She’s all looks..

tumblr_odq9c4iikq1vvztcuo1_1280If a woman puts 100% of everything she has to offer into “her looks” then she has nothing else left to offer.

When you shopping for looks, and it’s looks you looking for, then it’s looks you’re gonna get. So don’t be surprised when you soon find out that your Ritz Cracker is just a regular ol’ cracker at the end of the day. Fact is: “No matter how much you polish a Turd, it’s still a Piece of Shit.”

Looks are superficial but it’s typically what attracts a man’s attention up front. That’s most likely what initiates the introduction. From there, a real man is going to peal back those layers of “fancy” to see who’s really inside.

LOOKS CAN ONLY GET YOU SO FAR. Learn the importance of having a good internal structure as well. Condition your Mind, Spirit, Soul, and be Confident in yourself, not just your looks.

Enjoy your Sunday.


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