The Long Run

The life you live is the life you live. At 46 years old there is absolutely no changing me, it is what it is. The best part about me saying this is me being able to say I’m happy with myself and where I stand today in the lane I created. Today is beautiful because it’s Friday, I’m alive, not in jail, blessed with the freedom to do, buy, and go anywhere in the world I choose to. The most important part of my last sentence is to skillfully navigate myself through life each day so that I may be able to maintain those blessings. I say that cause I know it could all be gone in the blink of an eye. So it keeps me on my toes to the best I can being careful at every level, every corner, with everyone. Can’t trust nobody. Life is wicked, backstabbing, and tough. So I gotta make sure I keep my tip sharp and ready. Never get comfortable. Never lose my cool. Always make the right and the best decision for me today and tomorrow.

I’m here for the long run!

God bless us all,

Goldie DeWitt

A woman’s look

Has everything to do with the opportunities and privileges she’s gifted in life. I’m not saying looks is everything but it’s a whole lot of it. What I’m saying might offend some of you that live in denial but what I’m saying is a scientific proven fact.

I’m not saying it’s right or fare, but people tend to do favors for people that stimulate their attraction.


Alpha of The Pack

This photo was taken around 1980 when I was about 8 years old. My mom raised me to be a leader, the Alpha of the pack.

Everything my mom taught me was to groom me at being #1, being upfront and leading the pack. When I was a kid I dressed like a teenager and when I was a teenager, I dressed like a grown man. I started to iron & crease my pants and shirts at a very young age. I always wore a belt and wore my shirts tucked in. I kept my shoes cleaned and I washed my shoe laces in the sink when they started to look dirty.

In the photo I posted, I’m the kid on the bike and the kid standing behind me was my best friend. His name was “Tenail”. I’m not sure of the correct spelling but that’s the way it sounded. He was a tad bit younger than me and he looked up to me. When we would meet up to play outside, he would run back in the house to change his shirt to something that matched what I was wearing.

I’ve always thought of Tenail my whole life and if anyone in the Greater Los Angeles area have a cousin named Tenail that lived on Gramercy Place in Los Angeles in the 70’s please get at me. Tenail lived with his Grandmother and he should be in his 40’s right about now.

Funny how you can look at a photo of yourself as a child and see things that carried over to you being an adult.

Thanks for reading,

Goldie DeWitt

Black Homosexuality

THE RAPID INCREASE OF PROMOTING BLACK HOMOSEXUAL BEHAVIOR IS A RACIST ATTACK BY THE USA GOVERNMENT. A homosexual black man can’t naturally reproduce with a woman for procreation of the black race. A homosexual black man separates the true natural Family structure of a mom and dad household neglecting the birth child it’s biological father subjecting that child to a stereotypical upbringing with no father. A homosexual black man is the fuel to the Governments goal of eliminating the black race.

2 things a racist man will never fear about a Black man.
**A homosexual black man.
**A homeless black man.

A homosexual blacm man is a sign of weakness. A sign of failure. A sign of giving up. A sign of not wanting to reproduce the black race. A sign of rejecting the black woman. A sign of that black man not fertilizing another race. A sign of spreading HIV/Aids with the gay community. A sign of that black man being no competition in the hunt for pussy.

A homeless black man shows failure. Shows a broken household. A lost father. No future for a black family. No threat to loosing a job to him. Police job security. Someone to blame crime on. 1 less black person that could end up with a Government job, or to be a Politician, Lawyer, Doctor, etc.

Why did I write this? Simply to shine light on the rapid steady increase in black homosexuality and the increase in black homeless men to have you see it in such a way you never saw it.

I did not write this to insight any racist hate chatter. I have nothing against no other person’s skin color. You cool with me, I’m cool with you. I’m not against homosexuality, and I’m not for it. I’m against homosexuality of not adding to the human race by not being able to contribute to procreation. Don’t give me that adoption bullshit, cause still again you depending on a woman’s unfortunate situation and that’s not natural. Anyway, I know what I said is not offensive but it’s debatable by those that are pro homosexual.

Black Homosexuality is being TELEVISED main stream more and more and mark my word, it’s a hidden Government attack on the black Family, black people, black man, and black woman. Yes same for 2 black females, they can’t reproduce naturally either.

DO THIS FOR ME!!!!! Google: What is the population of Black people in the USA? Then you come back and tell me does it look like black people can afford to lessen it’s own procreation with homosexuality!

It’s easier for the Government to have blacks self exterminate themselves vs the Government take out the blacks the way they did the Indians.


Goldie DeWitt

Mark my word on this.

In the near future Organizations, Motorcycle Clubs, Groups, Gangs, and Political Movement Groups will go completely underground. They will not wear any identifiable markings, clothing, patches, colors, uniform or tattoos. There will be no photos, no social media, no websites to view them or find them. It will resort back to what it originally was supposed to be and remain, a Private Secret Society. This time the change will come from THE PEOPLE knowing they need to stay out of sight from the Government. The United States of America Government is aggressively working on new laws and preparing to fund many Private Government Funded Sectors aimed at destroying MANY private organizations regardless if their not registered as a Terrorist Group or not.


