TAKE IT FROM ME: by Goldie Dewitt

If you feel someone doesn’t respect you;
They don’t!
If you feel someone doesn’t care about your feelings; 
They don’t! 
If you feel someone doesn’t appreciate your help;
They don’t! 
If you feel someone has lost interest in you;
They have!
If you feel it’s time to do something about it;

***Some wise words for someone out there who’s been trying to figure something out.

Goldie DeWitt


The best I can give on avoiding DEATH and avoiding JAIL:

Don’t steal from another person.
Don’t drink and drive.
Don’t fuck another man’s woman.
Don’t sell drugs.
Don’t hit someone first, cause u mad.
Learn to walk away.
Learn to leave early.
Learn to forgive. 
Learn to say I’m sorry.
Learn to love.
Learn to smile.
Learn to say Thank you.

IF YOU DO SOMETHING against the law and there are witnesses, YOU WILL BE CAUGHT. YOU WILL CATCH A CASE. People give statements, and cameras are everywhere.


If you dating someone and you feel you gonna eventually kick their fucking face in! You need to leave them now because eventually you will do it.

There are a lot of things in life that you can do that are positive and productive that you can do to give you the same high if not better than things people do that are Negative.

No body can make you do better in life. The closest thing somebody can do is give you advice.

I don’t personally know 98% of the people on my facebook, but I hope my words and my msg can help 100% of the people on my facebook.

If these words got to you today, it was meant to be. You might not know why now but it will make sense sooner or later but this will benefit your life.

God bless,



**Stay out of other people’s business and affairs.
**Pay no attention to what others have to say about you.
**Assume everything you say over the phone is recorded. 
**Assume everything you say in a private text is screen shot. 
**Pay close attention to your surroundings at all times! Do not allow anyone into your personal blind spots!
**Do not assume just because someone shook your hand, they like you. Cause unfortunately that’s the same hand they plan on stabbing you in the back with.
**Don’t base your friendship with someone based on how you made them feel after you did something for them, but rather how they responded to you when you were not able to do for them.

What works for me might be overkill for your lifestyle but it’s necessary for me. Each 1 Teach 1. It’s the 1DOWN way.



“I have nothing to hide, but everything to protect!”

If you think life is changing, you are so wrong. LIFE HAS CHANGED!!! Nothing can be done the way it used to be done. You must agree with the transition and make immediate modifications in your personal life. If you think you don’t, you are dead wrong! 

The future we all talked about is TODAY, it’s right now, it’s what you woke up to this morning.

**Females need to tighten up on every level.
**Men need to be careful on every level.
**Everyone need to do everything you can to eliminate absolutely any police contact you can. The best way is to keep it clean and keep it legit. DON’T GET CAUGHT UP!

Be more defensive on meeting new people. Meeting new people is not cool anymore. It was cool when Myspace was hot. Now it’s more dangerous than fun. See what I’m saying now. The old way is not safe anymore. You have to make changes to adapt to what’s current and what’s gonna keep you alive and out of jail.



A chick I ain’t heard from in like 14 years wanna call my phone at 11:50pm from a RESTRICTED number and leave a voice mail saying “hey whats up answer your phone!” So 2 minutes later my phone rings again from a RESTRICTED number and I answer it and she says “hey what’s up what you doing?” I’m thinking to myself, BITCH WHY THE FUCK YOU BACKDOOR CALLING ME!?… So I say to her “why you calling from a restricted number and I ain’t heard from you in so many years!” She says “yea I know, it’s just like that.” My response “No bitch, it ain’t. I gotta go. I don’t answer restricted numbers and calling me on some random shit don’t fly with me. Gone!”

This is a prime example of that SUCKA ASS SHIT sorry ass dudes fall for. Bitch you out the game and if you thought you could pop up out of nowhere and get Put Back On, bitch you dead wrong! Sorry ass pussy hungry weak dudes be making some of these chicks think they pussy is the solution to everything. Fuck no it aint. I’m that nigga who can do something most men can’t. I TURN DOWN PUSSY!

