Gangbangin’ at The Highest Level

What’s really going on? What’s really going on in the Politics world! Yea, I was one of the few million new voters. I didn’t vote because I knew my vote would make a difference, I simply voted because I didn’t have shit else to do. I don’t know how much more convenient they could have made it for me to vote. The voting poll was right next door to my house. I got there around 8am with maybe 7 people in front of me. It took me all of 10min to cast my votes, get my sticker and I was out of there.

So, later that night while watching the votes roll in from across the states, I sat there looking at this trying to understand it in my own way, and I figured it out. Politics is like Gangbangin’ on the highest level. You got 2 sides and each one of them are trying to claim territory represented by a color. What a coincidence, RED & BLUE. “Now, this is going to get deep!” I watched the RED states back East and down South start to light up the map with the Republicans in support of Bush, it didn’t surprise me. Why? Okay, see if you can stay with me on this. Did you know when Bush was first running for presidency 4 years ago for his first term, he agreed to meet with the NAACP to get the “Black Vote”, but for the past for years straight, he has declined to meet with the NAACP after becoming president. The way I see it, you got a whole lot of old school “older people” representing back East and down South who are die hard Republicans sporting the color red. As time has passed, the younger generation from these families has migrated West seeking more freedom, opportunity and new growth towards California as democrats represented by the color Blue.

Times have changed. The majority of people involved is being challenged by a new breed of people getting involved and guess who it is? It’s me, it’s you, it’s your friends, it’s the young Urban audience. So what does all this mean you still ask? It means the Republicans are going to see a dramatic change in the Democratic participation over the next few years. It’s all about marketing and I would say this young new voting Urban audience is more attracted to Democratic policies rather than Republican policies. Do you know what Voting has just become? It’s just become Trendy. Now were talking serious! Trendy is the money maker and isn’t money the blood of politics! Young people do what’s cool. I can honestly say with the little knowledge I got over this past election plus the feeling that being recognized as a registered voter was the cool thing to do, it hand something to do with me voting, plus that free sticker for the day that said “yea, bitch I voted, and what did you do!” You ever heard the saying, “everything goes back to it’s original?” Did you know before there were Bloods & Crips, it was just 1 gang and they were called Piru Bloods. Later on, someone broke off and started another gang outside of the Blood territory and called it the Piru Crips. Why? just to be different and have more freedom. In the beginning of this, the Piru Crips still wore red as their gang color as well as the Piru Bloods, but in no time at all more changes were made and the Crips dropped the “Piru”, picked a new color Blue to represent them and they just called themselvesCrips. (Please believe me, this is 100% true shit I’m educating you on) So, one night back in the late 60’s at the Palladium Theatre on Sunset in Hollywood, CA a few Crips & Bloods found them selves in a scuffle over a jacket and a Crip shot a Blood and that’s what started the war and divided them forever. Being that Bloods were the original gang foundation, the population is not as deep as the crips anymore, but they do hold their ground. In a way, to relate gangs to politics, I would say Bloods would be Republicans & Crips would be Democrats. Why? It’s like Bloods are known as Well Dressed Pretty Boys coming from a more solid home front. Crips are known to be more buck wild, and coming from more of a low income type home front. Some of you might get it and some won’t. I’m not being offensive, I’m just saying it like I’ve LIVED it. So, if history continues to repeat it’s self and things go back to it’s original, more people will start to break off from the Republican party and start to join the Democratic party. Why? It’s simple, it’s Trendy and it’s the thing to do. Majority rules! No difference than which ever neighborhood you grew up in, the gang was the trendy thing to do but now these grown up gangs have a different title and it’s called “Political Party”.

Goldie DeWitt

Copyright 2005, 1DOWN©

Trippen Over Pussy

This is a serious problem and I just had to write about it. Mutherfuckers are getting too pussy whipped and trying to act hard at the same time. I must say, for where I’m at in my life and what I have been through, I laugh at this and I feel sorry for the poor fool who is sitting there fucked up in the head over some pussy. There is really no way around it. It may happen to you at a young age, or later in life, but you will find yourself straight up TRIPPEN’ OVER SOME PUSSY some time in your life. The key to this is to make it through that storm. Yea, you best believe it’s one ugly ass storm! This shit is fucked up because you might find yourself trippen’ over a really sexy ass chick, or just some hood rat chick who sucks and fucks you like a goddess.

