Strong Black God

I love waking up. It let’s me know God still has work for me here on planet Earth. Every day I groom myself before I step outside to deal with life, and I prepare myself for battle. Today I wanted to represent the POWER of me being a BLACK GOD. I wanna show every single person that see’s me today that I look beautiful representing my own Black culture wearing something that I truly have a spiritual connection to and not only that, but I can actually feel energy from it and it gives me strength and power to stand strong and upright and represent myself with confidence against any man or any situation.

I will be reorganizing my wardrobe replacing my clothes with attire that represents me as strong black man and not representing some European label that don’t give a fuck about me, black people, or the betterment of black people.

EVERYONE has looked like a fool at one point in life, it doesn’t mean you have to make it a lifestyle. God sent you to me for a reason, he knows you a tough cookie and very few influence you or get your attention, so I’m his messenger here to wake you up.


I’m not yo Nigga

I’ve come to realize when you stand and represent yourself as a Proud, Conscious, Woke Black man, people don’t know how to react to you because they know you not the typical Nigga and seeing a Black man as Nigga is the only image they’ve been trained to see a black man as.

No, I am not yo Nigga. I am a Black man, and if you give me the opportunity to groom you on reintroducing myself, you will see me the way God created me to be, Strong, beautiful, peaceful, and intelligent. Not the image of what this Government painted me to be and brainwashed you to believe I was weak, ugly, violent, and dumb. You can see it for yourself, the Government is full of lies.

I’m not better than you, I’m just confident in myself cause I know my self worth. You might feel weak because you running from yourself, don’t know nothing about yourself, and don’t know the truth about yourself. It’s time for you to wake up! Reach for the truth. The truth will bring you strength, life, and peace. These are essentials we need to reproduce our future.

I come from a strong blood line of people. Me being here right now is proof that we made it through 464 years of Slavery from Mississippi dragging this slave last name Vercher with us but that shit is done! You will soon see me divorce myself from that French Slave name. I will reinvent myself with the truth and free myself from the chains of such wicked rule and show all those that are conscious and woke I am standing as a Upright Black man.

I wanna see myself and my name as pure and beautiful, not branded with evidence of Slavery from the past 464 years! Fuck that!

If you non black and you have a issue with seeing me embrace my blackness and want to see unity and peace grow amongst black people, it’s obvious you are racist and you don’t ever wanna recognize a black person as anything else than just a nigga! You are the enemy!


Respond below, I’d love to hear from you. From EVERYONE.

Fuck Facebook

Facebook is on its way out. It’s full of garbage, hate, racist propaganda, and ignorance.

Let’s say my profile here on Facebook is like an Apartment that I’m renting and it feels like at anytime soon I will be moving, so I decided to start clearing out my Apartment so when the time comes, I can simply bounce with ease. So with that being said, I have deleted all my Facebook images as well as my post, getting myself ready and keeping myself prepared to leave from Facebook at anytime with no warning but this being a heads up for you.

Something I’ve learned that’s very important is to not find yourself depending on these social media platforms. These profiles that host your images and videos ARE NOT YOURS and the Policies and Rules are getting more strict every single day.

I’m sure you not ready for this but take my advice and prepare yourself to be able to walk away from your Facebook when it’s time. That time will be THE DAY you simply say FUCK THIS FACEBOOK SHIT. This is the day you will goto your settings and you figure out how to Terminate your account and Bam it’s all over!

We have to tell ourselves the truth, and that is we don’t actually need Facebook but the Government wants us to feel we do cause they actually use it as a form of control. Instant viral social media mind control over millions of people. You gotta be willing to disconnect yourself from it knowing it’s the right thing to do. The biggest reason you use it is to peek into other people’s lives and you can live without that. And you have to accept the fact that you will have to call or text someone directly to get in touch with them and you can do that also.

Well, I hope you take this seriously. Life has changed and things are way different now. Wake up and prepare yourself cause things are in full effect right now.

“Pack yo bags”!

Brother DeWitt

Live your own DNA

I’m seeing so many fake ass, lying, perpetrators EVERY day pretending to be someone they not.

