie DeWitt responded: This ain’t got shit to do with you. You ain’t Black & you not a Male. You so simple minded to ask “is it affecting me or my life”? It’s not about me, it’s about the future of the Black man and the core of the Black man to be seen and respected as a man. Little do you know his choice as a black man has a ripple effect on all black men. It’s not by choice it’s by design of this racist Government and it’s ignorant people such as yourself. Of course I will unfriend you. You got me fucked up. I’m not one of the many weak, soft, faggot, bitch made mutherfuckers you so comfortable with snapping your wicked tongue at. If you say you could care less, than do just that and shut the fuck up and mind yo business! I on the other hand do give a fuck and will say something cause this is something that has a direct reflection on me and Black men. Don’t ever think just because you lived a life talking disrespectful to some weak spineless half a man f@g, that you can do it to everyone. It’s so unfortunate that some females get lost in transition thinking their looks and pussy is the weakness to all men. Not me. In my personal experiences I’ve meet some stupid ass lame ass bitches that dressed themselves up pretty and had wacked pussy and dumb as a rock! Hello!! So who are you, just some chick that floated through my Facebook some time ago. Were you friendly to me? Yes. Are you my friend? No. This is where people fuck themselves not understanding the difference. Just cause someone is Friendly, doesn’t mean they can be your friend. Someone will be friendly cause they need something from you. So to see you are to weak to un-friend this Facebook connection proves to me that you were only Friendly with me to invade my privacy to feed from my knowledge until you was hit with something that made you squill. You part of today’s problem. You are weak. You are a troll. You are the toxic waste that this country needs to be disinfected of. You will never have a successful relationship. You will never raise a strong, proud, alpha man who will strengthen other young men to grow up and be strong men. Your weakness and ignorance comes before you from a family bloodline of ignorance, weakness, neglect and abuse. 

So let me tell you I am a man that was cut from a different fabric than the dresses the faggots you normally deal with. 

Yo momma did a horrible job raising you. She neglected teaching you in life there are some places that is NOT a woman’s place. This conversation was not your place. You felt comfortable with opening your mouth cause this has been something you’ve done throughout your life cause you’ve aimed your tongue with no care. Well, you made a mistake this time. 

Since you were too weak, as weak as the spineless man to wear a dress, I will unfriend you. As he needed a stage for attention to misrepresent black men, you needed this stage to misrepresent females. Females with no class. 


Goldie DeWitt

My above msg also goes out to any weak minded bitch that wanna endorse any kind of f@ggot fuckery that’s affecting the Black man. This ain’t about gay bashing. This is about a culture of people that the government is poisoning with overdosing them with anything they can. People need to wake up.

Leticia responded: pure ignorance. (then she unfriended me on facebook.)

Goldie DeWitt responded: AS YOU CAN SEE!!! Knowledge is strength. You wanna run up on a mutherfucka wearing full body armor protected by the spirits of Alpha Black men and all you got is some Lip Gloss? Bitch please. I AM THE 1. Cast yo ass back to the darkness, cause in THE LIGHT is where I stand!

A WIN is a WIN but…

In my opinion it’s a shame that all these years Spike Lee has put out some amazing Black movies and never got the recognition and acknowledgement he deserves but after he releases a movie addressing a situation of the KKK being infiltrated by a Black man he suddenly wins a Oscar. The reputation of the Oscars being racist towards Black entertainers is nothing to question. I guess Spike Lee finally got their attention with a Title that mad THEM FOLKS say “oh shit, he finally made something about us, let me check this shit out”!

I assume these movies listed below didn’t grab the attention of those who have a strong influence over the Oscars.

Here are just a few of Spike Lee’s amazing movies I strongly suggest you look up and watch.

School Daze 1988
Do the Right thing 1989
Malcom X 1992
Jungle Fever 1991
Oldboy 2013
25th Hour 2002
Mo Better Blues 1990
Clockers 1995
Brooklyn 1004
4 Little Girls 1997
Get on The Bus 1996
Love & Basketball 2000
A Huey P. Newton Story 2001
Rodney King 2017 
New Jersey Drive 1995

WAKE UP and pull back the layers!

Goldie DeWitt

P.S. This is only to educate those in the dark that Spike Lee is a talented man that has done way more than just the movie he was recognized for this Oscar win.

Black People Wake Up

Black entertainers are NOT leaders. Stop being fooled by the trickaration of this crooked Government racist system. Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Bill Cosby, Monique, 50 Cent, are not leaders these are entertainers paid to entertain you with their natural talent to make you smile and laugh. You might follow them as a fan cause you admire their talent to make you laugh but don’t get fooled by this puppet that is controlled by the government. This puppet is controlled within limits of what they can and can’t say and swayed on what to say! The system has used many familiar faces to fool the Black man by enticing him to dance to music and lyrics encouraged by a wicked hand. Wake up!

A Black Leader is not a entertainer. A Black leader is not chained by the Government. A Black leader has a mission, he is a movement, and injects mind strength not laughter. A Black leader is Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, James Baldwin, Harriet Tubman.


Don’t get it twisted. Know the difference between a Entertainer and Leader. Find yourself a Leader and then you will find the light that leads you out the darkness.

If you fear seeing me encourage the Black man, then you need to question where do you stand? I aim to be a leader and a strong black man that provides knowledge and wisdom to the next man that seeks the same or needs guidance. I have not a racist bone in my body and my blood flows with love for those that love me back.

TODAY YOU MUST WAKE UP cause staying sleep is the for weak. I lay these words on you to shape you and strengthen your mind to reach out beyond the words I’ve fertilized your soul with and embrace the growth.

To all my Mexican brothers that love me, I love you too. To all my White Brothers that love me, I love you too. To all colors that love me, I love you too.

I love all God’s children but I am very careful of all men I meet. I have learned there is a difference in a man who’s Friendly let that being a Black man, White man, Mexican man, or other. “Being friendly and being a friend are two different things”. A Fox acts friendly towards the Lamb, and usually the Fox is the one that ends up with the Lamb chop on his plate. The Wolf doesn’t act friendly, and therefore the Wolf has more difficulty getting the Lamb chop on his plate. “I say that because it’s usually the friendly person you trusted that bamboozled you.


Goldie DeWitt