We all know that the word BITCH generally refers to a female, but I gotta say, I have encountered far more guys who are straight up BITCHES in a real way! I can’t stand a jealous dude. A dude that has a chick that he just can’t control or keep in check, so he walks around fucked up in the head TRIPPEN’ OVER SOME PUSSY! I’m gonna tell you where this Bitch ass dude is going wrong. First off, “MEN” you have to learn and understand that females will do what they want, how they want, and when they want. You cannot control them. You can force them, but you cannot control them. Just because she is doing what you say when you are around, don’t think for a second she is still under your thumb when you’re not around. No woman likes to be controlled and if this is your way of keeping her in check, your fucking up. Give her her freedom and let her be herself and do as she please. If she’s being herself is not what you like, then she is not for you. It don’t mean force her to do what you say. You are not allowing her to grow and find out who she really is and what she is really attracted to in life. Stop holding on to a piece of pussy like it’s the last one left on earth. Females out number men 9 to 1 so please believe me, you got other choices than thinking your just stuck with what you have.

MEN never believe that pillow talk, them words that fuck you up when she says “this is your pussy, I will never fuck anyone else, your dick is the only one that will ever go inside of me”. Oh my god, you better not believe that shit! Trust me, she will fuck someone else, and don’t be surprised if it’s one of your homies! Yup, one of your homies will fuck your chick. It happens and some find out and some don’t, but she will fuck one of your homies. If your lucky, you will find out and it will teach you a lesson that a woman will do what she wants when she wants regardless of what she has said to you. Now please understand, as you learn to understand females, you will learn to respect them for this way of operating and you will learn to work with them and not against them. Give her space. Please believe me when I tell you this; you’re not going to bust a female. If you find something out, there’s a good chance she wanted you to know, because when a female wants to get away with doing something she doesn’t want you to know about, you will not have a fucking clue. Females might play dumb, but they ain’t stupid; Men are really the stupid ones.

Over my 35 years of living and researching females for the past 22 years, I think I’ve learned some valuable lessons that have made me into the best husband in the world. From what I’ve been through, you might think it would have pushed me away from seeing anything positive about being in a relationship, even more, getting married. I had to see and go through everything I’ve been through to get me where I’m at today and to get me to understand why I knew I could get married and be a good husband and do my part in creating a healthy relationship for the both of us.

I am married, but I have no control over my wife. She’s a grown ass woman and does what she wants, when she wants and how she wants. I respect her privacy and even though once again,she’s my wife, I do not go in her purse for no reason at all. I do not go through her belongings at all. I do not open her mail, I do not open her bed room drawers. Why do I say this, because this is where I’m at with mine. I feel that if you have to check on your spouse, you shouldn’t be with that person. I feel if you’re looking through their stuff, you’re looking for “a reason”. I have no reason and I don’t want to know nothing I don’t need to know. I’m in a relationship with the only person out of all the hundreds I’ve dated that I actually knew right away that this is the one. This is the one that will be my best friend, a wonderful wife, a great business partner, the one who can accept me for me being me and the person I’m growing into. I say this because life is growth, life is experience.

Being in a relationship is not for everyone. Some people fall in love with someone they were really just supposed to fuck, and some people fuck off someone they were supposed to fall in love with. You have to know which is which and what to do with it. We go through a lot in life, but by the time you hit 30 years old, a light should have turned on. At 30, a serious change in your life should have happened or will happen. I would say, for the past 5 years, things in my life have been very grown up. I’ve really had to deal with some “grown man shit” making some serious choices in life.

For you youngsters out there, take it from me, have fun with life. Don’t hound NO chick. If you’re a sexually active person, please make sure you always, always use a condom. Someone saying their on the Pill don’t mean she don’t have Herpes, Gonorrhea or some stank ass infection that will knock the cool out your walk. Use a fucking condom. You don’t want to find yourself paying child support to some money hungry hood rat stank biatch you fucked in the back of your car from a 1-night stand. You better know, if she’s okay with letting you go bare back, she’s just that type of chick and the dude who boned her yesterday sure didn’t use a condom either.

This is no way at all a bashing on females, but more of a insight & education for men to hopefully get a better understanding on how to release the grip and get more out of their relationships. Life is so much better when you’re with someone you know you can be comfortable with and the key to this is to rebirth the foundation of your relationship that started with a friendship. Having that friendship is the greatest part about being in a relationship because you know that your best friend is with you all the time.

