Stand Strong

You must stand strong & stand proud for what you believe in. You gotta walk these streets like you own them, but at the same time you must pay respect forward if you NOT looking for trouble at every corner. Fact is, you might be a Bad Mutherfucker, but you not the baddest mutherfucker!

People that are intimidated of you will take your confidence as cockyness but that’s not your problem. The problem comes when that person makes the mistake and thinks they need to act on their own fear towards you. So, this puts those with confidence in a position to live a little bit more defensive than the average person.

Don’t “ACT” tough cause you WITH someone or with a certain Organization. You best remember, you gonna most likely have to walk alone at some point when you NOT WITH that person or that Organization and you better be able to handle your own.

21 years of being 1DOWN I’ve stayed consistent with holding my own, staying true to myself, staying true to my beliefs. Continuing on my path to walk tall and walk with confidence without fear or limited boundaries.

At 45 years old and being active in these streets and holding down a self made organization for 21 years, dam near half my life, I think I’ve done pretty dam good. I take pride in grooming those that come through the 1DOWN PROGRAM to be RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL, AND LOYAL to our movement. It’s not easy, but 1 thing is for sure is that each person that ever comes through my life will always leave with more than what they came in with. What they will take with them that will last them a lifetime are things that they learned from me that will continue to help them navigate through life regardless if we left off on good terms or bad terms.

At 45 years old and for the thousands of people I’ve met and dealt with, there are hundreds that don’t like me, but that comes with the territory. I still gotta be me, I still gotta do me, I still gotta move forward.

So, everyday you wake up you owe it to yourself to LOOK GOOD & FEEL GOOD for you!

Much love & respect,


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