Don’t let NOBODY male or female think they can just contact you on their own free will when ever they want to. Fuck that! Cut that conversation short and think back on why you ain’t missed having contact with them in the first place.


Life has moved you…. ain’t no telling what the fuck that person is involved with. What ever the fuck it is. You don’t need it. You been doing just fine. Obviously it’s something they need or want from you. SO FUCK THAT, YOU GOT NOTHING FOR THEM!!!




Thats me on my 18th birthday just a couple weeks before I graduated High School in 1990. I look back and I smile and reminisce at the good times I had in High School all 4 years! I did just about everything I wanted. I played 4 years of High School football, I was Home Coming King, I was the most popular kid in High School all for years I was good friends with all the pretty girls & popular girls, I had a down ass crew called “Just Loced Posse”, I got passing grades, I graduated, and of yea, almost forgot, I was SMASHING my High School teacher! She was bangin with a phat ass booty! I look back now, and I say DAM I FUCKED UP!! I should have smashed every single chick in high school that had a crush on me, but nope, I didn’t cause I liked older chicks. I kinda looked at them girls at that time as kinda young and immature. My mind back then was on making money and elevating my matureness. But, I will admit, one of the girls in this photo I did “SMASH” and if you know anything about “my type” I’m sure you can figure it out.

Some people on my profile have known me since High School and for them, I’ve pretty much grown up into the man they figured I would. They know me from the root and when we see each other, on a random crossing, it’s like time has stood still. But for those that have just came across me, it’s kinda difficult for them to understand me not knowing anything about me or my background.

Popularity is nothing new for me. Fame is nothing new for me. Being a positive giving humble boy allowed me to grow into being a positive humble man. I had no idea what type of life style was in store for me 28 years ago with 4 of those years being high school, but now looking back at some pics in my youth, I can see God was training me and getting me ready.

Things haven’t changed much in how I live my life & navigate through life. I was groomed to pass up pussy and keep my mind on making money and elevating my matureness. I cherish all my friend from high school and I have not 1 enemy. I have a positive relationship with each person in these photos filled with love & respect.

Some people just wanna floss on what they have now and too embarrassed to speak on their past. I have nothing to be ashamed of. My past is what made me and groomed me. I want you to be able to see just how long I been “IN THIS LANE.”

As the saying goes, “I’M TRUE TO THIS, NOT NEW TO THIS.”

“Getting yo attention since 1986″ at 14 years old!!!


In this gym pumping hard expanding my muscle fibers and pumping blood through my veins! For any man that express hate or jealousy towards me via 3rd party, but never to me face to face you best know that is a sign of weakness.” For any man that wants to act HARD before we ever had the chance to formally meet, you my friend are a coward. You failed at being a man. You showing me your fangs from a distance let’s me know I have intimidated you and you are responding by showing your tuff side which is a sign of weakness.

You are not my enemy. You are your worst enemy. You must feel confident in yourself before you can ever feel confident with anyone greater than you. You must be willing to be taught, and you must be hungry for the next level.

I learn something new everyday. People think and want to assume I have everything. You are wrong! I need advice, I need direction, I need the same tools and resources you need for me to stay alive and healthy. We all need eachother.

My motorcycle club is not typical. We are more of a family to each other than our blood family but it can’t replace our blood family cause as they say, blood is thicker than water. But in some cases, a man’s MC is truly all he has, so to him, it is his blood family.

I fear no man, I love all God’s children but I don’t trust all God’s children.


People watch me and they critique everything I do. So I have no choice but to present everything I do at TOP NOTCH. At this level in the game some people tend to look for my faults in my work vs my accomplishments. I’m okay with that because it only makes me better and allows me to come harder next time.

DON’T BE SCARED TO BE YOU! If a mutherfucker don’t accept you for being you, fuck em!