Ladies, you gotta do your part in this too. Please don’t stay in a relationship with a controlling abusive dude. You have the right to walk away. No one owns you. You are just as guilty to blame if you continue to stay in that abusive relationship. Jealousy, abusive ways and controlling acts of a male or female are not acceptable. You gotta cut that lose and turn the page to the next chapter in your life and move on.

You can’t change anybody. We are who we are, and we are animal. Some things are instinct, some things are natural and some things are beyond our control. We are not to judge anyone. If someone makes a mistake, you just gotta understand that no one is perfect and mistakes happen, but was it a mistake or just human nature, we are animal. You can’t control your woman’s sexual appeal she has, so don’t trip when she grabs the attention of other people. Be lucky she chose to be with you in this time of her life. Life is what you make it, so relax and STOP TRIPPEN’ OVER PUSSY.

Goldie DeWitt

Copyright 2007, 1DOWN©

Mexicans & Blacks, We Can Do It

Why? Why do Mexicans hate Blacks?

I can’t pose the question “why do Blacks hate Mexicans cause I dont”. I can’t speak for all Blacks, but I will speak for me. This Hate is not natural, it’s taught. It seem to be more of a family tradition within the Mexican culture to dislike Blacks, and naturally refer to Blacks as Mayates, or Niggers and this is not something I’m making up but something that I’ve actually heard from several of my Mexican friends.

DAM, why am I even putting myself on blast to even write about this shit? I guess cause I care and I want this shit to stop. I ask myself why do Mexicans trip on Blacks so much when we share so much in common. We are not in competition in no way shape or form, and we both come from a culture that shares a history of wearing Dikies, Chucks, White Tshirts, Low Riders, Pit Bulls, we love thick females and most of all, both cultures are hard working people! Wow, with all this in common, would this make us jealous of each other, competitive towards each other, or should this bring us together and allow us to interact and communicate and share ideas? I wish it would bring us together. I’m gonna be honest and MAN enough to say it and some will disagree, but from experience and from talking to some of my Mexican homies, they have told me it bugs the fuck out of them to see their Sisters, Cousins, or even their Moms dating a Black guy! I ask why? Why, why, why is this an issue? Is it simply because he’s black? Times have changed and dating outside ones race & culture is something that cannot be controlled anymore. The more you try to hold someone back from feeding their curiosity, the more you push them towards it. You know its true! When I look at this simple shit, it really disappoints me to think that the major reason Mexican guys trip on Black guys is because of “females.” Yes, it’s a true fact, that most Black men like a phat ass juicy booty, and in the Mexican culture, females are packing some junk in their trunks, so brothas tend to gravitate towards them and on the flip side, (some) Mexican chicks have an attraction to Black guys. Whats wrong with that? NOTHING!

Now here is something that is true fact from my Mexican homie. This dude fucking loves Black chicks! He says that a lot of Mexican guys like Black chicks but they don’t step to them because they feel a little intimidated and in no way could they bring a Black chick home or be seen dating a Black chick due to the negative response they would get from their family and friends. He says fucking a Black chick is like a dream for a lot of Mexican guys. He agrees that some Mexican chicks have a nice ass, but he says most all Black chicks have a phat ass and he wishes the racial tension wasn’t there when it came to dating, but it is and he has chosen to say fuck it and made it clear to his family years ago that he’s attracted to Black chicks and that’s his choice. It’s a trip to hear this friend of mine speak on this because honestly when you meet him, you wouldn’t think he talked to Black chicks. I say this because if you can understand what I’m saying, he dosent dress Black to “attract Black chicks”, and he doesn’t “talk Black”. He dresses like a Mexican,talks like a Mexican, meaning hes not trying to be someone outside of being himself and I respect him for that. Let me break the ice and be the first person in the world to give all Mexican men the green light to step to Black females and get your mack on! Black females would love to hear from you, and you have nothing to worry about when stepping to them. Just be honest and step to them the same way you would step to any woman, we are all human. We all know, BLACXICAN babies are so cute! (that’s the way females say it)

So please EVERYONE, listen to me and follow my lead and understand that “IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO DO RIGHT”.

It’s 2011 and times have changed. Stop the hate and let’s be friends. Mexicans & Blacks Unite in 2011. I MADE THE FIRST MOVE, NOW IT’S YOUR TURN.

