Stay Undefeated..

Today I look back on my past and i see how far I’ve come in my travels. My photos represent a time line of people, places, faces, business ventures, friends, and lots of busters.
The advantage for the weak is that misery loves company and they out number good people, but the key to fighting off the weak is that you must stay mentally strong vs physically strong. You gotta be able to make smart decisions from your mind that your body will follow and obey vs having your body make a decision your mind did not agree with and now you dead or in jail over something pointless.
Jealousy, hate, envy, is something you will eventually experience at some point in your life not only from from someone you don’t know but unfortunately from someone who claimed to be your family.
My advice to that is FUCK EM!! Cut them fuckers out your life step right over them as you continue to move forward never looking back. Don’t step on them, cause the shit left on your shoe will only slow you down when you clean it off.
I live a cut and dry life. We either ACTIVE or we not. You got 1 chance to keep it 100% with me. At any point you cross me, you’ve changed my views on you forever.
So, with that being said, I aim to be consistent in how you met me from day 1. I aim to be consistent with giving you more, than anything less than when we first met. Fact: In the event you lose me, you losing someone who brought beauty, life, strength, and value to your life. I am not replaceable at all at any level.
Take a photo of yourself today. Just look at it and try to see what other people see. Do they see someone cool, solid, weak, unhappy, positive, ugly, sad, strong, determined, outgoing, etc. The key is, if YOU don’t see what you want to see in yourself then you must do something about it if you want to experience life in a different way.
My looks reflect what I expect from life. I demand respect. I set my bar to look no less than that of a Handsome man! I treat people with respect until they give me 1 reason not to. I represent myself as a man who got his shit together and will always be able to handle my shit at any given moment under any given condition. These are the values I speak on in hopes to spread my way of thinking to help build better men in my motorcycle club and those lucky enough to be around me or have these words reach them via social media.
I didn’t get here by any means of a “easy street”. If you close enough to me, you’ve seen me SHOOT FIRE & HOLD IT DOWN against many every year, every month month since I started 1DOWN in 1996 and still to this day I stand here STRONG PROUD FEARLESS never taking a loss throughout all my years of battle to protect 1DOWN and myself.
A loss for me at this point in my life would be death, and that will not happen on my watch. I MUST STAY UNDEFEATED!!!
Thank you very much for reading.
Much love and respect,
“Stay UNDEFEATED” live long, live happy.

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