STOP trying to be someone you were not born to be.
STOP trying to be someone you can never be.
STOP thinking just because you can wear someone’s culture it makes you one of them.
JUST CAUSE YOU LIE to yourself in the mirror don’t mean everyone else believes your lie.
REPRESENT THE LIFE GOD BLESSED YOU WITH. He did not make a mistake. Your DNA is who you are! Clothes, shoes, wigs, high heels, or a fake dick have no DNA connection to who you really are.

THE TIME HAS COME and everyone will be put on stage and it’s gonna be FIGHT OR FLIGHT. Nobody will get a free pass! At the end of the day you will see the real on who’s who and where the fuck they really stand and who they really standing with!

You really think you bout that Life, until you have to fight for it, then you will realize the fight ain’t worth it, and it’s just easier to JUST BE THE PERSON YOU WERE BORN AS.

Love yourself and own your shit. Nobody Respects a fake fucker of any race, age, or sex. It’s unacceptable!

Brother DeWitt

In My Opinion

As a Black man, the closer relationship I build with Black people, the further I pull Black people away from being Slave minded under White Supremacy.

BLACK TRUTH has become the new HATE speech that brings fear to White Supremacists and those benefiting under White Supremacy.

You don’t have to be a Black person to support the better treatment of Black people. You don’t have to be Black to promote Black love. So don’t feel shamed for stepping up to defend the rights of Black people and show your love for Black people regardless of what color skin you in. The only reason you find yourself feeling skeptical about embracing Black people is the direct effect this racist Government has contaminated your mind with. Yes I say it and I bring proof and the proof is in our face every day everywhere, the United States of America is a racist run Government and was built from the ground up off the backs of African Slaves for over 460 years. And it’s still in effect today!

BLACK PEOPLE are becoming mentally STRONGER every new day and I am standing proud as 1 of them to say IT FEELS GOOD! *That should make every color skin person feel good about the progress of Black people.

Does speaking positive for the better treatment and positive growth of Black people mean Brother DeWitt is now a racist? Absolutely NOT. Black people can not be racist. Our expression is simply us demanding for justice and fare treatment. When I say Black people can’t be racist, I say that meaning Black people don’t own and control the Schools, Colleges, Prisons, Banks, Military, and Government entities that the Caucasian man owns & controls to use as his racist power grip to control the Black man. So this is where the facts stand that Black people have nothing to be racist against the Caucasian man or any other man. But is the Black man offended, upset, mad, and so forth about being mistreated because of the color of his skin? I can’t speak for all, but I’d say Yes. So when a Black man responds to racism, it doesn’t mean he’s a racist, it’s the guilt of the white Supremacists throwing that label cause he knows he has the power of the media and the support of his racist Government to control the image of the Black man. So I say it again, in my opinion Black people have nothing to be RACIST against Caucasian people. We have survived over 460 years of bettering ourselves! If we were racist, we would be slaughtering those that harmed us every day that harmed us for those 460 years! But lucky for them, all we’ve done is try our hardest to focus on ourselves to better ourselves. But hear this, THEIR RULE HAS COME TO A END!!!

Soldier up Black man & Brown man you have been called to duty!

Brother DeWitt

Black Unity

A black man I know that’s almost 60 years old un-friended me on Facebook claiming I’m going too far with this “pro black stuff”. He told this to a few people I know not expecting it to get back to me. Well it did, immediately!

Normally I confront a MF when I’m privileged to find out who is actually hating on me if I can catch em. Low and behold the day after I got word of this I seen that same man at DMV, and because of my processing in my current lifestyle with me learning more about myself learning to love my Black skin, love myself, love my Black brothers and black sisters I have absolutely no confrontation to press on to that black man. I simply ignored him, and he felt it. I didn’t want to address him in public and bring any shame or embarrassment to my image or the image of black people.(see the screen shot in the comments below of him sending me a Facebook inbox. I won’t respond, but if he calls or comes to talk in person I will address him and he does have my cellphone & address) For me to smash on another black man because he is SLEEP & NOT AWAKE is not the answer to the problem. If I was able to WAKE that man up and have him embrace and love his own blackness, I know for a fact he would then apologize for his wicked words against me that were simply influenced by the corrupt brain washing of this racist Government.