“I would love to hear your comments.”

Much respect,

Goldie DeWitt

Adultcon a Waste of Money

“This is soley my opinion based on my experience and personal research, but please believe me, it’s the 100% TRUTH!!”

“Are you ready for this? Are you ready to read a review that will be so raw that some of you will feel sorry for this person and most of you in the Adult Entertainment Industry will agree with me and applaud me for taking a stand and voicing my opinion.”

I am so sick and tired of people trying to come into the Adult Entertainment Industry by imitating a successful company and then giving a bad name to the Adult Industry. This so called Adult Convention going by the name ADULTCON, put on by this guy named Renaud West, in my opinion is nothing but a rip off and a waste of money! I’ve been working hands on in the Adult Industry for going on 12 years now and it’s always been a priority of mine to represent the Industry with Class. I say this because I personally find the Adultcon conventions cheesy, unorganized, boring, ghetto, and not at all of what the Adult Industry truly represents.

This so called convention claims to have moved up from renting out a Hotel Ball room, to 60,000 SqFt, to 100,000 SqFt at the LA Convention Center. I personally feel that moving up to 100,000 SqFt. was a move Renaud West did just for Square Foot bragging rights and at this last convention Sept 21-23, 2007 I did not see where this 100,000 SqFt. was needed or being used. The second you walk in South Hall, where the convention is being held, you can see in plain view that this is truly a small event being held in a hall that’s too big for it. I am not sure, but I think it was only about 3 or 4 rows and aprox about 50 yards deep. Trust me, this is nothing to compliment. There was so much wasted space that I saw. I would say 40% of this was the food area occupied with tables and chairs heavily spread out to take up space for eating and an additional 25% was more wasted space, leaving only aprox 35% of this for usable space for vendors. You do the math! Adult “CON”, if it walks like a Duck, quack likes a Duck, it’s a Duck!

This event cost $35.00 for daily admission or you can pay $35.00 on the first day of the convention and get free admission for the following 2 days. I would say this is the only positive thing about this event. However, if your bored enough to go back on the second day to see the same shit you saw the first day, it shouldbe free. This convention does not offer any special shows, seminars or events. All you do is walk in, and walk around a couple of times and BAM, you say to yourself, “okay I’m bored now”, then you find yourself saying “fuck that, I can’t leave already, I just paid $35 to get up in this shit, so I better just stay for a little bit longer”. This might explain the reason I saw so many people walking around looking bored out of their mind and disappointed on what they thought this so called Adult Convention had to offer. I must say I feel sorry for the people if any, who bought the Adult”CON” so called VIP ticket that cost $50 per person that bypassed you from waiting in the General admission line and also got you a Adultcon Tshirt or a dog tag key chain. I personally did not see anyone waiting in the General admission line but I did see people walking right up and buying tickets and going right in, in the same time it would take to walk up to the VIP registration counter to verify who you are, then go in. I’d be surprised to see anyone wearing that free tshirt or dog chain who doesn’t feel like a SUCKA!

The day I was at this recent convention like I said, held September 21-23, 2007, I saw this as a low attendance event. In my opinion, I do not see this event being anything to go home and compliment to your friends or family and word of mouth is everything, it’s the #1 source of advertising. Having Billboards does not mean anything except that you are advertising your product. The key to successful advertising is gaining a new customer and having that customer return. I personally don’t know anyone who has complimented this event and looks forward to the next one. I can honestly say that the only response I’ve ever heard about these Adultcon events have been negative. These negative responses have come from customers & vendors and not only about the convention, but very negative feed back on the owner Renaud West. I will be the first to say in my opinion that this guy is very rude, disrespectful and a horrible representative of someone doing business in the Adult Industry. I have never met anyone in this entire Industry who is so disliked. So, in return, what does this mean, people don’t support him, they don’t support his conventions. I’m sure by now, you can see it loud and clear that I, Goldie DeWitt & 1DOWN Magazine does not support or Endorse Adultcon, Renaud West, or any of his shows. For the years I’ve worked in this Industry, I’ve found myself becoming an advocate for the Adult Entertainment Industry and I take it personal when I see people like Renaud West trying to come through and suck it for it’s riches and casting a dark cloud over us. The Adult Entertainment Industry needs all the help and support we can get right now and we need people who care and people who care about it’s image inside & out.

