PLEASE READ THIS….. It’s important.

Okay, but in closing to the post from yesterday in regards to the guy I met from New Orleans. I just wanna say that I hold no judgment against the man I met and why he chose to relocate. I wish him the best and I commend him on wanting to relocate to try to change his life for the better. I can only go off what he told me. Some people I meet and will forget them within moments but this guy I will forever remember the smallest details of everything I saw on him and in his spirit and the sound of his voice and his hand shake.

On the flip side my post drew the attention of someone  that wasn’t feeling my post and what i said. I don’t expect everyone to understand me and agree with me but I do expect everyone in my house to show a certain level of respect for me and my guest. If that’s too much to ask from you, then you must go. I sit back and Is observe who my most jealous & hater type feedback comes from and unfortunately it tends to be from my very own skin colored people. Not all, just some and funny thing those jealous ones have no business in being in my business. They wanna say something rude to use it as a stage to bring some popularity to their meaningless life. I ignore so much of all the shit I hear but I don’t dismiss it. You gotta us it as something to keep you on your toes. Never get comfortable.

Black people only make up 5% of California’s population but that 5% is divided up into over 15 sections. If you think I’m lying, you ain’t black! If you think I’m lying, you gonna be dying from trusting the wrong mutherfucker.

I feel sorry for you folks in life, on the set, who blinded by the glitter, the fake gold, the loud music, the salvage titled bikes, the fake brotherhood, the fake sisterhood, and the fakeness. I’m not calling it all fake, I’m calling out the same fake that the OG’s see that’s fake. Don’t shit on my name for saying this, before you ask a OG from The Set or The Streets is what I’m saying Certified. I am no rookie to this shit. I been around real deal shit my whole life. So you best believe I know a fucking phony when I see one. And a phony hates being put on blast by a real mutherfucker. So that’s why I just choose not put myself around phony chump ass mutherfuckers. They really starting to out number the good dudes. Why? Misery loves company. So I find myself doing what’s good for me and my dudes and we just stick to ourselves, stay in our own lane, and keep it private. It works better for us that way.

Hate and jealousy is running rampant in the black community, it’s unfortunate that it’s causing blacks to turn away from each other but nobody is bold enough to admit it. But you get some black people alone and they will shit and smut black folks name and the culture through the mud! But you get that black person around some other blacks, and it’s all pro black for the moment! That’s that bullshit and that’s the mutherfuckers you need to watch out for. I say what I say and I mean what I say. My actions take the place of my words at times and some times my words take place of my actions. I don’t need to be fake about shit. I don’t need to be fake to get money from you, I don’t need it. I don’t need to be fake to have you as a friend. I don’t need to be fake to get some pussy. Who I am is who I will always be and becoming stronger. If you don’t like me, that’s your loss not mine. I will always come out on top if you privilege me with a face to face situation. To get a man from the back is nothing to be proud of, but cowards live by no rules, so this is why some OG’s make very calculated decisions on where they go and who they surround themselves with.

There are some strong positive black men out there in life & on the set, but unfortunately some people are being mislead by the fakes. You need to open your eyes and see who else is following that person or loving that person as much as you are. Are you the only one?

I take life very serious. If you got a problem with me, then turn the fucking channel. If i don’t like you, you best believe I will never never look at you, speak on you, attend any of your events, or put myself or my folks in a unhealthy situation.

I am a positive dude but I don’t take no shit when it comes down to it. I get shit done. I make shit happen. I produce and i am a provider. I do everything I say I’m gonna do! To those that know me, you know this to be true.

Fake bitches and fake niggas need to stop following fake mutherfuckers thinking you doing something when the only thing you doing is contributing to the rapid self destruction of the black culture. You mutherfuckers making it hard for real solid loyal black folks to be trusted by folks in this world THAT MATTER!

So if you a so called real mutherfucker, it’s funny how you keep yourself surrounded by mutherfuckers doing less than you. Step out and step yo game up and put yourself around some real mutherfuckers that can elevate you and make you reach for the TOP OF THE TREE.

My name is Goldie DeWitt and these are all my words that I stand behind with no regret or shame.

You don’t like what I said, then your problem is within yourself, not with me.



Just met a dude at the supermarket right now from New Orleans. Face neck hands head tattooed up. I walk up to him and said u from the south? And he said u already know! I said u relocating he said you already know. He said he ain’t trying to die like them dudes down there so he grabbed his chick and bounced. They been staying in a hotel. Dude was for real them dread hair, face tattooed, killers u see on TV. He was cool as fuck. I saw no LA SWAG in him. No california black dude swag. He had a completely different get down. Dude was was a straight gunner but very respectful. …. just sharing a moment I just had with a man who is in transition with his life. – GOLDIE