I share this with you cause it’s showing actual process a d development in real life for me to see how far I’ve come in my process. I’ve lived my entire life living a certain way feeling a certain way about my own black people and that has come to a end. I looked at smashing on another black man as “what ever, fu@k that nigga”. I now feel pain in seeing that sentence. I feel pain in knowing any black man could feel that way against me and me feel that way against any black man. I see my black brothers and sisters the way I was always supposed to see them from day was as my family. I see a black man and woman as someone I could never hurt or do any harm to. I see my black brothers and sisters as someone I’m eager to embrace and say hello to every single day especially black people I don’t know and never seen before. I don’t see no black man as a Crip, a Blood, a 1%er motorcycle club member, or anything else before I see him as a Black man first! So by me seeing him as a black man first this allows me to recognize him as my brother before he’s anything else.

I will not promote violence, and I will not be the aggressor towards another man, but I will fight you to the end. Every man has the right to defend himself against an attack. The days of the black man being attacked for being black has come to a end. I will never sit and watch a black man get whooped on by a Caucasian man just cause he’s protected by white supremacy and he’s expecting those blacks standing around to simply stand down cause it’s the slave mind they used to seeing from the black man. I pray that God keeps all Black men safe in my presence cause I will be dam if I ever stand down while a black man gets beat down. NOT ON MY WATCH!! I share this with you cause you need to know you too as a black man and black woman have a duty & obligation to protect your brothers and sisters. And if you dating someone black, you better jump yo ass up to defend yo black love as quick as you jump yo ass in bed becyif black lust!

The stronger I become within myself at being a proud Black God the more I become the greatest friend & brother you were ever blessed to have shared time on Earth with and I don’t care what color you are. My search for the truth to bring it to you will give you the light you need to trust me as you walk with me through this dark wilderness.

The life I live today with embracing my Black people is the most beautiful feeling I’ve ever come to feel and experience. Black unity is the biggest change this world will ever see compared seeing blacks hate on each other. I preach this word to you cause you need to see someone you know or heard of standing Upright and proud of his actions, Brother DeWitt.

Peace and love to all. To all colors and races. You don’t need to be black to show love to black people. We accept all honest love from the heart for the right reason. That reason is for the forward movement and development of black people.

Thank you very much for reading, I’d love to hear from you.

Brother DeWitt

Police will lie

Because of the Fifth Amendment, no one in the U.S. may legally be forced to testify against himself, and because of the Fourth Amendment, no one’s records or belongings may legally be searched or seized without just cause. However, American police are trained to use methods of deception, intimidation and manipulation to circumvent these restrictions. In other words, cops routinely break the law—in letter and in spirit—in the name of enforcing the law. Several examples of this are widely known, if not widely understood.

1) “Do you know why I stopped you?”
Cops ask this, not because they want to have a friendly chat, but because they want you to incriminate yourself. They are hoping you will “voluntarily” confess to having broken the law, whether it was something they had already noticed or not. You may think you are apologizing, or explaining, or even making excuses, but from the cop’s perspective, you are confessing. He is not there to serve you; he is there fishing for an excuse to fine or arrest you. In asking you the familiar question, he is essentially asking you what crime you just committed. And he will do this without giving you any “Miranda” warning, in an effort to trick you into testifying against yourself.

2) “Do you have something to hide?”
Police often talk as if you need a good reason for not answering whatever questions they ask, or for not consenting to a warrantless search of your person, your car, or even your home. The ridiculous implication is that if you haven’t committed a crime, you should be happy to be subjected to random interrogations and searches. This turns the concept of due process on its head, as the cop tries to put the burden on you to prove your innocence, while implying that your failure to “cooperate” with random harassment must be evidence of guilt.