I got too much pride & respect to run a Ad in my magazine for someone I don’t respect nor do I support. Renaud West offered me a FREE Booth at this convention but I declined his offer because as a vendor in the past, I was never pleased with the turn out of these conventions and personally I always felt it was just a plain waste of 3 days and even though the booth was free, I still had to pay

my staff & it cost a pretty penny to set up my Booth, ect. I personally know of others that Renaud West offers FREE Booths to, and they too have declined to return after attending in the past. Trust me, just cause it’s FREE, doesn’t mean it’s a good thing!

Walking around this convention (if you really wanna call it that) I saw some of the female Talent sitting behind their booths looking unhappy, pissed off & frustrated. Why? Well, at this convention, MOST ALL of the female models charge $5.00 for you to take a photo of them, even with your own camera! Now this is something that a lot of the customers don’t know about until they point their camera at a model for the first time and then they hear “it’s $5 for a picture”, then the customer says “but I have my own camera” then the models says “it doesn’t matter” then some customers say “that’s ok” then you have this going on all day and now you have a frustrated model and now you have a unhappy customer. Are you gonna return? Are you gonna speak positive on this event? I personally feel that the customer base that comes to this event is there to look and not spend. I can personally say I made very good money as a vendor selling my products at the Erotica LA Convention.

The Erotica LA Convention is the largest Erotic Show in the U.S. and this is the only true Adult Convention if you ask me. I’ve been attending Erotica LA since way back in the day when it was owned by its creator Ron Miller and now as owned by AVN. The customer base of the Erotica LA Convention seems to be filled with people who look forward to this event and come to spend money. It is truly amazing just how many people come out to this event in the 3 days that it’s here once a year. I mean this place is packed and I mean shoulder to shoulder with eager customers walking around snapping pictures of so many models, porn stars, & exotic dancers for FREE! The vendors come out with some serious state of the art booths that really make you feel like you’re in their world for a hot second!

To pay $35.00 for admission to Erotica LA is well worth it in every way, but if you want to attend this event for all 3 days, it will only cost you $75.00, and with the 3 days you will be attending this convention, you will be entertained by Sizzling Stage Shows special performances by Las Vegas sensation, Cirque du Soleil’s ZUMANITY and The John Stagliano’s Fashionista’s, A Tera Patrick Mistress Couture Lingerie Show, fashion shows, the “Hollywood Men” dance revue, tantalizing burlesque shows, and screaming “O” contests. It doesn’t stop there, Erotica LA also offers Educational Seminars and “How To” Workshops daily including The Art of Striptease, The Pleasures & Techniques of Oral Sex, The Art of Burlesque, The Art of Kissing, Tantric Journey, Threesomes 101, and Love Bondage.

This super grand Adult Convention happens only once a year and it’s well worth the wait and this is why this convention pulls in over 45,000 customers in 3 days and has over 300 exhibitors displaying the latest lingerie, clubwear, jewelry, shoes, books, cosmetics, toys, lotions, potions, and DVDs. So, if you are interested in attending this event as an exhibitor for the Erotica LA 2008 convention in June, please visit or contact Bonnie Shapiro at (818) 718-5788 x103 or via email at

Well, Renaud I’m glad this finally made it’s way to you and I’m thankful you took interest in reading it. Renaud, as you will remember walking up to me when I got to your convention and telling me to make sure I give you a very good write up, I want you to know I sure did! I really enjoyed writing this review on your event and if you ask me, I think I really did and good job and I hope you like it as much as I do. I think I did a great job in not using curse words, that was really the hard part! Oh yea, and the next time you wanna call yourself raising your voice at one of 1DOWN Representatives for giving out a 1DOWN business card as we were leaving, I’m sure you will think twice, cause that big mistake you made by stepping to me is something I guarantee you will wish you never did. Sorry if I scared you when I said “fuck you, you slimy two faced piece of shit” to your face, but it was the only thing that came to mind when you got in my face being rude. Being that you referred to me a “big guy with muscles”, I feel kinda bad cause my mom always told me don’t pick on people smaller than me. I got a good way of writing and I want to say thank you for helping bring out my best! No need to use my muscles when I got a bigger brain.

I must say, I always take photos at the events I cover and I also do a review write up, but I must say, this is the longest review I’ve ever written and oddly I didn’t take any photos cause I didn’t see anything that caught my attention. Luckily one of my staff photographers did get a picture of what he saw as the sexiest models at Adultcon. So rest assured Renaud, this review is complete with a couple of models from your event.

