Black Love

So… I’m at the light in traffic. I look to the left and I see these two black sisters dressed professional in a Mercedes Benz looking at me. So I smiled and one of them said “you got on a bowtie, where you going?!” I said “I’m with The Nation. I am the Maker, the Owner, the cream of the planet Earth. God of the Universe and I’d like to wish both of you beautiful black Queens a good evening.”. Both their faces lit up as if they never been greeted like that before and at the same time they said “THANK YOU BLACK KING!!” and then my face lit up with joy as we all drove away feeling beautiful about being black!

I share this with you cause this is what we need more of.


Brother DeWitt X

Called us Gorillas

A White man calls me and my Black brothers Gorillas!! 

I made this guy come give me a refund on something I purchased from him. But over the phone he called me and my brothers Gorillas so we waited for him to show up to confront him on his choice of words. 

FUCK THESE MUTHERFUCKERS! Don’t give them no passes. THESE= Racist people. 

Brother DeWitt X

We at War


The WAR against US is in FULL EFFECT! Your very own Government right here in the United States has has SIGNED-OFF on Homeland Security to Disband the Domestic Terrorism Intelligence Unit. This means the United States has given the GREEN LIGHT to allow White Supremacist to continue with their acts of terror and murder against those I listed above, including their own.

So listen up and read this carefully. I am not inciting a war against White Caucasian people. But I am letting it be known that there is a war against Blacks & Browns being attacked by White Supremacist in acts of Terrorism, hate, and prejudice! So I am advising my Black, Brown, and Melanated people to be very alert and keep your eyes wide open to protect yourself and your love ones against those that represent White Supremacy or danger against you and yours.

I have no issue with White skin. I have many black people I love with white skin. Yes, black people can be born with white skin due to the fact that person was conceived from a interracial birth. So that means the dominant gene is the Melanated black African gene so YES that baby is born and recognized as a Black person. It could have bright white skin, nappy hair, freckles, red hair, and a black voice showing you being black is deep rooted from the bone, not just a skin color.

Being White is NOT the problem. Being White and thinking everyone not white is below you is the problem. NOT every White person feels this way, but unfortunately the White Supremacists hide within their own White Caucasian societies until they unleash their acts of Domestic Terrorism against their own local Schools, Malls, Movie theaters, etc.

So how do we the Black & Brown people know the difference between a White Caucasian and a White Supremacist? Do we wait until we find out by getting killed or wounded?

I’m saying it loud and proud as a strong proud fearless black man, FUCK ALL WHITE SUPREMACIST!!

As things continue to go in the direction they going, trust me when I say this, you gonna eventually see White Caucasian people having to choose a side and express it publicly with them saying it themselves “Fuck white Supremacist, I am not a white supremacist” and if they don’t publicly let it be known then that means they support White Supremacy and they will be dealt with!


The reason you see this spike in White Caucasian people acts of Terrorism is because the Caucasian Racist White man’s racist rule has come to a end. The White man who doesn’t support the racist white man will eventually be put to the test when the war hits his front door and he will be confronted to prove who’s side he is willing to fight and die for.

“Keep on playing the middle of you want, but us WOKE Black men already know where you stand and where you will land.”


Brother DeWitt X
“We are at war”

The evil of Slavery

The black man & the black woman who was captured in Africa was a very beautiful and powerful people, beautiful people, very loving people.

The people who were enslaved was systematically destroyed, made, and transformed into a new species. I’m talking to you black people and anyone else listening. I want you to understand black people that your current present condition is not your true original nature. During the 400 hundred years of slavery the racist man systematically produced a new species of human being on the planet. As a black person, God did not create you to have fear of any creature, no fear of any people, and no fear was built into your DNA, but today many black people are frightened and they don’t know why. They have fear and they don’t know why. That is because it was systematically bred into the black man over a 400 year period of slavery and tyranny.

This is something you must understand because many of us who are trying to solve the problems of black people in the contemporary reality we are starting from the brach of the problem when we need to be starting at the root in order for us to understand what has been done to us over a systematic period of time to bring us to the condition we are currently in.

