Chapters in my life…

12670752_970032696412908_1136806256077807993_nToday while shuffling through storage stuff I came across this picture.

That’s me in 1998. I was 26 years old. This was 2 years after I started 1DOWN. Wow, 18 years ago… I’m still alive in 2016. Thank you God.

During this time of my life, I was so focused and full of determination and nothing mattered to me more than making money! I woke up to my hustle and I fell asleep to my hustle.

Most dudes at that age wanna fuck anything they can catch. I passed up more pussy than 10 men put together. I knew the rule and I respected the Game. Don’t get high off your own supply, and I’m not speaking about drugs.

I came to the game pre-seasoned, ready to go! My resume runs deep. 1DOWN marks when I went legit, but my off the record hustle started in 1986 when I was 14 years old as a freshman in high school. **For the record, I never sold drugs.

The photo you looking at was taken at our annual 1DOWN Christmas party. I would reward everyone in the 1DOWN family with a personal thank you gift from me, that replaced all the cash they spent on others for Christmas. This was my way of saying thank you for all your hard word, loyalty, honesty, and dedication to 1DOWN through out the year.

I did a lot back then at such a young age. I saw to it that all my people ate good, and had money. I knew what I wanted in a family and that’s what I built. It was all about RESPECT. We had everything we needed cause we provided for our selves. I was able to provide such a steady solid lucrative income that everyone connected with me quit their normal jobs and got with the 1DOWN program. We lived it up! We were all on the same daily schedule. We didn’t answer to nobody. Except those under me had to.

In the life I created and the life we lived, I was known as “THE DON”. My “UNDER BOSS” was someone who stayed ready! Me and him are still close to this very day. True love never dies. The chain of command I implemented into the Family gave us direction, duties, and reasons for us doing what we did. This life style wasn’t for just anyone. You had to be from a certain cut. Some was good with it and a few failed. The few that failed would end up being failures through out life. The ones that hung in their a bit longer would unfortunately pull out because of some bitch they got sprung on and she got to his head. She pulled him out, then of course later on they broke up, and 1DOWN kept on moving forward and he’s someone that I refer to as a “punk ass sucka”. #1 Rule in any Game. A female is to never come between 2 men or a man and his hustle. If he allows that, then he was never loyal to either. He is simply a weak mutherfucker! You ever wanna test a man’s loyalty, put some pussy in his face.

I regret nothing I’ve done in life. The older I get, I find myself regretting what I didn’t do!

I look back in time and I say to myself “it sure was fun!” But yes, I did have many dark, troubled times also. It comes with the territory.

Life is still beautiful and fun for me today. But I’m more careful cause times are different and I’m not doing what I used to. No matter what a man’s Craft is, he must reinvent himself and his craft to survive.

1 thing I know for sure. For those that sat at the FAMILY table during the early years of 1DOWN M.O.B. I know that was some of the best times of their lives!! What we did and what we created will never be duplicated and those good times we allowed no cameras!

Taking another look at this pic, I tell you…. I was so structured and militant in my lifestyle, nobody couldn’t tell me shit. I had my guys dressing up everyday with respect. White people would ask us if we coming from church? We would laugh. People would ask us what kind of work we did, and we would laugh! People would see about 15 of us out in the middle of the day eating & shopping 7 days a week. We ignored people.

I “Hit a curb”…. but I learned from it. I didn’t let it destroy me and i got myself back on top and I told myself that’s where I’m staying for the rest of my life!!

Thanks for reading.

Goldie DeWitt

My hair was long. Pulled back in a braided ponytail in that picture

2 thoughts on “Chapters in my life…”

  1. Wished i would’ve stayed connected to fam back then cuzzo cuz i would’ve been an official 1 Down Rep.
    good shot cuzzo, I’m proud to say my cousin straight runnin some shit!

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