So, in closing I would like to say I give Adultcon 2 thumbs DOWN and never will I attend this event as a customer! You’re feed back is needed. I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s always wanted to say something about Renaud West and his events.

To those representing the Adult Entertainment Industry with Class, keep doing what you’re doing and bring your best, cause you represent me and I represent you!

Thank you for your support.


Goldie DeWitt

Blow That Shit Out

How was your weekend? Well, to be honest with you, mines was pretty fucked up, but hey I made it through and life is filled with ups and downs. No matter how much you put into anything, no matter how good you try to be at what you do, no matter what, “IT DONT MATTER”. I really find it amazing on how careless mutherfuckers are now a-days. I swear I am not supposed to being living in this era. I feel like I got misplaced in the time machine. I think I should be in an era when RESPECT was a way of living and CODE was a lifestyle. I would say that I am not the type of person who gives excuses and I don’t except them. Over the past few years, I’ve had some really punk ass situations that I’ve had to deal with from some real square ass mutherfuckers. It’s situations like these, if back in the day, I would have handled these issues with no second guessing, but it just ain’t that easy no more. Now a-days when some fucked up shit happens, you gotta just SWALLOW IT or BLOW THAT SHIT OUT. Believe it or not, those are the first 2 things you do, one or the other before you make a major decision that could effect the rest of your life. I’ve been pretty successful with being able to “Blow that shit out”, and get past it, rather than “swallow it” and let it marinate inside of me and poison me. It ain’t easy, but it’s the only choice that’s gonna keep me making the right decision. But it sucks when your just straight up sick and tired of some bullshit and you really wanna SMASH a mutherfucker who did some bitch ass DISRESPECTFUL shit. This is where I just wish you could step to a fool and just say “you fucked up, and I need you to man up and take this ass whippen like a man with out getting 1TIME involved”. Now that’s CODE, when someone understands that DISRESPECT is unacceptable and the repercussions are mandatory and you have to face it. But nope, times have changed and fools just think they can say “I’m sorry” and all is good. Hell NO, it ain’t that easy, cause now a-days if a mutherfucker is doing dumb shit, trust me, your not the first or the last person their gonna apologize to. So, now you gotta be the bigger person and just “BLOW THAT SHIT OUT” cause you know anything you do outside of that will directly land you in jail. So, you give the mutherfucker a pass, and it makes it look like you did nothing. So, you just find yourself waiting for the day to hear something happened to this ass hole so you can feel some joy of redemption. Life ain’t easy, so you better make sure you “BLOW THAT SHIT OUT“.Well, on a totally separate note, I would like to say thank you very much to everyone for all your support on the article I wrote on “AdultCON”. The response has been incredible and I look forward to the continued response as the article makes it way to everyone’s computer across the globe. If you still haven’t check it out, you gotta read it, it’s below this Blog.

Sunday was my all day outing day. I went to the DUB Car Show at the LA Convention Center to do some networking and get some photos. It was pretty cool, lots of people like always, and it was really cool that I had several people come up to me to compliment me on the article I wrote on AdultCON. They all had horror stories on their first visit and never returned. After walking around for a while I was ready to bounce but I told myself I had to get at least one pic with somebody before I left and guess who came walking by with security? Kim Kardashian and her sisters. She spoke and I did my best to my eyes at shoulder level cause her ass was literally JUMPING out of her skirt! Her sister Khloe jumped out and wanted to take a picture with me before I had to look like a dork and ask, so I was like cool. Khloe is a banger also!

Well, after we left the DUB show, I got a call from Heth over at Wicked asking me to come by the Wicked “Coming Home” release party if I was in the area, and I said for sure! The party was really cool and it was a trip to see all this real army shit like a real Tank, grenade launchers, bombs, and all kind of shit actual military shit they rented as props for the party. It was really a nice set up and a cool ass party and once again I would like to say thank you Heth for the invite!

Well, that’s about it for me, and thank you for reading all of this. In closing, I just want you to do your best and make the right choice when dealing with some fucked up shit, just remember to “BLOW THAT SHIT OUT”.

