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I wrote this March 28, 2012

My name is Goldie DeWitt and I call it like I see it. I have come to the conclusion that someone’s outer appearance is a direct reflection on who they are from the inside. This is something very important and something I do not ignore. As the saying goes, “if it walks like a duck, it’s a duck.”

Everyday I see & meet new people. Sometimes I meet people I can’t wait to chat with, and sometimes I see people I just want to avoid that I’ve never meet and know nothing about them. Why is that? It could be someone’s body language, their personality, their attitude, the way they dress, the way they stand, their facial expression, the way they talk, or something about them that either turns me On or turns me Off from a distance. I say this in regards to that person being a Male or Female.

In the lifestyle I live, it’s to my benefit to be able read & profile people from a distance a quick as I can. I treat my life with paying close attention to my Health & Safety. I have no interest in meeting people that live a negative lifestyle that can put me in harms way. I have no interest in being around a person or a group of people that are consumed with hate & jealousy.

I do everything I can to avoid bad situations, & negative people. I get a ton of Invites to do all sorts of stuff, but now-a-days, things just ain’t safe and some of the people throwing events are not putting enough concern into peoples safety. When I go somewhere, I don’t like to feel like I have to keep my guard up, or I really can’t even enjoy myself cause the atmosphere seems a bit too wicked for my taste. I have to be able to read situations like this from a distance, and most of the times, from such a distance that it results in me not going. But It doesn’t mean I don’t support the event, the host, or the mission. Sometimes the fact that there will be some other people attending that event don’t get along with each other is enough for me to decline cause I don’t want to find myself in harms way of a crossfire. These are all very serious factors you must take into account now a days when going anywhere if you are very serious about your safety & health.

I have taken it upon myself to be very careful on where I go & where my Motorcycle Club goes. Why? Because things are changing everyday and if you not up to speed or know whats current in the Streets, you can get your ass twisted up! If you see 1DOWN MC at someones event, it’s because we feel safe there, it’s because its a element we enjoy ourselves in, it’s because we enjoy the people, the positive environment, the love & support, and the appreciation of us showing up.

I do not like being around people with a fucked up attitude. Like I said earlier, “if it walks like a duck, it’s a duck.” I say this because I see people everyday giving off the worst body language & attitude, thinking it’s okay to present themselves this way. It’s NOT.

1. I can’t stand Females with a fucked up stuck up attitude that walk around thinking a mutherfucker owe them something. 2. I can’t stand a dude that walks a round as if he is looking for trouble, looking to kick up some shit. I don’t want to have nothing to do with these type of people and as I said before, I stay clear from people like this by trying to catch them coming from a distance.

I don’t walk around treating people funky, it gets you nowhere! I make it a point to pay respect forward because I know it makes me feel good and I know it’s the right thing to do. If someone dose not respond back in a positive way, yes I feel chumped off, but it just shows me how much more of a man I am than he is.

I own THE UPSIDEDOWN BAR in Montclair, CA. This is a fun, positive, safe place for fun, positive people. Why? Because this is my home, and In my home, this is the only way we live. If you can’t live this way, you are not welcome inside my home. Not all money is good money, and I don’t need money from anybody that has the intent on bringing drama, negativity, or harm into my Bar. I don’t welcome fucked up attitude bitches, fucked up attitude guys into my bar at all. You are not welcome and you will not be allowed entrance, or as soon as your negativity is discovered you will be kicked out & 86’d. If you have racial issues against another persons skin color, stay the fuck away from THE UPSIDEDOWN BAR, you have issues with someone who attends THE UPSIDEDOWN BAR, stay the fuck away. Leave your issues & problems at home. I run a ZERO TOLERANCE BAR with 2 huge signs that read “YOU ARGUE, YOU GO HOME”. People who come to my Bar know and feel from the gut that they are in a SAFE PLACE. You best believe I’m gonna make sure you feel safe, being that you are in my home.

You MUST present yourself with SELF RESPECT to engage with me in anything. I don’t entertain ignorance and I don’t take kind to disrespectful people. Why am I saying all this? Because I want you to know that I have choices and so do you! You have to take control of your life and who you allow to be in it and who you put yourself around. You only got 1 life to live, so you better protect it and take it serious! If someone gives you a bad vibe, don’t ignore that. If someone disrespects you, don’t ignore that. If someone proactively shows you respect, let that be something that stands out, and show respect right back to that person.

In closing I want to say thank you for reading this. Make it a point to surround yourself around good positive people, you better make that change on your own, before you are forced to…. or, even worse.

You love me, I love you. You don’t like me, I bet you 100% you never met me.

Take care,


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