For as comfortable as all the above mentioned Groups above can easily post pics, videos, and etc., the day is soon coming where that will all be a big NO NO. And YES technically it should be like that right now but people got lazy and started bending the rules, which was a big NO NO. Trust me, I’m ready to start right now.

So, do yourself a favor and start to prepare yourself the best way you can. You might think I’m blowing smoke up your ass but those who keep a eye on society are sitting there saying “Goldie is right”.


Life was never meant to be THIS WAY. At the end of the day we are still animals that must use or natural instincts to prey when we look for something. You will never see a Lion in the jungle using a GPS to find a Buffalo! If so, you would then see the Buffalo saying to other Buffalo’s WE NEED TO START LIVING OFF THE GRID!

Never take me as a joke, cause at the end, you will be the one being laughed at!

Much love and respect,


Every morning I wake up

“Every morning I wake up I prepare for war. I prepare myself for the battle of leaving the house and navigating myself through these dangerous streets of California. I mentally and physically prepare myself with a navigated map of where I’m going and what I’m doing. No matter what I do during the day, it’s nothing like the rewarding feeling of going home! Everyone wants to go home, so I make sure before I leave the house that my journey insures me a safe passage back home. Love yourself and pay more attention to things that could interfere with your safe journey so you can make changes in advance”. – Goldie DeWitt

Get It

If you can GET IT and it makes you happy, then GET IT.  Fuck what anyone thinks or has to say.  Your life is yours and you run it.  Nobody has the right to control or limit your happiness.  You only got 1 life to live, 1 chance to do everything you ever dreamed of, so stop living your life for someone else that has failed at theirs.  I’m seeing more and more people in relationships living life so miserable because their significant other has no life, gave up on life, and most of all just mentally and emotionally FUCKED UP!  I’m telling you straight to your face, FUCK THAT WEAK ASS MUTHERFUCKER and get back to being that fun outgoing person you used to be the person you know you are from the heart.  I say this and I say it loud with pride, I DON’T, WON’T, WILL NOT, AND HAVE NOT CHANGED WHO I AM OR HOW I GET DOWN FOR NO MAN OR NO WOMAN.  I will never change who I am to accommodate no one.  I am me, I’m happy with me and I accept who I am.  Only fools allow someone to come into their lives and change them and unfortunately when that person dumps they ass, they sitting there stuck looking in the mirror at someone they don’t recognize.  I can always look myself in the mirror and respect myself and Recognize myself regardless of the relationship or situation cause I know it was me that made the decision to do what I did and I’m willing to live with that.  Stop being a weak ass bitch!  That goes to males and females.  I’m seeing more weak bitch ass dudes today than I’ve ever seen in my whole life.  Today’s dudes are more spineless than I could ever imagine.  Ask a dude something and I bet you that mutherfucker can’t give you a solid answer right there on the spot!

Opps… I started to get off topic.  My bad.

In closing I’m bringing it to your attention that life is short and you need to change lanes and start doing any and everything to make yourself happy and not give a fuck what anyone things about it.  If someone is unhappy at seeing you do something that makes you happy, FUCK THAT PUTO!!!

I’m telling you if you can GET IT, you better go GOT IT!!

Best wishes,


Pic was taken yesterday while getting some tattoo work done by my tattoo artist Drew.  Yeah I was in deep thought.

Your Relationship

STOP saying you wish things would be how they used to be. *Those days are over!
STOP saying your spouse ain’t the same. *Neither are you and everything in life has changed!
STOP thinking if you got with someone else your life would be better. *If you a lazy piece of shit now, that’s exactly what you gonna be in your next relationship. 
STOP thinking you the only person with issues in your relationship. *EVERY marriage over 10 years old is FUCKED UP!
STOP thinking counseling will fix your relationship. *No other person in this world can fix your shit but yourself. Never peel back a scab if you not ready to see blood!
STOP thinking you need to be evil as a sign of revenge. *Little do you know, you just looking for attention. Just pack yo shit and leave if you sick of the bullshit as you always say.
STOP thinking yo low key hater ass friend got good advice for you. *They been jealous of you for years and would love to see you fail and lose it all and living less than they are.

So many people in relationships need to STOP doing so much contamination thinking and START doing some HEALTHY thinking. If not, the problem is you and it’s always been you.


Goldie’s Life Fact

EVERY man has fucked another man’s woman.
EVERY woman has fucked another woman’s man.
If you haven’t, you just ain’t met that right person yet.
If you say you haven’t, you just don’t know you did.

If you think you too good to do it, fuck you!

You ain’t special mutherfucker, you just like the rest of us, and we all human. It’s in our nature to not be perfect, but it is in our nature to experience life.


Goldie DeWitt

The only people that will get offended by this are those that lost their relationship to infidelity, but fuck you, cause you was fucking someone else too!

I’m just speaking life. Real life.