Live to Live Long

EVERY DAY you better pay focus to:
Eating healthy.
Going to the gym.
Surrounding yourself around positive people.
Have no contact with negative people.
Not breaking the law.
Not getting a ticket.
Not getting pulled over.
Not arguing with anyone.
Not threatening anyone.
Not hating anyone.
Keeping everything about yourself legit.
Making sure you are ready for tomorrow.
Not doing anything that would cause you to end up in jail or the hospital, if not in the name of Self Defense.


“You better have a game plan when you hit them streets cause this is THE GAME OF LIFE, and in this game some people die when they loose. So play to win!” -Goldie DeWitt

Much love.



I like big butts. I like thick females. I been liking big butts and thick females since the early 1980’s when i was a kid, way before it became the social fad it is today. For the record, I liked “Thick-Boned” girls before FAT girls became Thick girls.

It’s unfortunate what the internet has done to something I’ve always had an attraction to. The internet has become the platform or should I say the Stage for females of every Color, Nationality, Size, and Shape to shake their ass and show their ass! At first it was something spectacular to see on my computer & cellphone as I trolled through Myspace, the Internet, and Facebook, but now things have changed.

To see a thick sexy very attractive female on the internet or to see a big booty chick on the internet is nothing incredible anymore. There is so much ass shaking and big booty videos everywhere that I have officially found myself not looking at them and skipping over videos that I would have paid money to see back in the day.

THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!! Trust me when I say this. The female body should not be over looked at any level. I say this because females are playing themselves out the game all on their own. They’ve become their own worst enemy and their own competition! They’ve changed the game to where there is no more competition for a man to get a woman’s attention, the females are now just throwing the pussy out 24/7 for free, just to be recognized.


I am 111% full man and I love the female body, scent, and feel. Nothing homosexual about me at all. **I felt some of you might needed to hear that incase you sitting there getting shit twisted.

Females need to slow down. Stop publicly posting so much about what your body has to offer and what you can do with it if you are not in the Adult Entertainment Industry. Females are watering the game down and you are single handedly drowning yourselves in your own poison and when you thinking you bossin’ up on another chick with your looks to get that dude, the jokes on you cause all he wanted to do was FUCK and bounce. Why? Cause he saw you for what you represent yourself as…ENTERTAINMENT.

Ladies listen; it’s good to be sexy and have a bangin’ as body, but when you dumb as a fucking rock, and all you got to offer is some pussy…. you ain’t worth shit! That’s why you are amazed at your ex dude fucking that so called “fat bitch”. Well, that fat bitch can hold conversation, she don’t have all male friends, and she don’t need attention from everyone around her.

So ladies if you wanna show something attractive, you need to work on your inner self and let that speak for you cause right now you not being seen if all you got is a big butt and a funky attitude.

Much love,

GOldie DeWitt