Life in the 4th Quarter

Yup…. Holy shit, this month I turn 45 years old. Only 15 years left until I turn 60. SHEEET!!!! Okay, fuck that it’s on! I’m gonna keep it safe and fun but for the next 10 years I’m going BALLS TO THE MUTHAFUCKIN WALL!!!

These last 10 years are pretty much the 4th quarter in a mans life for him to be the last part of his most active depending on his health. I try to stay as healthy as I can, but now I gotta step my health game up to stretch it out even more.

Yes I plan to live way past 60 years old, but I just know I wont be able to GET DOWN like I do right now with certain things. It’s just part of life, it is what it is.

But hey, I’m surprised I made it this far. I felt like I was playing in Over Time many years ago. So living this far and this long has always felt like some bonus time!

Cheers to you all. Map out your life and get the most out of it. Your time clock is ticking.

God bless us all,


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