Ignorant Fucker!

WOW…. I hate when mutherfuckers make me feel like their just a piece of racist shit when they think they being funny.

So today when I pull up to my shop and start walking up to the front door, there’s a guy a few steps away ahead of me going inside. He pulls the door and the door is locked so he turns around to look at me and I say let me get that open for you. This mutherfucker looks at me and immediately says “wow where you going all dressed up, to see your parole officer?!” I immediately got fucken pissed and I felt my blood boil and I just looked at him, I opened up the shop door and walked in. I wanted to say; “this is how I dress for work as the owner of this shop you fat white trash dirty neck mutherfucker!” But nope I had to keep it cool and professional and just ignore his ignorance, cause the moment I react then he becomes the victim. And then he gives me a bad YELP :-).

I just had one of my service techs Larry Hardy snap this pic of me right now to show you what I am wearing. Figured I’d let you see with your own eyes what that guy saw.

Do I look like I’m going to see a parole agent cause I’m Black? Cause I’m bald, cause I have on shinny shoes, cause I have on creased Levis, cause I have tattoos, cause my shirt is ironed, or do I look like I’m going to see a parole agent cause that’s how that guy sees everyone who fits my description. Why can’t he have turned around and saw a nicely dressed man and said, “hello, you must be the owner?” Please don’t tell me because I wasn’t white.

I chose to tell that mutherfucker in a kind way, I had nothing he was looking for in regards to what he asked for. I didn’t want his money nor did I need it. Fuck him and his money. All money ain’t good money and im not for sale. I made sure that mutherfucker came and went with nothing, as the same ignorant mutherfucker he showed himself to be.

1DOWN BIKER SUPPLY HOUSE representing a BRAND that’s been in business for going on 20 years! 1DOWN established in 1996.

Look at me. Remember this face. This face represents a man who is Self Employed, a Business owner, a Photographer, a Porn Director, a President, a man who likes to provide, and a man who lives his life crime free.


Much love,
Goldie DeWitt

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