So I’m doing some research on my last name and digging back to see what I can come up with.
My ancestors are HONKIES!!! Just kidding, I said that to be funny. But yes, my name trails back to White French people in Louisian, where my Grandpa was born and raised back in 1925.
Back in Louisiana you have a lot of Creole people. These are a mix of European & Black people, some light skinned folks.
My grandpa’s mom and dad were both black, which are my great grandparents Charles & Rebecca Vercher. Yes I met them when they were alive when I was little. They lived in this little back house on my grandpa’s property when he lived in Compton back in the 60’s til he moved to Riverside, CA in 1976. He purchased 5 acres of land for $6000 cash and built a farm and called it “Lazy V Ranch”.
My Grandpa was a entrepreneur. Owned a lot of business and real estate throughout Southern California. He was the bread winner of the family and the most successful of all his siblings.
I found it fascinating that my last name holds the meaning “one who owns and works his own land.” That says entrepreneur to me. Feels good to be living up to my last name and I’m 44 years old and just now finding this out. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence or luck. Naw, it’s in my blood!!
Back in the early part of 1992 I had a meeting with my grandpa. He wanted to share something with me cause he was a little concerned about my dating preference in females. He wanted to explain to me how hard he’d work to make the last name VERCHER a strong wealthy respected Black name with a successful reputation behind it. He wanted me to know that where he came from it was a White name and he just didn’t want to see me have a baby by a white woman and then my kid have a baby by a white person and the hard work he put into the Black VERCHER name has been erased. This was pretty heavy for me to understand but I knew where he was coming from. He wasn’t racist, he had plenty of white business friends. He was just righteously concerned about the future of the VERCHER legacy. He asked my why I date white and mexican girls? He asked me why I don’t date more black girl? I don’t have a reason, but I’m sure it had a lot to do with us moving to Ontario, CA in 1986. But I told him I don’t feel it’s right that just because I’m Black I should be limited to dating black girls. In his closing of our conversation he told be he just didn’t want to see me get married to a white woman and have a kid that looked white and if we broke up she ended up with a white guy and his great grandkid was raised up white. Yeah, he was deep with it. I told him I couldn’t promise that. Unfortunately he passed away about 5 months later. But before that happened he asked me to move in with him on his property in Riverside, CA. I moved in and 4 days later out of the clear blue he passed away. Then my Grandma kicked me out the next morning. THAT’S WHEN I DECIDED TO BECOME A MUTHAFUCKIN GANGSTER!! **wink
I miss my Grandpa, every day. I learned a lot from him.
I gotta continue to do my part and make the VERCHER name something royal and something to be respected.
Thanks for reading,
DeWitt Vercher III aka GOLDIE
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