3) “Cooperating will make things easier on you.”
The logical converse of this statement implies that refusing to answer questions and refusing to consent to a search will make things more difficult for you. In other words, you will be punished if you exercise your rights. Of course, if they coerce you into giving them a reason to fine or arrest you, they will claim that you “voluntarily” answered questions and “consented” to a search, and will pretend there was no veiled threat of what they might do to you if you did not willingly “cooperate.”
(Such tactics are also used by prosecutors and judges via the procedure of “plea-bargaining,” whereby someone accused of a crime is essentially told that if he confesses guilt—thus relieving the government of having to present evidence or prove anything—then his suffering will be reduced. In fact, “plea bargaining” is illegal in many countries precisely because it basically constitutes coerced confessions.)

4) “We’ll just get a warrant.”
Cops may try to persuade you to “consent” to a search by claiming that they could easily just go get a warrant if you don’t consent. This is just another ploy to intimidate people into surrendering their rights, with the implication again being that whoever inconveniences the police by requiring them to go through the process of getting a warrant will receive worse treatment than one who “cooperates.” But by definition, one who is threatened or intimidated into “consenting” has not truly consented to anything.

5.) We have someone who will testify against you
Police “informants” are often individuals whose own legal troubles have put them in a position where they can be used by the police to circumvent and undermine the constitutional rights of others. For example, once the police have something to hold over one individual, they can then bully that individual into giving false, anonymous testimony which can be used to obtain search warrants to use against others. Even if the informant gets caught lying, the police can say they didn’t know, making this tactic cowardly and illegal, but also very effective at getting around constitutional restrictions.

6) “We can hold you for 72 hours without charging you.”
Based only on claimed suspicion, even without enough evidence or other probable cause to charge you with a crime, the police can kidnap you—or threaten to kidnap you—and use that to persuade you to confess to some relatively minor offense. Using this tactic, which borders on being torture, police can obtain confessions they know to be false, from people whose only concern, then and there, is to be released.

7) “I’m going to search you for my own safety.”
Using so-called “Terry frisks” (named after the Supreme Court case of Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1), police can carry out certain limited searches, without any warrant or probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed, under the guise of checking for weapons. By simply asserting that someone might have a weapon, police can disregard and circumvent the Fourth Amendment prohibition on unreasonable searches.

U.S. courts have gone back and forth in deciding how often, and in what circumstances, tactics like those mentioned above are acceptable. And of course, police continually go far beyond anything the courts have declared to be “legal” anyway. But aside from nitpicking legal technicalities, both coerced confessions and unreasonable searches are still unconstitutional, and therefore “illegal,” regardless of the rationale or excuses used to try to justify them. Yet, all too often, cops show that to them, the Fourth and Fifth Amendments—and any other restrictions on their power—are simply technical inconveniences for them to try to get around. In other words, they will break the law whenever they can get away with it if it serves their own agenda and power, and they will ironically insist that they need to do that in order to catch “law-breakers” (the kind who don’t wear badges).

Of course, if the above tactics fail, police can simply bully people into confessing—falsely or truthfully—and/or carry out unconstitutional searches, knowing that the likelihood of cops having to face any punishment for doing so is extremely low. Usually all that happens, even when a search was unquestionably and obviously illegal, or when a confession was clearly coerced, is that any evidence obtained from the illegal search or forced confession is excluded from being allowed at trial. Of course, if there is no trial—either because the person plea-bargains or because there was no evidence and no crime—the “exclusionary rule” creates no deterrent at all. The police can, and do, routinely break the law and violate individual rights, knowing that there will be no adverse repercussions for them having done so.

Likewise, the police can lie under oath, plant evidence, falsely charge people with “resisting arrest” or “assaulting an officer,” and commit other blatantly illegal acts, knowing full well that their fellow gang members—officers, prosecutors and judges—will almost never hold them accountable for their crimes. Even much of the general public still presumes innocence when it comes to cops accused of wrong-doing, while presuming guilt when the cops accuse someone else of wrong-doing. But this is gradually changing, as the amount of video evidence showing the true nature of the “Street Gang in Blue” becomes too much even for many police-apologists to ignore.