If you are a FULL PATCH MEMBER of a MC and a puck bitch fag mutherfucker so called coward SUPPORTER of another club wants to lowkey hate but too scared to join the club they so called support, fuck that puto! And don’t even waste your time on him. That’s the snitch coward bitch that will have you sitting on a court case while he’s back out there being a fake buster with his vest and no patches on his CLUB STYLE DYNA or other wanna be looking like he in a club Harley but not in a recognized motorcycle club or any club at all.


Here is my real life advice:

**if it’s trash talk via internet: delete it or don’t respond.

**if it’s trash talk in real life: just walk away safely if you can leave the situation without bringing any physical contact to the situation upon you trying to exit.






Okay so back in 2004 I purchased a Bar in Chino Hills, CA from a old man named Juan. He was the Owner of the Brazilian BBQ. I turned it into the 1DOWN LOUNGE & GRILL. I was there for a few years. It was on Chino Hills Parkway & Pipeline. When I came to Chino Hills, they wasn’t ready for me or what I was about to bring! To be honest with you Chino Hills was a bit awkward for me in the beginning as well.

When I bought the place i noticed there were no black customers at all that came in. I also noticed the regulars were not settled with the new Ownership and me being black was not part of their program. Not calling all them racist, but it was a shocking change for them to deal with. I had this older White lady come in simply to tell me that I am currently the 2nd Black business owner in Chino Hills ever! The first black owner for 30 years at the time was Mr Woods who owned Chino Hills Ford. **R.I.P. Mr. Woods died in 2010, he committed suicide at his dealership. She didn’t buy anything, she just wanted to send me a message. Next came the White boys pulling up in the big lifted trucks with the huge Confederate Flags attached to a tall pole flying high! This shit was fucking weird and I felt like I was in the 1950′s as a black man in Alabama who just opened up a Shoe Shine shop.

I took over Ownership on a Tuesday and on my first Saturday of business the first fight took place. Guess with who? Yup, me and some local asshole who I soon learned was the local “Bar Bully”. It was closing time and he was told to drink it up and time to head out. He was waiting for that moment so he could get cocky. He told my server he wasn’t leaving until the Owner told him to leave. So, my server came & got me. He tells me “you may own tis place but he runs it.” I said nothing back to him except “It’s time to leave.” He looks at me and pulls out a photo and says “you see that guy in the picture? he’s a cool dude(it was himself), and you are a bitch!” He had NO idea what the fuck he just did, so I told him “Ok, well it’s time for you to go, and I advise you NOT to put your finger on me again as he pointed at me to my chest while he called me a bitch. So, he looks at me again and he says “you are a bitch and he put his finger on me in a threatening way and I immediately felt threatened and felt as if my life was in danger so I felt the only thing I could do at that moment was defend myself, so I swung with a Left and I punched him in the face, then I immediately swung with a right to his face again and he drop. He fell right in front of me facing me and he reached to grab my shoe so I gave him my shoe to his face as if I was kicking the winning field goal! He then completely flattened out on the floor! I went to kick him again out of rage but a off duty cop grabbed me! I had NO fucking idea this dude was a cop. He grabbed the guy and dragged him outside, but as the guy was being dragged out, his bitch ass smiled at me and pulled out his cell phone calling THE POLICE. I was fucking amazed! This bitch ass tuff guy faggot mutherfucker starts shit, gets served and then he calls the police! Well, to my defense, the people that saw the situation helped as a witness, and the off duty cop in plain clothes helped as a witness. The criminal charges of “Assault” against me were dropped, but the mutherfucker filed a Civil suit against me. This mutherfucker was after some money! I got my Attorney involved and his Civil suit was soon dropped. BUT i learned a lot from that. That very next day I hired some of my homies that love to PUT IN WORK, nothing but some BIG BLACK GOONS!! They worked the door and handled the Security. I made sure my hands didn’t touch nobody! No more bar bullies, no more confederate flags, no more “No Gooder” type people were welcomed to the 1DOWN LOUNGE & GRILL. I totally remodeled the place and very soon generated more business to that bar location than that place had ever seen in history!! The police made it a point to let me know this. Funny thing, some of the “No Gooders” who were purged in the beginning came back to give a formal apology to ask if they could please get a second chance. I told them sure, keep it cool. BUT not the mutherfucker who got his ass whooped, he disappeared and even his homies turned on him from embarrassment.

