I ignore the word but dam!!
So today I see a friend of mine(non black) post something about a random Black dude and his post wasn’t racist, wasn’t posted to incite a racist response, and wasn’t a image of a black guy doing anything foul. The black guy had on a shirt that would confuse some people.
So, when I saw the black guy in the shirt I immediately said to myself, WTF that’s strange, out of the ordinary, what’s up with that dude. But the first comment i read was something like “Fucking stupid niggers” with a few LIKES and a like by someone else I knew. Another comment was racist, and another comment was racist. All by non blacks. Now I’m calling these racist comments but in my heart I feel it’s ignorance.
This is all real I’m typing. Normally I would show you a screen shot, but I’m not gonna endorse the ignorance.
It just throws me sometime how people can be so kind to you but when they think nobody can’t see em, they let their collars down.
Of course I’ve always been that special friend to many people out side of my own race, and with that, I’m subject to seeing and hearing somethings that I wouldn’t normally see or hear. I let it roll off me cause I know it’s not directed towards me. But could they talk that way about me behind my back? Possibly. But does that make me less of a man or make them cowards for not telling me how they really feel if they really feel a certain way?
When someone says FUCK NIGGERS I actually look around to see where the NIGGERS at they talking about. I would never think to include myself in that racist outburst unless I just whooped that man’s ass and he was wearing a KKK clown suit and I was defending myself. I would then understand his beef and I would know he’s talking to me as I smiled at him.
A msg to all you on my facebook. To simply call a black person a NIGGER cause they doing or did something you don’t like or approve of is very low class of you. Save the derogatory name calling cause it only makes you look ignorant. You don’t like something, let that person know directly if it’s that important to you. And don’t comment in public, makes you look like you saying it as a coward keyboard warrior!
You can’t call black folks NIGGERS via social media but you have lunch with them, you cheer for them in sports, you do business with them, and they part of your family cause your relative got a mix baby and now you got a black relative!!! So leave that NIGGER shit to who ever is a true official registered active racist!
You more than welcome to say “that black dude just did some fucked up shit! What the fuck is that black dude wearing! That black dude disrespects me one more time, it’s on and crackin'”. See its that easy. NIGGER ain’t necessary. It doesn’t make you look tuff, it makes you look and sound ignorant.
I say “why the fuck do white people jog in the rain? Why do Mexicans say “you know like” when they start a sentence? Why do blacks kill each other for sport and say nothing but make a huge fuss when a cop kills a black?” As you can see everything I said and questioned above was said without using any foul derogatory words to slander someone’s race. If so it would only reflect back on me of what type of nerve do I have asking questions about another race when I have my own issues I need to address!
EVERYTHING YOU SAY ON THE INTERNET IS SAVED BY SOMEONE YOU KNOW!! They gonna screen shot it to someone else and just maybe put you in a real life situation in the streets!
I would have more respect for a true racist that didn’t speak, do business with, befriend, cheer on, or shake hands with a black person than I would a 2 faced coward who used the word nigger but had black friends, and supported black athletes. He’s a buster, idiot, coward bitch!
SHOW SOME CLASS. Yes us Black folks got it tuff, but we ain’t all NIGGERS.
ALL I’M SAYING IS WHEN YOU SEE GOLDIE COMING THROUGH and it’s time to say Hello, you better show some “RESPECK” in that handshake and that eye contact! 🙂
Love you folks,
Goldie DeWitt

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