Thanks for reading,

Brother DeWitt X

“Please leave a comment after you read my post. I love reading your comments. Your words could inspire someone else to speak up.”

Black people

*Stop talking bad about your own people.
*Stop making it your duty to bring embarrassment to your own people.
*Stop recording and posting videos that bring shame to your own people. 
*Stop making people think you hate your own skin. 
*Stop looking at your own people with anger. 
*Stop killing your own people. 
*Stop over looking your own people. 
*Stop hating your own people.

READ THIS AGAIN AND LET IT SOAK IN. Yes you are guilty of 1 if not more. WE must reverse this westernized self hating slave minded way of living. We must encourage ourselves to do better for ourselves!

Thank you,

Brother DeWitt X

It’s a slave term

“If you use the word NIGGA in your vocabulary, please don’t use it around me. I don’t give a dam IF YOU BLACK”.

NIGGA is a slave term that was labeled on Black people by Racist Caucasian People. No matter how you dress it up in rap music, or any type way it’s still a Racist word that should not be used in no type way. It shows no class, no respect, no self worth and puts black people in a position to not be taken serious. So please be advised I am letting it be known no matter who you are, no matter what color you are, no matter what other black friends you have, I am the 1 black person you might know directly or indirectly that does not tolerate, accept, or approve of you using The N-Word in my presence!

DeWitt X

Murdering the black man

By: Brother DeWitt X

In America a person is killed every 24 hours.

According to statistics in 1990 a White woman in America is likely to be killed 1 out of every 606 people. The White woman is the safest person in America. A white man is likely to be killed 1 out of every 186. A black woman is likely to be killed 1 out of every 126, but the black man is likely to be killed 1 out of every 21 black men in America to be murdered.

This is something we must be concerned about. From 1 out of 606 to 1 out or 21.

In 1999 the statistics stated that 24% black males were in prison, on parole, or under court supervision.

Can’t you see it for yourself that something is definitely wrong in America where the black male is concerned.

In the Vietnam war the American people lost 55,000 Soldiers killed in combat over a 9 year period. 35% of those killed in the Vietnam war were Black people, yet at the time of the war black people only made up 10% of the total population in America.

Did you know that by one person dying every 24 minutes by the end of the year there will be 23,000 murders and over half of those will be black people. And if we are 35% of the casualties in Vietnam, then that means we are losing more lives on the streets of America in 1 year than we did in Vietnam in 1 year. So in less than 2 years we will have murdered more black people in the streets of America than that was murdered in the 9 years of the Vietnam war. So in all actuality the American black man is living in a war zone! That means it was safer in the war of Vietnam than it is to walk the streets of America!

Looks like THE RICH Americans sends their poor Americans to fight THEIR wars. Poor including poor white people, poor chicano people, black people and any people not recognized as rich. This class of people is the modernized salve system in their eyes.

These statistics were from 1990. Do you think it’s gotten better or worse in 2019? You already know the answer!

Talk to me in the comments below.


Brother DeWitt X

Black History moment

Ethiopian soldiers used lions, bees, wasps, and elephants in wars against colonizers. Ethiopia has never been colonized. They trained these creatures to fight their enemies.

By: Brother DeWitt

There are 54 countries in AFRICA. Out of those 54 countries 52 of them have been colonized. The only 2 countries that were not colonized were Ethiopia and Liberia.

Colonization is the act of setting up a colony away from one’s place of origin. With humans, colonization is sometimes seen as a negative act because it tends to involve an invading culture establishing political control over an indigenous population (the people living there before the arrival of the settlers).

By 1900 much of Africa had been colonized by seven European powers—Britain, France, Germany, Belgium,Spain, Portugal, and Italy. After the conquest of African decentralized and centralized states, the European powers set about establishing colonial state systems.

According to the map, the two European countries that held most control of Africa were the British and the French.

By 1913 about 97% of Africa had been colonized. That’s absolutely horrible!!

Colonialism has impacted the political and economic conditions of the contemporaryAfrica. … Economic wise, African resources are extensively exploited by colonizers, thereby rendering Africa economically weak and looser in its interaction with the global economy.


Brother DeWitt