Goldie Fact

When I was in High School 1986-1990 through ages 14-18 years old. I carried a minimum of $500 on me with a “STRAP” every single day!! I never sold drugs. I didn’t Gangbang. I never ditched school not even 1 day. Passed all my classes and I even took Government and Economics in the summer of my 11th grade year so I wouldn’t have to worry about it as a Senior. I never had a fight at school. Was voted Homecoming King. I played 4 years of Football. As a Freshman I went to the Senior Prom. When I was a Senior I was smashing my English Teacher. I mowed my neighbors lawn for $8 a week. I stole work permits at 14 years old and started working illegally before I was of age. I worked at Taco Bell and McDonalds and a Pizza joint. I had no bills! Just profit money from my hustle out side of my side jobs. I had to keep a side job to explain my income. I never smoked or drank at all. I was friends with Blacks, Whites, Mexicans, and even mentally challenged kids. My locker had pornographic cut out pics all taped up inside. I could have smashed every dam girl in school but I was more into mature females and older chicks. But I did smash a few. But if I could do it over, I’d grab a backpack full of condoms and smash em’ all.

I had fun growing up. I was smart sharp and stayed out of trouble.

It’s 2014 and life ain’t too much different. I’m just getting older.

Who I am is who I’ve always been.

I just continued to grow into everything I’ve always wanted to be.

Never changing for nobody!!


It’s Not Who, It’s When

We meet new people just about everyday. But rarely does that introduction actually turn into a friendship. But, in the event that introduction develops into a friendship, most people fail to take into account where that person you just met, “was” in their life at the time you met them.

Typically when we meet someone new, their in 1 of 2 positions in life. They are either 1. Dating someone, or 2. Single.

The most fragile time to meet someone is when they are single. Why? Because you gonna get the best they can offer. You gonna get their fun, wild, outgoing, let them be free to the world side!! They got no restrictions and no reservations on just being themselves with no care of judgement from anybody. So, you enjoy this new friendship and this person seems to have everything you ever needed in a friend. You guys have bonded, shared some good times, made arrangements in your schedules, have a lot in common, and then all of a sudden that person meets someone new and it quickly develops into a dating situation and now that same person you been hanging with has done a 360 over night!! They’ve lost their fun swag, they don’t have time for anything with you, they don’t smile anymore, they have nothing of the same outgoing spirit they had when you first met them. So now you find yourself saying wow, that person changed!!! NOPE… that person didn’t change. They the same person they were before you met them. You just happen to meet that person during a “commercial”. If you had known anything about that person, you would haven known when they are involved “pussy whipped/dick whipped” over someone, you would have known your friendship would soon come to an end. You would have known that person was known to completely bail on a friendship the moment they met a new significant other. Thats why that person had room in their life for a new friendship with you, cause they’ve burnt all their past friendships each time they met a new piece of Ass/Dick or Pussy.

So remember when you meet someone new, take into account what stage in life that person is in. It makes a huge difference on what’s in store for the future of your potential friendship.

This advice I’m bout to say right now goes both ways to Guys & Gals: STAY AWAY FROM THEM NEEDY ASS “I NEED A MAN BITCHES”. They have absolutely nothing to offer in a friendship or relationship. Those bitches have nothing to offer, but they seem to NEED everything.

Keep your eyes open. “All that glitters… ain’t GOLD”.



Apples In 1 Basket


When you meet someone and they drop everything they doing and push everything to the side just for you…. You might think that’s a good thing but actually it’s not. It’s a very bad sign. It shows irresponsibility!!

What you looking for is someone who will be responsible enough to let you know what they already got on the table and you looking to see how that person continues to be responsible for what they had going on before they met you. Let that be work, the gym, kids, extra curricular activities, family, motorcycle club, or what ever.

If they drop everything for you…. you best believe they gonna drop you just as easy the moment something else presents it’s self to that person.

Be careful of anybody who puts all their apples in 1 basket.

If you were born in the 70’s…. I know you remember the game LEAP FROG!! If you can see the resemblance.

Question For All Females

Would you rather your Husband, Boyfriend, or dude you fucking, come home and tell you:
1. He just fucked another female
2. He just murdered someone

(there could be a thousand reasons why each one happen. but we not concerned about the reasons. just pick which one you would rather have him tell you. which one could you emotionally except and forgive him for, and beable to deal with.)

So, just pick #1 or #2

**and yes you have to pick one or the other. Keep it real. Nobody is judging anybody. Let your truth be your answer. Fuck what anybody will think or what someone else has already put.


