My Grandpa, a great man

12512383_968343613248483_6252672160178180490_nMy Grandpa was born March 14, 1925. He passed away at 67 years old. He would have turned 91 years old this month.

My grandpa called me on my 20th birthday on May 25, 1992 to tell me happy birthday… and surprisingly to ask me to move in to the side house he built on his property in Riverside, CA.

I moved out from my apartment the next day. 3 short days later on May 29 he died from a massive heart attack.

My Grandpa moved from Compton, CA to Riverside, CA in 1976. Buying 5 acres of land for $6000 cash. He was from Louisiana and him moving to Riverside, CA would allow him to build a farm and this would be the future home to “LAZY V RANCH”.

DeWitt Vercher Sr

My Dad was born December 16, 1951. He passed away at 28 years old. He would have turned 64 years old this last December.

In 1979 my grandpa offered to relocate my dad and his wife to Riverside, CA from Compton, CA to get my dad away from a certain negative element. My grandpa enticed my dad with the move by buying him his very own small Motel, Diner, Bar for him to Own & Operate. Unfortunately, about 1 year later, on September 22, 1980 my dad would die from a drug overdose.

I was 8 years old when my dad died. My grandpa was in Canada hunting Deer when he received the news about his son passing away. My dad was the youngest of his siblings and he was the only boy. My grandpa sorta took on a fatherly roll in my life on teaching me things and me looking forward to spending each summer with him at the Lazy V Ranch learning things from him and earning school money for clothes by working at the ranch.

I grew up hating drugs & alcohol because I knew it played a roll in my dads death. It wasn’t until I was 21 years old did I have my first drink and immediately it was obvious to me it wasn’t in my appetite.

My Dad & my Grandpa were both great men and hero’s to me & many others! I miss them both. So far I’ve lived 15 years longer than my dad and I pray I can live another 24 years to live as long as my Grandpa.

My Grandpa & Dad are buried in the same grave on top of each other.

DeWitt Vercher Jr

DeWitt Vercher III “I’m still here”.

DeWitt Vercher IV “Just turned 21. 4th generation Vercher”.

God bless us all. Life goes on…..

DeWitt Vercher III aka Goldie

3 thoughts on “My Grandpa, a great man”

  1. That’s right, my uncle boi (DeWitt sr.) Is and was a very great and honest man. Lazy V Ranch should remain the cornerstone for the family next to Natchitoches louisiana, couterville, ward 10. Family moving forward.

  2. Yes! unk was the first legend of the real Vercher family from Natchitoches Louisiana to plant the seed for His family and generation’s and his siblings family for the knowledge to know that it takes hard work to have, and a humble heart to be blessed with such a spirit, of giving living and the struggle. He would say, ‘never say, I can’t, or say ‘I’m tried’. There will never be another like him, not in this world.

    1. Wow I always known u r a gifted man I and will always be thankful for being allowed to be around such a profound lucky man that’s turning me back into the positive person I love to be much love and respect for 1DOWN And the vercher family

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