Much respect,

Goldie DeWitt

Copyright 2007, 1DOWN©

Goldie The Porn Director

Goldie DeWitt, Owner of 1DOWN Entertainment has been heavily involved in the Adult Entertainment Industry since 1996. Starting and a Agency with party girls for bachelor parties was how Goldie put 1DOWN on the map. Known for having some of the funniest, sexiest ladies in the party scene, Goldie’s girls were responsible for just about any and every bachelor party throughout the Inland Empire and stretching out to the greater Los Angeles areas. With the popularity of his girls reaching the porn industry, Goldie then found himself supplying girls to a few porn producers and this would soon open up new doors and opportunities. Working with so many Exotic Dancers, Goldie found himself inside the strip clubs a lot, but being able to see through all the tits & ass, Goldie saw something the Strip Club Industry really needed, a magazine! So, Goldie launched his very own 1DOWN Magazine to the Strip Clubs and they loved it. It’s filled with exclusive photos from all the club contest, fun interviews, exclusive photos from xxx porn stars featuring at selected clubs, and some of the best articles you could ever read, written by yours truly, Goldie. Now that 1DOWN Magazine has made it’s name part of the Strip Club Industry, Goldie still wanted to bring more, so in 2004 he rewarded the strip clubs in Southern California with his very own 1DOWN Strip Club Awards. This was the first time in history in Southern California that this has ever been done and the response was incredible! He was really letting nothing stop him from showing everyone why he is the KING of Strip Clubs!

Now coming into his 12th year, he says now it’s time to get bizzy! “I’ve always respected the Adult Entertainment Industry and I’ve always gave it my best and never once have I turned my back on it. It has been good to me and just like everything in life, you have ups & downs, but even the downs are better than most peoples ups who aren’t in this Industry. The key to survival in this Industry is simple, Never give up and Run your business and don’t let the business run you. I got into this Industry because I wanted to make money! I was no where near broke when I got into the industry, I just wanted to make more money doing something I would enjoy and something I could grow into and make a name for myself and make history! I wanna immortalize the name 1DOWN with Adult Entertainment. I want people to see me as a positive force, I want people to remember me and speak on me as they speak on Greek Gods many years from now when ever a mention of Strip Clubs or Porn is spoken. It’s important for me to protect my name and keep a positive spirit in myself and with my work. I want people to look forward to working with me and my company. I enjoy bringing joy to peoples life and seeing a smile on their face that I’m responsible for. I remember way back in 1988, 20 years ago when I first met Mr. Marcus, several years before he got into the industry and over the years, wehave stayed the best of friends, I was in his wedding and he was in mine. I just wrote him a check for staring in one of my movies and that made me feel good to be able to provide for a friend. Another long time friend that I knew before she got into the industry is Olivia O’Lovely who will be retiring in June 2008 and I wish her the best as she steps out and I step in. I also just shot Olivia in 1DOWN Unlocked #3 and it was another good feeling to write a check to a dear friend.

Starting 1DOWN Films feels like something I’ve always wanted to do but little did I know it. I enjoy being creative behind a camera. I’ve always had a natural talent for getting people to do fun, wild,, freaky ass shit on camera! When the Spearmint Rhino blessed me with the opportunity to provide them a Interracial line, I kinda felt like it was a dream come true. I was like wow, this is serious business now. It’s time to bring my “A” game. I’m so ready for this, that I almost feel like I wasted the last 12 years doing other stuff, but timing is everything and everything happens for a reason. Over the past 12 years I’ve learned a lot and with this knowledge I feel I’m a head of most people who are already in the porn industry. I look forward to bringing a new look to Interracial Porn. I say Interracial Porn because thats the way it’s titled, but honestly that’s not the way I see it. I just see a black guy fucking a white girl. My wife is White and when we have sex, we don’t call it Interracial Sex, we just fuck. When I go to a night club, there’s not a room for Interracial dating or dancing, but crazy thing about Porn, it’s kinda segregated in it’s own way, and it’s time some 1 say’s hey, let’s just fuck!

I am very attracted to the Gonzo world of adult movies. I look forward to bringing you hard fucking, sexy people and fun shit you will only see and expect from 1DOWN. I look forward to having very attractive white girls shoot with very attractive black guys and I will keep my titles simple such as 1DOWN Unlocked #1, #2, #3 and so on. I personally don’t see white chicks as slutty cock suckers and I don’t see black guys as thugs, & gangsters. No disrespect to the current titles out there now, it’s your world. It’s just not my flavor and my goal is to bring a new level of respect & class to the “interracial porn.”

Goldie DeWitt

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