Men Don’t Be A Sucka

TO ALL MEN: It’s a trick, it will backfire on you, don’t fall for it.

When a chick you are just fucking, or your girlfriend, or your wife ask you:
1. Do you think a certain female celebrity is attractive?
2. What kind of girls do you like?
3. Did you see that big booty girl walk by?

Here are the answers that will save you from a world of fucking bullshit. Once you step in that bullshit you will never be able to shake it off. So take my advice and follow these simple rules and remember this shit forever. It will never expire.
1. Nope, never been into celebrities. There job is to act, and be somebody they not supposed to be in order to make you believe what they selling you is true when it’s all a lie. So I’ve always found it a turn off. It’s about trust, and if I can’t trust you, then looks ain’t shit.
2. I don’t have a certain type. It’s all about chemistry with me and finding that person that makes me feel good just from being around them and us not having to say anything because I can just feel her positive spirit that motivates me.
3. No, I wasn’t even paying attention. I was totally thinking about getting my clothes picked up from the cleaners for this weekend. (but fuck yea I saw that bad ass bitch, way before you did, thats why I turned my head the other direction as she passed in front of us)

“Sorry I didn’t get this to some of you sooner”.

I Remember Being A Kid

Well, it’s 2014….

I remember being a kid and being excited to wake up early just to run outside and try to be the first kid outside waiting for the other kids to come outside to play.

I remember watching TV and never seeing any commercials about products to help females clean their stinky pussy, cancer, diabetes, being overweight, hair loss, erection pills, divorce, medical class action law suit, kids being disrespectful, and much more of what we all see today.

I remember when grown ups started to have conversations they made the kids go outside or get out the room.

I remember not “clicking” the phone over when I was on it and getting in trouble when a phone call came through for my mom. No caller ID when I was a kid and you had to pay extra for 3 way calling.

I remember growing up in LA and watching the “SHERM HEADS” in the middle of the street butt asshole naked talking to themselves fighting trees or stops signs or anythjng!

I remember growing up in LA always seeing dogs stuck together and people trying to throw hot water on them.

I remember growing up in LA and having to look way up the street as I walked to the store to keep a eye out for the gang bangers cause they would jack you for anything in your pockets, your shoes, anything!

I remember playing “HIDE GO GET IT”.

I remember when “ON” tv came out. Then came “SELECT TV”. We didn’t have all the cable stations we have now. ON TV was a box that set on top of your TV and when you wanted to watch cable tv, you simply turn it ON and you got 1 cable station. Then SELECT TV came out and it gave you A or B.

I remember “COMADORE 64″.

I remember my Aunties going to the “5 Torches” in Inglewood on Imperial and Crenshaw.

I remember the first girl I ever stuck my finger in. We were playing House. It felt like a wet spiderweb is the best way I can explain what it felt like at the time. We might have been both around 5 years old at max. She is on my Facebook friends list and she reads all my stuff. We something like cousins. I SWEAR NO LIE!! Her initials are S.T.

I remember being dropped off at one of my cousins house cause my mom was going out for the night. I didn’t want to be at their house, so I would cry and want to sit on the curb or on the porch until my mom came back at 3am or until I fell asleep.

I remember getting so mad when men flirted with my mom.

I remember getting so mad when people thought I was a girl because of my hair.

I remember going to “NEWBERRYS” and getting jacked for my bike on the way home. I was about 7 or 8 years old.

I remember when I was about 6 years old I saw a little Mexican boy who was about my same age peeing in his front lawn. I remember seeing his weenie and all I remember is it looked like a little Elephant trunk. I did not understand why his weenie was different cause I had never seen that shape before. I asked my mom but she thought I was making it up. I later found out what it was. He was uncircumcised.

I remember going to see BRUCE LEE at the movies when it first came out.

I remember going to see SUPERMAN at the Chinese Theater when it first came out. We where standing in line. A limo pulled up and Muhammad Ali got out. My mom said there goes Ali, I ran over to him and he picked me up and stuck me in the limo and pulled me out. I remember running back to my mom. What I saw in that limo has stuck with me to this day!

I remember growing up as a kid and how things use to be for people back in the day. There was more love and more togetherness. Kids were kids and Adults made sure kids stayed in their lane.

I will be 42 years old in May of this year. If i could start my life over as a child in today’s culture I would pass. It’s not for me. I appreciate the gift of being able to be born and raised when I was. I actually feel sorry for the kids of today and the future. Things are just different…..