It was fun times in Chino Hills. Always had the best mix of people having a great time, Whites, Blacks, Mexicans and others. No color line, just fun fun fun!!

You best believe when someone says I think I heard of 1DOWN or GOLDIE, there is only 1 they talking about. From Strip Clubs, Bars, 1DOWN Magazine, 1DOWN MC, 1DOWN Biker Supply House, 1DOWN Unlocked Porn, Rollin’ With Goldie Porn, 1DOWN VIP CARD, since 1996 I’m still here putting in work and putting it DoWN for over 18 years!! I’m still young and I’m still growing. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!!

Part of my success is learning from my own mistakes as well as others.

Keeping my hands clean. Thanks for reading. 





You chicks need to stop what you doing right now and pay attention to every word I have to say to you. I’ve spoken on this before but it’s reached that time and I must speak on it again.

I’m not gonna cut no corners, I’m not gonna sugar coat anything, I’m not gonna hold back on what words I use. So if you don’t wanna hear the truth, you need to stop reading 5..4..3..2..1.. right now!


LADIES stop looking for love. You not gonna find it. You not gonna find it on Facebook. I find myself feeling a bit sorry for Females now a days. Not all, but some, and some of you don’t see it cause you in denial and you don’t look in the mirror. Don’t look for love… love will find you when you least expect it. If it’s meant for you. Not everyone will be blessed with finding that special person. Some people will live a life having many different special people. It is what it is, and you will just have to learn to work with what comes your way.

Many Females right now claiming they looking for a good man. A man that they can marry. A man that’s gonna be a good father. A man thats gonna take care of them. I man that aint gonna cheat.

Ladies let me be the first man to tell you straight up and to your face. My name is Goldie DeWitt and I make it a point to surround myself with good-looking men that are all financially stable and got a good head on their shoulders. I don’t know of 1 man that is looking to get married or looking to have a kid. I don’t know 1 man that’s looking to find a chick he can take care of and he be the bread winner of the household. And as far as cheating, I don’t know and never met 1 man in my life who has never had thoughts of another woman even though he may already have a woman.

I trip out on these Females that troll the internet/social media sites Facebook, Instagram low-key flirting and you see them same chicks on a gang of other dudes sites leaving the same mushy comments from profile to profile. Then they disappear and you see they all hugged up with someone they found on the internet. Then a couple months later you see her posting stuff about being strong and “just doing her” and religious and spiritual stuff. OMG just stop!


Ladies, here is about the only thing you gonna get on Facebook. You gonna get DICK. Don’t get LUST twisted with LOVE. A dude will sing and dance to your song to get the pussy and once that’s done, so are you. NO DUDE IS LOOKING TO MEET NO CHICK AND SETTLE DOWN!!!! Fuck no!! Okay maybe 2 men out of 100. So take your chances! Basically out of the 100 men you fuck only 2 of them would have been potential keepers, but unfortunately you so fucked up now from not trusting men, you made it very hard for him to get close to you.

LADIES, listen to me. It’s 2014 and MEN are not looking to settle down for nothing. Females are putting themselves out there in the most sexual way ever. PHAT ASS BOOTY, see through clothes, short shorts, booty injections, and using sexual attraction to get attention at every level. Whites, Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Middles Eastern people all fucking and sucking each other. Interracial SMASHING at an all time high and increasing everyday!! THE FLOOD GATES ARE WIDE OPEN!!!