Don’t post negativity

If you a Black person and you post absolutely anything negative, ignorant, disrespectful, low class, or embarrassing towards black people, you are the reason other races find it okay to pass on the same hateful propaganda!

I have zero tolerance for any Black person that promotes anything ignorant towards black people and I have absolutely no respect for any other race of people that think it’s ok cause they find it entertaining.

Black people need to wake up and understand we are nobodies joke tool. We were not put on Earth to be laughed at, mocked, and made fun of. WE worth way more than that, but unfortunately they want you to think you not good enough to be anything more than that.

If I scroll through my timeline and I see you post anything cruel towards black people that you simply think is funny, I’m gonna delete you. It’s not personal, but Fuck You. Well obviously it is personal. I’m taking it personal that you looking for attention by slandering the image of a black person. I don’t accept that. How bout you show pics or videos of your mom getting kicked in the face by a horse, let’s see how many likes you get with that.

You wanna post something about someone Black, post something positive. Post something that gives black people direction to do better. Post something that shares resources with black people on employment, schools, and building a better family structure.

Black people in this country are taught to hate themselves and not trust other black people. FUCK THIS SYSTEM!! What this country want us to believe as black people is not true. The root of us Black people are very embracing, loving, strong, and kind to each other.

Black people need to look in the mirror and love yourself, then take that outside and love your brother and sister. When you see another Black man today, look at him in his eyes and say “Much Respect Black Man”. Let him know you don’t need to know his name to greet him cause what he is to you first is a black man! We need to acknowledge each other as we recognize each other as what we really are and learn to be proud of it and not be embarrassed of it.

SO, IN CLOSING IF I SEE ANYBODY OF ANY COLOR POST ANYTHING LOW CLASS REGARDING BLACK PEOPLE, I WILL UNFRIEND YOU VIA FACEBOOK. I just don’t wanna see that shit and it let’s me know you are part of the Dead that are still Sleep.

Much love and respect,

Brother DeWitt


The only way we gonna get rid of the N-WORD is to start calling Homosexuals the N-WORD!
I’m talking about the N-WORD that ends with the letter R! We start calling them the N-WORD regardless of what color they are, and I bet you them rich mutherfuckers will create a BILL so fast making it a FELONY to use the N-WORD quicker than you ever seen a BILL created, passed, and enforced!!

Brother DeWitt

Eat less to live longer

We all know looks ain’t everything but when you blessed with something above average, you better do your part in maintaining your blessings. I’ve seen very good looking people male & female who gave up on themselves and lost it all, looking like they been ugly their entire life but actually they were one of the most beautiful people you ever knew. Yes we all get old, but it don’t mean you have to let yourself go. Getting old is a privilege and it’s nothing like seeing a strong healthy good looking confident older man or woman and that’s everything I aim to be and represent. I will be 60 years old in 13 short years. I know cats that are younger than me and they look and act like they 60 years old already! I plan on fucking and having a active kinky buck nasty sex life as a old man so it’s important for me to take care of my body to make sure I got good blood flow to make sure my dick can stand strong at attention when it’s time to bust a move.

Please take care of your bodies male & female. Stop eating so much. It’s not necessary. Cut back on your meals. You don’t need 5 meals or 3 meals a day. Cut back to 2 meals. Something light in the morning and then your last meal between 4-6pm. Drink more water and stay away from Star Bucks! Change your life so you can be proud to post a pic of yourself, your full body and not just yo big ass head cause you to embarrassed to show your body. I’m gonna tell you something serious. “If you don’t take care of your body you will die”. Yes the mathematics add up that easy.

I don’t take all the credit for my looks. My Grandpa, my dad, and my momma gifted it to me and it’s always been up to me to maintain my looks, enhance my looks, and love my looks and myself.

When you happy with who you are, you tend to treat people better. You ever notice how people that hate themselves treat everyone so fucked up!? It’s their defense mechanism to balance their ugly look with their low self-esteem.

Well, thanks for reading. I wish you a happy healthy life. It starts with you.

Goldie DeWitt