Reality Check

14519811_1100948266654683_7857879792396091787_nI gotta say something that needs to be said. I’ve touched on it before, but something tells me I need to speak on it again.

Some females are ladies, but more & more are becoming low class tacky bitches. I’m saying this and you reading this with a slight smile, but things are really bad and getting worse.

Some females are really doing the devils work in the biggest way. These bitches are getting people Set-Up, getting people killed, getting people jumped, having people put in jail, and so much more. All for what? DICK and sometimes pussy, and in some cases they just want Attention!

These bitches are so treacherous that they will do absolutely anything to get the attention of someone for sex. Females are the leading #1 cause for Facebook drama. I mean in a females vs men type way. And of course I must say not all females. Many females reading this know everything I’m saying so far is true and accurate.

I sit back and I watch these bitches do dirt. Theres a bitch on my friends list that is married. This hoe as bitch stays in the middle of shit. She goes back and forth to peoples profile dropping bullshit gassing fools up. It’s bitches like this that need to be fucked up since people getting fucked up now a days, but the ones who should get it, never do. I got a lot of females on my friends list. 90% of them, i don’t know, never met. Of that 10% left…. I’d say 5% ain’t about shit. The remaining 5% are some type of friend/associate/person I know and of that I’d say 2% I respect.

I want you all to know that you better PUMP YOUR BRAKES AS OF RIGHT NOW when it comes to dealing with females.

Females have changed in the most horrific way. Females have no leaders. No one to look up to. Most of them don’t know how to treat a man cause they had no father in their home, so they hold no respect towards a man. Their mother hated the baby daddy so it gave the kid no reason to respect her dad or men while growing up. So she grew up with no code or no understanding of how to deal with a man. Except in a disrespectful way.

Call it what you want to. I’ve seen this in White, Black, Mexican, Middle Eastern, and other nationalities first hand!! I’m talking 111% front row seat.

I’m telling each and every one of you men & women you better be way more careful when dealing with females. Don’t let a big butt and a smile get in the way of you using your common sense. Most women today are on some superficial bullshit and they live a very cutthroat life style not giving a fuck who they hurt.


You better learn the craft of getting to know someone way faster than what it normally takes you. Look for the signs & the signals. Most of the time, there right in front of you. Some females wear their battle scars on their face & in their body language for the rest of their life. Don’t ignore them.

TRUST ME ON THIS!! It could save your life, keep you out of jail, or prevent you from killing that bitch.

Best wishes,

Goldie DeWitt

One thought on “Reality Check”

  1. The TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH! For those that don’t like to read, you should put this in a video. A lot of guys need to hear and absorb this!

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