Knowing where I came from has helped me with future decisions.

I wish you all the best and thank you for reading.


Don’t Hit Her

Attention men:
If you feel that you are about to knock the fuck out of a disrespectful sidechick you’re smashing or even your MAIN chick…. DO NOT TOUCH HER!!!
You are digging your own grave. You can not physically harm a chick. Females have a high pain tolerance and no matter what you do, she will still have enough strength to call the police, file charges, and tell the police what you did. BUT if she doesn’t, her witness will do that for her.

So, if you want to cause her a lifetime of PAIN that will keep you free of any criminal charges… Follow these simple steps. It’s hard to do but it only takes a second to do with very little effert.

Tell yourself the next time she gets you to that limit you are gonna do what you promised yourself you are gonna do.

You gonna let her say her foul, trashy, low class, disrespectful shit and you simply gonna stand up, SAY NOT ONE WORD, WALK OUT AND NEVER NEVER RETURN TO HER LIFE EVER AGAIN!!!

You will never take her call.
You will never call her or text her.


The key to this is to walk out and never never turn around or come back for absolutely nothing.

This goes the same for females.


Goldie DeWitt

Don’t Get Her Pregnant

ATTENTION MEN: DO NOT GET ANY FEMALE PREGNANT!!!! You will stop seeing her before she has the baby or within a year after her having the baby.



P.S. – Females this goes for you too. Just reverse everything.

Stay In Yo Lane


Okay today I’m gonna set a rule. It’s called GOLDIE’S STAY IN YOUR LANE DATING RULE!

I’m getting really sick and tired of all this reckless eyeballing & waste of time flirting.

People need to really do a SELF INVENTORY and seriously take a real good look at themselves.

WE are visual creatures by human nature. We are stimulated by what we see or turned off by what we see. So, based on looks alone, we must use a Scale or a Rating System.

Believe it or not, you already have a RATING # that has been assigned to you BY THE PEOPLE. The people you know, the people that saw you yesterday and by the people who will see you today.

So, lets put this into effect so you understand.

If you are a SOSO looking person and people Rate you at about a 6, then this means you can flirt with people within the “5-7″ range.

Here’s another example. If you are a cute chick or handsome dude rated at a 9, then you can flirt with people within the “8-10″ range.

You catching on now? So now you can totally see how someone rated at a 4, is totally OUT OF THEIR LANE by trying to holla at someone rated at a 8.

SUPPORT ME ON THIS!! This will totally start to quarantine the Boogawolfs from the Beautiful Swans.

Don’t be ashamed to put your Rating # out there so folks know what you working with, BUT be warned that Falsifying your rating to a Higher # will cause you to get CLOWNED & EMBARRASSED!

I’m sitting here with my BOOGAWOLF Ticket book and if any of you folks Rated 1-3 wanna claim 5-7 or above, I’M SLAPPING YO ASS WITH A BOOGAWOLF TICKET!!!

Let me be the first to introduce myself. Then it’s your turn!!

My name is:
Rated @ 9

Goldie Random Thoughts

*I like watching fat people dance.
*Why do White people jog in the rain?
*I like big butts.
*I hate seeing guys with long ass nose hairs coming out their nose.
*I hate seeing girls with Tarter build up on their teeth.
*I love seeing a chick who dresses with style.
*I can’t stand when a mutherfucker smokes cigarettes around me.
*I’m glad I don’t smoke weed.
*I own a bar but I don’t drink.
*Wish I could meet lots of the folks that live far away that love 1DOWN.
*Skinny girls should not wear loose clothes.
*I love seeing girls in summer dresses.
*I love cheap spandex.
*Girls who kiss good, give bomb ass head.
*Females should never have bad breath.
*Dam! Everytime I see a white girl with a phat ass, she is trailed by a black dude.
*The Mexican culture is built off of Respect & Chain of command.
*I don’t care who uses the word Nigga anymore.
*I wish I could live forever.
*I will be going to Brazil soon.
*I think girls with small tits should wear no bra with a tight wifebeater.
*When I was in the 12th grade I was smashing my English teacher.
*I’ve lived the life I’ve dreamed of living.
*I’m jealous of no man.
*There is nothing in this world I can’t get if I wanted it.
*My extensive history with females, is what makes me understand life better.
*Pussy & Money makes the world go round.

Okay im done thinking. Now you can think about everything you just read…. do we have anything in common? – Goldie