If a MAN has a woman and you wanna fuck with him, you best know he aint gonna leave his woman. If he does leave his woman, you best believe he will soon leave yo ass too. So kick the fuck back and appreciate having yourself a good dude and just be the best Sidechick you can be. If you want more, then you should have never got involved with him from the start.

If you find yourself a good looking MAN who is single, you just might find out he really does have a chick or wife. More than likely he been single for many many many years and there is a reason for it. So don’t put all your apples in 1 basket trying to tie him down. This dude is a wild free spirit and you will not like him once he is caged. It’s like caging a American Bald Eagle, their wings are mint to spread and sore for miles and miles a day!

Ladies, the way things are now a days, you just need to throttle down on the emotions and toughen up cause over the next few years things are gonna get tough cause your worst enemy is not other females, it’s yourself. I say yourself cause females are so lost right now they searching everywhere for just about anything that will give them some attention and make them feel loved and wanted and unfortunately it’s a short run each time, so they find themselves constantly jumping from one man to the next. Ladies think people don’t know but people do. People talk, people pay attention, and unfortunately even your best friend tells your business. It’s their way of making themselves feel better than you.

**No dude is looking to get married just cause he fucked you.
**No dude wants a kid just cause you got pregnant.
**No dude wants to take in a broke bitch with kids.
**No dude wants a good looking chick who is a boring whacked ass fuck.

**A super down ass chick who respects the program.
**Stays in her lane.
**A chick who can fuck, cause it makes up for her looks.

IF YOU ASK ME, “GOLDIE DEWITT” I’ve come to my own conclusion that the more cosmetic surgery a woman has, THE MORE FUCKED UP IN THE HEAD SHE IS. FAKE Lips, FAKE tits, ass injections, name brand expensive cloths, name brand expensive purse, expensive shoes, heavy Mac make-up, etc.. I’m NOT saying all these chicks are fucked up, but I’m saying MOST of them are damaged and NEED SO MUCH ATTENTION just to get through their day. These chicks are high maintenance in the worst way and they have a very short attention span in love & life. That chick is a more like a BUSINESS and you are just a short time investor until she finds her real sugar daddy or until she finds another one!

FEMALES YOU BETTER LEARN SOMETHING FROM THIS!! And I know plenty of you females know of your own friends that I am describing and as some of you read this, their are people thinking of you and hoping YOU are reading this!

Even you FAT cute chicks out there trolling Facebook, you know dam well you stand out like a sore thumb. If you don’t I’M HERE TO TELL YOU RIGHT NOW!!! Everybody see yo ass. Stop with the sweet talk thinking you really getting to know a dude via Facebook that you would have never spoke to in person. He gonna jive talk with yo ass but once he smash it’s a wrap! And oh so sad for you cause you thought it was something else. NOPE!! Oh you best know I’ve always been attracted to a more over weight woman than underweight. So me saying Fat is no different than me calling a woman skinny.

YES, I understand that some Females are out getting their FUCK on just like some dudes, and those are the loneliest bitches in the word!! And YES I am fully aware that A LOT OF DUDES ACT LIKE SOME SORRY ASS WEAK BITCHES!!! I can’t stand them sorry mutherfuckers!! THIS IS part of my whole point, you females got it tough out there. So I’m just letting you know BE MORE CAREFUL on how you represent yourself and be careful on who you fuck with. Fucking with the wrong dude can FUCK YOU UP FOR LIFE!! And then you wonder why you can’t find a good dude…. maybe it’s because YOU are damaged material and little do you know you tend to make all your relationships very challenging cause it’s hard for you to trust any man.


Congratulation and now you can go into this weekend with a new approach to life & dating.

Thanks to your #1 and the realist UNCUT raw mutherfucker you ever had the privilege of knowing:

Mr. Goldie DeWitt

P.S. YES you can share this.